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Jotham knows what he likes, he knows what he wants, and he goes after it with a passion. Once he makes a decision he's all in, he doesn't half-ass anything. He has a wild side, but not out of control, he lives for control. He drinks enough to feel good but not out of control. He's been with both guys and girls but isn't a player. He wants some level of commitment even in a casual thing. He loves trying new things, especially when he gets to be in control.

  1. Children of Techne have the ability to conjure a weapon out of paint which can be used for combat; however, only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it. They can also make small non-combative objects out of paint.
  2. Children of Techne have the ability to see each specific weakness in another person’s armor and are proficient at striking them in order to do the most efficient amount of damage.
  3. Children of Techne can summon a small amount of wax. This can be used as either a distraction, or even to immobilize someone by forcing the wax upon the opponent's feet.
  4. Children of Techne can conjure up a shield made up of hardened paint , roughly 2 or 3 times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time
  5. Children of Techne gain power from well done works of art around them. Such as drawings and paintings. The only art forms that they do not gain power from is music, theatre and tattoos.
  6. Children of Techne have the ability to bring a toy to life and command it. The toy can only be small, no taller than a foot or so. The child would have a telepathic link with the toy, so it can spy for them and receive orders from a 30 foot distance.
  7. Children of Techne have the ability to control a single mechanical object with their mind; doing so, however, immobilizes the child of Techne until control is broken. This only works on objects mechanically controlled, not objects controlled by magic.
  8. Children of Techne can conjure paint of any color and telekinetically move it.

(Will have on 24 July 2015)

  1. Children of Techne have the ability to create inanimate clay figurines, that when called upon grow in size roughly 2 to 3 times the size of the child, and come to life and aid the child, doing their bidding.

(Will have on 24 October 2015)

  1. Children of Techne have the ability to draw a miniature version of a monster into existence which will fight alongside them for a short time; the monster is much weaker than its real counterpart would be, and the longer the monster is used for, the more energy is wasted.

(Will have on 24 January 2016)

  1. Children of Techne have the ability to conjure up a tattoo (as tattoos are a form of art) and place it onto somebody, as the tattoo forms however, it will put the opponent in great pain, immobilizing them due to the pain. However while the child is conjuring said tattoo, they themselves are immobilized, leaving them in a vulnerable state


  1. Children of Techne are very adept at art and crafting.
  2. Children of Techne are very skilled in working with their hands and making things out of nothing.
  3. Children of Techne tend to be good artists and mechanics.

Personal Journal

WIP, link to RP I plan to have with Slay when he's approved


Because when he's made up his mind he's all in, he can sometimes find himself in over his head going the wrong direction or with the wrong people. He gets really annoyed with people who blindly follow just because they are too ignorant or too lazy to put in the effort to really learn what's going on or the facts. WIP

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Basic Details
Owned By: Bella
Language: Dutch, English, Greek
Species: Demigod
Birth-date: 13 December 1995
Model: Ben Bowers

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Titles: Child of Techne, Son of Tech, Anonymous Hacker
Nationality: Dutch
Accent: Amsterdam Dutch
Current Status: Alive in Civitas
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“There's a very fine line between pleasure and pain. They are two sides of the same coin, one not existing without the other.”

Sylvester McCoy was both an artist, an activist and a genius when it came to technical skill, especially anything to do with computers and computer hacking. He was born in Scotland, but by the age of 27 owned his own computer company that dealt with safe guarding computer software and hardware for major companies and corporations against hacking. He travelled all over the world for this, but primarily Europe. It didn't leave much time for romance, though over the years he did accumulate quite a list of broken hearted girls he loved and left when his work was done. When he was 30 he started spending quite a bit of time in Amsterdam and finally decided to open a branch of his company there. Techne had always loved following the mortals ever changing technologies, and eventually her sights landed on Sylvester. He wasn't the "normal" computer geek, he had so many passions and he was so adventurous, outgoing and quite the playboy. She decided to start "running into him" by "accident", always frequenting some of his usual restaurants and stores. she introduced herself as Leda to begin with and Sylvester was quite taken with her, especially how beautiful she was mixed with how much she knew about technology and art. They had quite the romance for about a month, but then Sylvester had to travel to Australia for his job for a month or two so he broke things off before he left.

Not long after Sylvester got back to Amsterdam, "Leda" aka Techne showed up at his home with twins babies, one boy and one girl. He was quite shocked, he was pretty sure she hadn't been pregnant last he saw her, so Techne decided to be truthful with Sylvester and told him all about her being a Goddess, of course being a man who preferred to believe only what could be proven, he was skeptical at first. He thought she was lying to him, trying to play him, but she did things in front of him that no human could do, that proved her powers were real. After that he had no choice but to believe her, though he wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of raising one child, let alone two, he also wasn't going to be the type of father to end up just another dead-beat dad. So he took her instructions for what he needed to do, a box of things to be given to them when they were ready, and the phone number of another daughter of hers who was in college and could help if he needed.

