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Name: Rei Yamasaki

Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Masaru Yamasaki (son of Notus)

God Parent: Circe

Weapon: Fighting Fans (turn into a necklace), a staff (turns into a ring, made by a child of Hecate who gave it to her to enhance her powers)

Music theme for Rei

Personality: Rei is a bit shy to some people and over thinks opinions a lot (like if a person thinks she looks better in red hair, she'll change her hair color to red). She is also has low self esteem about her beauty and would always think of ways to make herself look hotter/sexier. But once people get to know her, she'll probably open up more (depends on the person). She also tries her best to protect those she loves.

If she gets depressed though, she'll get depressed. Because of the curse Melinoe put on her, more ghosts will be next to her and she'll be emitting a really gloomy aura around her that anybody can see. Only playing a certain game with her will make her happy or getting things she likes for a week will also do. She also doesn't like it when people bully her but will be a door mat when it comes to that stuff because she doesn't know how to stand up for herself.


Yuyuko from touhou

Yuyuko Saigyouji from Touhou


Faction: Opus Superum

Reason: "The gods have been in power for the longest time any one could imagine. That has to stop. We have to make everybody realize how powerful demigods are than others. Everybody including satyrs, nymphs, spirits, etc.. all think they are better than us somehow. I believe if we use them however we want and some how over throw the gods, we will be the ones that rule Olympus and the mortal world."


How her parents met

Masaru Yamasaki was a young man in camp and he was respected by all since he was a son of Notus. One day, he was told by his father to go on a quest to go to Circe's island and make sure she's still there but not causing any trouble. Masaru and two of his friends (both male) went to Circe's island to go check things out. When they were on the island, Circe's followers kidnapped Masaru's friends. Then they were turned into pigs because Circe really hated men. When Masaru tried to find his frieds, he saw the pig pen with Circe next to it. Circe then told him that she turned the into swine and laughed. Being the leader of the quest, Masaru asked Circe if there was anything he could do to let his friends go. Circe told him to make love with her so she can have a child so that child can pass down her blood. Circe made him promise to raise the child. Masaru agreed/promised and on that night, they made love. The next day, Circe changed both of his friends back into their original forms and they continued on with their quest. Seeing that his quest was completed, he went back to camp.

Months passed and Masaru met a lovely woman named Airi Yamase (daughter of Melinoe) in camp who was about his age. They started dating and soon they left camp to get married. Months passed after the two got married and the married couple got their own place to call 'home'. One day, Masaru was at home and someone rang the doorbell. He went to his front door and opened it. He looked below and a baby was in a basket wrapped in pink blankets. A letter was tucked inside. He brought the baby inside the house and opened the letter. In the letter, it had no name to identify who sent the letter and the baby. It was addressed to Masaru though. Seeing that it was his, he read the letter: "Dear Masaru, this is our child. Remember our promise? You better keep it or else." Masaru then remembered that one quest that he made a promise to Circe. Knowing that it was Circe who probably made one of her servants bring this over to him, he decided to take care of the girl as his own child. Airi knew of this of course and she wasn't that happy about it but she decided to cope with it.

Rei's childhood

Rei wasn't very good in school. She got bullied a lot and she had depression like every day. Her parents Masaru and Airi Yamasaki didn't really care about her problems since they had their own (she was their own problem they had to take care of. Masaru didn't care what Circe would do to because he knew that his father would just revive him into some sort of spirit and Notus will only do that because Masaru is one of his favorite children). She thought of suicide but one of her friends: Thea Lee helped her with her pain and bullying. (She met Thea at school one day where she let Rei sit with her) Because she couldn't take the bullying. The bullying made her very self-conscious about herself and her body/beauty which lead her to her low self-esteem. So she went to home school and from there, she started getting a bit better. She also had many monster sightings because she lived with her parents who were both demigods but she couldn't tell if they were monsters since they mainly looked like humans to her at that time.

First monster attack: age 13

Rei had a pretty stressful life when she was a child. Only when she turned 13 it all started to change. Thea Lee, a daughter of Hades, was her only best friend that kept contact with her after she switched to home school, were walking to a park and a hellhound attacked them out of nowhere. On instinct, Thea morphed her necklace into a celestial bronze sword and shielded Rei from the monster's swipe from it's paw. Thea fought with the hellhound and within seconds, she disintegrated the monster. When the whole fight was happening, all Rei could do was watch. She was in too much shock and fainted. When Rei opened her eyes, she was in Thea's house with Thea's mother and Thea surrounding her. They both explained that she could potentially be a child of a god/goddess or titan/titaness. Rei was still in shock. She clearly needed some time to take all of this "demigod" stuff in. So for that whole year, all she was trying to put together was how on earth she was half-god/titan. Thea's mother was a demigod like them as well (a daughter of Aphrodite). She gave Rei a necklace that can morph into fighting fans that Rei can use to protect herself from monsters. (Thea's mother got that particular weapon from a friend who was a daughter of Hephaestus) Since they knew Rei was a demigod, Thea and her mother started training her so Rei can protect herself when Thea isn't around her.

Second monster attack: age 14

At age 14, Rei had another monster attack. This time is was when she was walking by herself to the park. A harpy attacked her out of nowhere and she used the necklace and morphed it into the fighting fans. Using the fighting fans, she fought the monster and made it out with only a few scratches.

