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Name- Karma Brock


God Parent- Zelus

Mortal Parent-Kylie Brock

Faction and why- Civitas, because she doesn't like anarchy and feels that everyone should have an equal place in the world. She refuses to be anyone's toy soldier.She doesn't hate the gods, but she feels like a revolution towards democracy and equality is needed.


She can be really easy going, and very smart, although she tends to play dumb. She can also grow very attached to someone or something, and becomes very envious and conniving when she must share it. She is always up for a challenge, but not in an athletic way. She's a total slutt that likes to keep score of all her "victories". She especially likes men who are in a relationship because,even though she hates being jealous...she loves making others jealous. She likes to gloat as well and she doesn't believe in the "don't kiss and tell" rule.


Kayla and Kylie Brock were 20 year old twins who lived in Lexington,Kentucky. The twins were very competitive and considered many people as rivals, including each other. One day Kylie's competitive ways had attracted Zelus. The two had dated for about 2 weeks. One night Zelus was invited to Kylie's house while Kayla was out. Just as the two were about to consummate their relationship, Kayla had walked in on them. Once she did Kylie had yelled at her sister and argued with her. Causing Zelus to leave the house. But the next day, he had called Kylie again. They tried to resume their relationship. But Kayla had become taken with Zelus. She was also jealous and competitive of her sister. The Brock sisters had fought over Zealous' affections for about a week. In the end, Zelus had chosen Kayla.

Well that's what Kayla thinks... The same night Zelus went and made love to Kayla, he convinced Kylie to meet him at a motel where they also made love. She discovered she was pregnant around the same time as her sister but didn't say anything. Instead, she moved out and left her sister.  Kayla thought it was because Kylie was angry at her for winning Zelus, and never found out about her niece.  Karma grew up in a small apartment, in a small town, outside of Lexington. 

Her mom worked as a saleswoman, and had the best sales in town.Karma was a troublesome child, who was always pulling stunts and making it harder for her mom. But, her mom accepted the challenge. When Karma began school she played lots of sports and began doing Karate. She mastered karate easily and was the captain on every team. Although, she did have problems with following directions she was always able to compromise if it meant winning. She played basketball, softball, soccer, cheerleading, and tennis. She was extremely popular in school and always moving around, due to all the competitions and games she participated in. Her schedule was packed with practice, friends, games, and karate matches making it so she was hardly ever home and idle.

Her life was going smoothly until her first monster attack (14). She was going on a morning jog when a hellhound began to chase her. Luckily she was only a door away from her apartment so she hurried into there. Sadly, just as she rushed in her mother  was rushing out. The gnashing teeth of the hellhound had bitten her at her mom's stomach causing her to bleed out. But that didn't stop the Hellhound, so Karma had to rush through her apartment, leaving her mother's body, and escape through the back door.

Just as she was running out she ran into a demigod who seemed to be hunting the hellhound. He struck the beast down with a glimmering cb arrow and as it disappeared into gold dust, he confronted Karma.She was in shock, and passed out as soon as he greeted her. He fed her ambrosia to help her on her feet, but she refused to just leave her mom's dead body. He had convinced her that it would be best to just call the police and say her goodbyes then and there.

As they headed back to camp they were attacked by various minor monsters which the boy easily killed. On the trip the boy told her about the gods and things of that nature. When they made it to camp they she was greeted and claimed by her father, but he left again in search of other demigods.Since her father didn't have his own cabin, she had to stay in hermes' cabin and she found it extremely unfair.

She saw how demigods would run to do quest or missions for the gods, but also how they would get used and miss treated.She didn't hate the gods though, she just thought that the anarchy should end, and democracy should take over. She had once heard of the broken covenant, but no one would elaborate. She had learned that she had to play her cards right if she wanted to find this place that had some of the same ideas as herself. She was tired of being a toy soldier, and wanted to be with people who agreed.

Finally after sleeping with the right guy she found out where a lot of bc members "chilled" and headed there. The deep dark forest was named perfectly and when she reached the center she met a BC member. She had to quickly explain that she was a camp defector and not a spy. The bc member lead her... here.

Who's that lady? That foxy lady? Wait...Nevermind it's just Astrid! Urgh


15 is a late age for her first monster attack. If she's popular, this means she might've gone out more, which could've scattered her scent more. Please change it to 11-14. Thanks!

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i doubt that broken, cuz i've seen some claims get away with 15 and maybe 16 for a first monster attack. 15 would be late if she was a kid of the big three 2227111-miles super I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 21:03, August 17, 2013 (UTC)

I added that she was popular and constantly moving due to all her activities :) Who's that lady? That foxy lady? Wait...Nevermind it's just Astrid! Urgh

Heinrich Alten ~ Leader of the Broken Covenant
Heinrich Alten

Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

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No, sorry Hydro is an idiot, 15 is too old for a monster attack, this can't be approved until that's fixed.

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Lionel "Lio" Astor -Child of Themis
-Leader of Civitas Popularis/The Politician/Child of LawMaybe for cp222

Welcome to our faction, make yourselves at home in the dorms, I generally oversee more of the political stuff around here, my brother James oversees the training, he takes it quite seriously as he was in the military for a number of years. Once you're settled there's various areas you can help in, either as a body guard to me or anyone else from our faction when they need to leave on a mission of some type, with the main fighting group, or we'll also be having some more specialised groups, assassins, spies, that sort, just let me know what you decide
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