Taking some much over due time off from work, along with hiring a nanny to help out, the first few months were quite uneventful, aside from the typical baby issues, but the more Sylvester thought about what this "Techne" "Goddess" had told him, the more he started to doubt what he had seen and heard, maybe he was crazy, over-worked, delusional even, so he decided to call up this girl that the woman had called her daughter. Lydia, one of Techne's adult children, quickly confirmed everything that Techne had said, but that wasn't all that happened with this phone call, the two talked for hours, about so much more than goddesses and Greek myth. They talked about everything and anything, and they kept talking as much as they could find time for over a year until Lydia graduated from university in England. Things over the phone were going so well at that point, Lydia decided to move to Amsterdam and pursue a relationship with Sylvester, by the time the twins, Jotham and Joelle, were three years old, Lydia and Sylvester were married and Lydia posed as the kids mother for all "mortal" functions.

Sylvester still travelled for work, though not nearly as much as he had before having a family, though he was thankful that things had worked out with him and Lydia so that he could still travel at all for work, if he'd had to have raised his kids as a single father, things would have been much more complicated. The stability made it so that the kids were raised mostly in Amsterdam. Because Lydia was a demigod herself, she had to be extra careful and attentive of any monsters. Fortunately she had a group of good reliable friends, one of whom was usually able to be nearby. Her friend Jinx had become a huntress when both girls were just teenagers, and had remained close over the years, because of this Jinx would often take hunts that were in Europe so that she could visit Lydia. Lydia also had a satyr and nymph she had helped get together romantically, Cale the Satyr and Portia one of Mnemosyne's lesser Muse nymphs. Portia would often stay with Lydia when Cale was off picking up demigods for camp. With Lydia being such a popular person, Jotham and Joelle's childhood was rarely uneventful. By the time they were five years old and ready to start school, they already knew more about the Greek world than they did the mortal world.

In many ways you would think this would give them an advantage, lots of connections to the Greek world, lots of help to train and prepare. Joelle loved all of this and more, she dreamed of the days she would be able to go to camp and cared very little for things in the mortal world. Her only friend in school was her brother, and though their personalities were like night and day, they had a twin bond that could not be broken for anything. Jotham however, he didn't like anything that was not in his control, and to him the idea that his life was fated to go to camp, train and fight monsters, was absolutely abhorrent. When his sister was training or hanging out with Lydia's friends, Jotham preferred to be out with his mortal school friends or locked away on his computer. He dreamt of a day where he would be even more brilliant than his father when it came to computers, so much so that he wanted to be famous for it.

At first Lydia was fine with Jotham's preference for other things besides training, with the help of her friends she managed to avoid having to fight any monsters in front of the twins when they were young, but as they got older, she knew that would become harder and harder to do, especially as Jotham began to realise the ways he could utilise his powers over computers (software, etc not hardware), it seemed that was the only thing that gave Jotham any interest at all in the Greek world. Lydia tried to convince him that it was in their best interest to train more with his sister, that as twins they would fight better if they were in sync, but Jotham was young and just didn't understand. The only way Lydia could get him to train at all was to threaten to take away his computer time and ground him from his friends.

The twins would each battle their first monster attack separately when they were ten years old. Joelle was training with Lydia at the ocean by a deserted beach when a Karkinos found them. With Lydia's help and skill they were able to take down the monster with only minor injuries on Joelle's part due to Lydia's desire for her to get some hands on training, at least as much as possible without putting her life in too much danger. Jotham on the other hand was hanging out with friends at an internet cafe, after having snuck out of the house against the fact that he was grounded. While on his way home he took some back alley ways to avoid running into any one that might tell on him, when he looked back and noticed that a big nasty looking dog was following him. He started walking faster, not really liking the looks of the mutt, when he heard a crash behind him of some trash bins being knocked over and at that moment his eyes cleared and he saw it for what it was, a hellhound. He pulled out one of his lighters from his pocket that turned into one of his swords and leapt up onto a large closed dumpster to get a bit more eye level with the beast. To make a long boring story short, after much stress due to his lack of practise he did manage to kill the hound, but not before dislocating his right shoulder and getting some nasty gashes on his left leg. He limped home victorious but knowing Lydia would give him an ear full about getting injured and his lack of enthusiasm towards their practise sessions.