Third monster attack: age 15/ knowing she's a demigod

At age 15, Rei decided to ask her parents what is going on. When Rei asked this question, Masaru knew that it was time to tell her the truth. Airi was reluctant at first but when Masaru told her that they can't hide the truth forever, she agreed to tell Rei. From their story, Rei found out that she was a child of Circe. When she asked who that peron was, Masaru and Airi had a hard time explaining to her who Circe was. But when she understood who she was, she got mad. Mad that she was only created to pass down her own blood in case Circe dies. Mad that her father and 'mother' decided that they shouldn't tell her sooner who her actual mother was. But she was mostly mad at her father and at Circe. She was just so mad, she stormed out of the house to take a walk. But when she took her walk, she was attacked by a hellhound again. Since she wasn't really in the mood, she disintegrated the hellhound pretty quickly with her fans because she took out her anger on it. She went back home since she didn't want another monster to come in her way. When Rei was away, Airi was thinking to let Rei go to camp because it's more safer and she'll get more training done. Masaru disagreed though because the demigods who are in camp will judge her once they know she's a child of Circe. But liking the fact that Rei will be gone from their house, Airi still pushed him to let Rei go to camp. Not having a choice but to let her go to camp, Masaru let Airi drive Rei down to camp.

How Rei got her curse from Melinoe

Rei stayed in camp for one year with nobody knowing that she was a child of Circe. In the time she was in camp, she heard all about the BC and how they want to over throw the gods. Liking this idea, she promised herself that she'll run away from this retched camp and try to find the BC herself so she can join. Couple months later she got to camp, she was told to go on a quest with a couple of friends (since they all thought she was a daughter of Hecate at that time) One was a daughter of Melinoe (Miki) and Rei was just there to protect her, the other was a daughter of Poseidon (Diamond). But in the middle of the quest, something goes dreadfully wrong. Rei couldn't protect Miki and so she died. Diamond also died as well but that was because she was trying to protect Miki. The only one who made it out alive was Rei so she went back to camp. But in a dream, Melinoe came to Rei and cursed her for letting her favorite child die in the hands of a monster that was easy to kill. The curse was that ghosts will always follow her no matter what and will always try to bother her (some just stay by her side, others actually talk to her to bother her. the ghosts dont take form of a human though. they take forms of small 'flames' that are in different colors). The curse took place the next day and the ghosts won't stop following her.

How Rei got to the BC: age 16

Months passed and she turned 16. The demigods already knew that there was a curse on her so they stayed away from her. She couldn't take the shunning and it would be worse if they knew that she was a child of Circe so she packed her things and left from camp forever. While looking for the BC (she knew it was close by camp but didn't know how to get there), she got lost but was quickly found by one BC member who allowed her to join her back to the Sanctuary where she joined the Opus.




How could Thea's mom train her? Was she a demigod? Where did they get the necklace for her? Has THea been to camp yet before the first attack? Please expand the reason a bit moreSuch is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

Thea's mom trained her by teaching her the basics of how to fight a monster. And yes she was a demigod. They got the necklace from her by one of Thea's mother's friends who was a child of Hephaestus. And no Thea has never been to camp yet before the first attack but she knew how to fight because her mother trained her to work very hard. Oh and i added more to the reason.


Kindly add a bit more to her childhood. If you could add in specifc events, that would be better. Do remember also that since Rei is a half-blood living with 2 other half-bloods, that would mean she would, at the very least, have frequent monster sightings. How did she meet Thea? Why didn't Masaru take care of Rei properly when he promised he would to Circe? Why risk a goddess wrath? Then, I highly doubt a former BC member would tell her where the BC actually is, seeing as being a former member would mean that s/he hates the BC enough to go back to Camp.

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Okay, i fixed them all.. I hope. Please tell me if i missed anything or if i should change something. Chibi-ErzaPandora

ugh 5 mins left on this comp so i couldn't get through everything >.< (on the library, i should be able to finish it soon )

now my main issue is that about 16 years ago, Thalia was the only child of Zeus of age at the time. Seeing as how the Big 3 pact was only over for a few years by then. So you have to change her dad's godparent, like anyone not in the Big 3.

  Spiderman-Hydro-SigHydro   " We all have secrets. The ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us."   20:00, May 14, 2014 (UTC)    20,620

oh and i'm kinda dodgey on the mist thing, since demigods who are close to their first monster attack would definitely be seeing monsters and wouldn't be affected by the mist

  Spiderman-Hydro-SigHydro   " We all have secrets. The ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us."   21:07, May 14, 2014 (UTC)    20,620

okay, I managed to fix most of the problems. if there is anything else i need to fix, please let me know.


Why would Circe find the need to pass down her blood when she was far from fading away? Then, I'm pretty sure Circe turns men into guinea pigs. Why would Circe change all the demigods she turned into guinea pigs back when all Masaru asked for were his 2 friends? Why exactly did she get bullied in school and at what age did this start happening? What age did she also meet Thea? If the bullying happened before she met Thea, how was she able to cope with it?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

She wanted it so that her children will be able to pass down her blood because she wants to make sure that when she fades away, she'll still have someone in the world who is related to her. Ah for that "all" bit, I meant to say "both" not "all" >.<. (Will fix that) rei got bullied in school because she was such an easy target. This happened at age 12. Rei was able to cope with it because her parents treat her the same way.

Also the part hydro said u and broken might have been stuck on was the part where i originally said Masaru was going to a boat Circe caught from a couple of demigods but then hydro pointed out that Circe never leaves her island. >.<


Perses guy

Darius -Child of Perses

 Age: 20  Height: 6'4 
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Battle Axe
 – 22:39, May 24, 2014 (UTC)

He steps towards her, his face not showing an ounce of emotion. "Okay pinkie, I don't have room in my faction for useless wimps. I'm sure the pansies at Civitas would love to have you. If you really have what it takes to make sure demigods are on top and every other race is licking our boots, welcome aboard.." He smiles ever so slightly before walking off.

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