One would think that after this Jotham would put more work into practise, or agree to go to camp and train there, but he still seemed more interested in going off his friends, hanging out in internet cafes and even smoking pot, getting into trouble at school and disobeying his parents at every turn. Over the next couple of years aside from the occasional relatively easy and minor monster attacks things went fairly smoothly despite Jotham's lack of enthusiasm in the Greek world. Finally at twelve Jotham's lack of effort would catch up to him, and because of it he would lose the one thing in the world he loved more than computers. It was the twins birthday, and Jotham had convinced his sister to sneak out of the house after everyone went to bed and go to a party at his friends house a few blocks away, things went well until the party was crashed, quite literally, by a group of harpies. At first they had posed as other party goers, ranging from 14 to 19 in appearance, but at the early hours in the morning when Joelle and Jotham left to get back home before their parents awoke, the group of harpies followed and once they were more secluded from humans, they put their guard down and attacked the twins. Jotham was drunk (pretty pathetic for a 12 year old but he hung out with older teens that were bad influences), and he'd gotten his sister to smoke a bunch of weed so she was pretty high. There was no way they were prepared to fight anything in their state.

They took out their weapons and did the best they could, they managed to take down a couple of harpies but they were tiring and taking some pretty serious wounds in the process. At this time what they didn't know was that Lydia and their father had woken up and found that the twins had snuck out, they were worried and started looking around the neighbourhood for them. Lydia got to them barely in time, but she had to make a choice. The way the harpies and the twins were positioned in the alley way, and the direction that Lydia came in from, she could only go to one of the twins, she had to choose and hope that the other would be ok long enough. Knowing that Jotham had been putting less effort into training, she made a quick decision to go to his aid first, he had two harpies cornering him, while at the time only one was up against Joelle, though she appeared she had more wounds than Jotham. When Jotham and Lydia finished off the two harpies, when they turned around to find Joelle, they were horrified at what they saw, nothing but a lot of blood on the ground where they had last seen Joelle fighting for her life and no more harpies in sight. Sylvester came and took Jotham to the hospital for care while Joelle stayed out desperately searching for any sign or clue or trail to pick up. After hours of searching she had to call it off.

From that moment on Jotham was a changed kid, he blamed himself for what happened to Joelle, after a few months of no sign of her, she was presumed dead, but the not knowing drove a wedge in the entire family, and Jotham didn't feel whole without his sister. He insisted he'd know if his sister were dead, but their father was in too much grief to listen to Jotham's gut, especially considering deep down Sylvester blamed his son for Joelle's situation. Jotham didn't want to be at home any more, so he opted to go to camp during breaks and summer holidays, but that only lasted for about three years before he felt he had enough experience between camp and Lydia to go back to Amsterdam, drop out of school officially at 16 and started hanging out with a group of "friends" from one of the cyber cafes that were really into hacking. Jotham excelled at it and soon worked his way into the notorious hacking activist group 'Anonymous'. It was here that he met and befriended another Demigod named Oisin who had ended up in Amsterdam from the UK.

Over the next three years Jotham really comes into his own. He becomes good friends with Oisin and a satyr named Bob that spent most of his time baked in a cafe. He also does a lot of work for the Anonymous group and hangs out with some other members in Amsterdam, although the group itself has no known base of operations or leader or anything of that sort, sometimes some would congregate in small groups, especially in Europe. Jotham and Oisin did fairly well fighting off any monsters that came their way, especially with the help of Bob who would sometimes sense them beforehand (though he did get it wrong at times when he was too high ;O). Jotham was also becoming sexually active, though he leaned towards straight, he did have one rather interesting fling with an older guy who was into the kinkier sex scenes, the experience taught Jotham a lot and left him feeling like he had a whole in his life, like part of him was unfulfilled, and no matter how much vanilla sex with girls he had, it just didn't seem to satisfy him.

Life seemed damn near perfect for awhile, until Jotham was caught hacking into the wrong bank. He wasn't doing it as a part of Anonymous but because he just wanted money, so he was pulling a Robin Hood move, take from the rich that could afford it, give to the poor. Jotham felt it was deserved considering all that Anonymous did to deter and bring down ISIS in February, he himself had hacked 2 known ISI twitter accounts, and that was just a tiny portion compared to the group as a whole. Oisin agreed to go on the run with him and they decided that perhaps the best place to lay low was at Camp Half-Blood where mortals wouldn't be able to look for them, so they headed west. As they travelled they made plans to stay at places of "friends" they had made online, some of which were also connected to Anonymous. While they had a lay over in Portland, Maine they went to the address they had written down, which took them to a dead end street in the Old Port. While waiting for someone to come to the door, they heard strange and loud noises coming towards them, it was late at night, and when they turned around they were suddenly faced with the Hydra. As they prepared to face it and were nervous as **** another guy burst through the door they had just been knocking on, sword at the ready. Between the three demigods (the newcomer appearing to have some type of fire power which came in quite handy) they were able to defeat the hydra with only minor injuries to themselves. After the dust settled they found out the guy they were there to meet was also a demigod.

Their overnight stay turned into a few days, during which time, they learned quite a lot about recent events over the last few years they'd been away, most importantly the Broken Covenant, which this guy Viggo, a son of Hephaestus, was part of. They talked long about the unfairness of not being able to have a normal safe life, they didn't ask to be born, it wasn't fair the crazy hard rules the gods put in place to avoid contact, which Viggo believed was just their way of copping out any responsibility of raising their kids. After a while Jotham and Oisin started to see sense with this, and really Jotham was already the type to join activist groups, and the way Viggo talked about the Civitas group, it sounded like something Jotham would really love. Viggo made some calls and set up some of his friends to meet them at the airport in Virginia to take them to the Sanctuary and to meet with Heinrich and the leader of Civitas, Lionel. Once they gave their reasons for being there and were approved, they settled in to the dorms.

Reasons for Joining the BC and Civitas
After meeting with a member of Civitas, Viggo, who was stationed in Maine for recruiting purposes, it really got Jotham thinking, and with the work he'd been doing for Anonymous for the last nearly 4 years, it made him even more eager to stand up and demand better rights from the gods. Mortals did it all the time all throughout history, demanding a better life, revolting, demonstrating, demanding, why shouldn't they Jotham may not have had a horrible childhood per se, he had a loving father and step-mother, but never knowing what happened to his sister, no body, always wondering. She couldn't be alive, there was too much blood, but where was she. More importantly, if their god parents that had gone out of their way to procreate with mortals, had actually taken an active role in their kid's lives, Joelle might still be alive and with him, and he wouldn't have been plagued the last nearly 10 years from monsters, always looking over his shoulder. He was tired of it, he wanted more, and he was willing to stand up and join Civitas and help demand it. His skills with the internet and hacking made Lionel quite pleased to take him on.

(Notes: Techne knowing one of her adult kids and their phone number is not direct interference, they are allowed to keep tabs on their kids, just not save them, interfere massively, raise them directly, etc. Because Lydia is also a demigod, yes of course monsters come around, but I do include that, and also have the twins attacked at 10, which considering Techne is a very minor goddess, most users would have put the first attack at 13 or 14 stretching it out to the very limits. Lydia is able to train and prepare the twins, which gives ample explanation as to why. The 4 years Jotham was at camp is long enough ago that it doesn't not infringe on the rules there at all. By that time he has nearly 4 years of harder training at camp preparing him even more to handle himself. In Amsterdam he has a satyr friend and Oisin, the satyr can help smell monsters beforehand so they can either run or prepare to fight. I'm not going to go into every slash, kick, cut, bruise for every monster attack that Jotham has between 10 and 19 because that's just stupid, needless to say all attacks were sensible, not OP, Jotham always either had help or it was an easy enough monster to handle alone. Anonymous is a real group and really did take down ISIS twitter accounts in February of this year. If anyone thinks something is wrong or against rules in this claim, I'd like you to link to it because I wrote the rules so I'm pretty sure this doesn't break any of them (seriously if I don't know them after like nearly 3 years as crat here before taking a 9 month break, I should be shot for there would be no hope xD). Oh and PS Gruff will be making Oisin and putting a claim up for that soon, and I will be making Bob but I'm going to probably have him be Camp so I'll be putting a claim in for him soon too. Oh and PSPS weapons are under Possessions tab.....)


Help Slay do an RP that will bring Zora back to camp, Jotham will be one of the BC recruits that are part of the plot.

RP with Gruff/Oísin and ultimately have him be the Dom in a BDSM relationship with Oísin.


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Jotham Colt McCoy ~ Child of Techne
Owned by:: Bach

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“This is a man in need. His fear is naked and obvious, but he's lost. . . Somewhere in his darkness. His eyes wide and bleak and tortured. I can soothe him. Join him briefly in the darkness and bring him into the light.”

Age: 19
Status: Alive, Civitas, single
Accent: Dutch, Neutral
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Looks good. Welcome to the BC "yadda yadda yadda Heinrich says this that" (to lazy to use the word bubble) Welcome to the BC faction (civitas) of your claims choice, you can add yourself because it'll take me an hour to find where it

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Lionel "Lio" Astor -Child of Themis
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"Welcome to the Civitas Faction," He says while shuffling around a handful of papers before placing them in his desk.

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