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Name: Zane Khyllian Lystad

God Parent: Eos

Mortal Parent: Eioneus

Personality: Even though he has lived for millennia, Zane is still pretty much the guy he was before. Under his parents' care, he was a carefree yet hardworking boy, and he loved helping people and having friends he could trust. He also admired the kings and princes and soldiers that could fight the horrible monsters the Greek world had faced, and he also liked reading and knowing the gods for good. Zane is a very determined man,always shown when he was still Evandros and went into war with his fellow Greek comrades. He sure missed his family, being the family guy he was.

When he started to attend as Eos' helper, he showed no complains, but he was very curious to see for himself what was going on in the mortal world. He'd be devastated, worried, anxious, but he'd go back to being the happy guy he was. Silence and training helps calm his mind. Though he started to doubt the gods, he still kept his respect for them. Going to the mortal world, his generousness and ability to lift people's hopes up enhanced, especially during the dark times, and he always choose to die knowing he'd tried doing something rather than knowing he was such a coward in facing the troubles.

When he acted as a father figure to someone he is ancestrally related, his paternal side soon came out after watching all the changes the world had taken. He knew what to do, and he knew how to do things. But his long-time desire to join one group of demigods who wanted equality among demigods, gods and mortals got the best of him. After making sure the girl he's been taking care of was safe, he left, making sure that she knew he loved her so much and hopes for the best.

For now, he likes talking to people with languages he knows they won't understand. After so much traveling, he can speak almost more than a double dozen of languages (with the shared power of great memory and passion).


It started on the time when Aphrodite cursed Eos for consorting with Ares. Because of the curse, she started abducting men who seemed beautiful in her eyes. The most notable ones were Tithonus, Cephalus, Orion and Cleitus. But one of those young men that were taken was Eioneus, an Athenian who was a hardworking person and was known to be very helpful in his little village. Having his nice attitude and good looks, he caught the goddess’ eye. Soon enough, he was brought into her abode at the edge of Oceanus. Eioneus had seen Cephalus turned immortal by Eos. He felt sorry for Tithonus, after having him made immortal by Zeus on the request of Eos, but forgot to mention eternal youth. He was also made to be one of those who took care of Tithonus once he started to shrivel into an old man of immortality before she locked him up in a private room. Eioneus realized he never found a liking for Eos, but to his surprise, the goddess never minded. She was pretty demanding, and he knew better than to defy a deity. Eos then gave birth to a baby boy. Eioneus was totally stunned, but he pleaded with the goddess to bring them both back to Athens. Eos didn't want to, but she knew she could not hide a mortal kid of hers in her abode. So, in hoping that she might reach him soon, she took the baby and Eioneus to a village not where he was from. There, he married a kind woman named Kharis. She happily accepted the child and never gave complains that he was a son of a goddess. Eioneus gave her the privilege to name the boy. Kharis named him Evandros. Growing up, Evandros knew about his real mother. Though he felt it awkwardly, he learned to accept to it and just hide it from everyone. He grew up under his parents’ lessons of good deeds and attributes. He had lots of friends, but only a few he had considered ‘real’ friends. Since his father took up carpentry, he started watching his father work when he was six, and tried helping, like bringing tools and the like. He started school at seven, as his father had sufficient money for his education. When he was nine, he had learned the basics of sculpting using wood. He made sculptures of maybe just flowers and easier things while attending school. Evandros encountered the first monster he had ever seen in his whole life when he was ten. He was walking home from school when he heard screeching sounds and metal clanking nearby. He hid behind a huge, random boulder and peeked to see what it was. He saw a man in light armor, holding a huge sword that fended off a lone harpy. Evandros thought it was cool when the man slashed at it and the monster burst to golden dust. Quickly as it burst, the man ran away. It was so awesome that the kid went home hopping and smiling from ear to ear.

Evandros never told anything about it to his parents. He acted like he saw nothing. Until the next year, he came face to face with a dracanae. He didn’t know how it got to his own isolated garden not far from their home, and fortunately, his school gave wrestling lessons. It slashed its snake trunks at him, but thankfully, he had great dodging skills. Sadly, he was caught by the ankle and held upside down. It murmured unintelligible words until a sword tip jabbed itself from its chest and sliced upward. The monster burst into dust, and Evandros hit his side hard he wanted to cry. Instead, he watched in a bit of confusion as a woman with a shield and sword ran down the steps to the main town. Evandros’ guessed there were lots of people there that knew about monsters and how to fight them. He still didn’t tell stuff about it. Each year, he became better in working his way around tools and woods, became stronger than the last day, and knew how to somehow wield a sword. And for each year, it’s either a monster, or monsters, attack him and he somehow defeats it or another person, maybe another demigod, did it. Turning eighteen, he was required to join military training. His mortal mother, Kharis, didn’t want to, but there was nothing she could do but give her son moral support. Evandros and all the people knew about the war waging between the Greeks and Trojans. The war had taken a toll on each of the lands. It had been nine years already, fruitless, with only wounded soldiers sailing back for healing and fresh warriors sailing to war. Evandros, together with his batch of soldiers that were trained for two years, were sent to Troy to reinforce the ones still planning out the fall of the enemy city. Once they arrived, most of them were assigned to help the remaining military groups ready to fight, with Odysseus and Diomedes. They heard Paris had been killed, but still, more Greeks got killed. Evandros tended the wounded and helped with their healing. He soon was with arranging the weapons to be needed when the plan was done. He had stayed there for months until the plan of carrying out the Trojan horse was made. He hid with the others in Tenedos as they waited for Odysseus and his little army’s signal. Sooner than expected, they sailed back and made a bloodbath out of the city of Troy. Evandros knew it was ridiculous to kill people, but he did it for his country. After the wreck they’ve made, they burned Troy, which made the gods angry as to the destruction of their temples and the sacrilegious acts of the Greeks, know before as Achaeans. The ship Evandros was on was unfortunately thrown off the sea by the anger of Poseidon. The leaders they were with drowned, mostly being swallowed by huge, mad waves. Evandros tried to hold on tight to a piece of wood from the wrecked ship. The last thing he knew was that a huge wave was about to crash onto him to his death.

Evandros woke up. He wondered where he was. Even before he sought his surroundings, he asked questions in his head. Am I in the Underworld? Did I die drowning? Have I met the Judges? Did I make it past Elysium, or maybe not? He started to take in where he was. White, shining walls etched with gold and silver decors and symbols surrounded him. Arches were on either side of him, one holding a huge, glass window and the other a silk curtain towards a hall. Out the window was the ocean as far as the eye could see. He tried processing things, but he found it hard to imagine that he’s alive. Or was he really? Maybe he ended up in Elysium after all. Then a man came to him and explained everything. He said he was Zephyrus, and that he saw him dying so the god saved him. The god offered him a bit of rest, knowing that Evandros was basically his mortal brother. He gave Evandros an offer to be his assistant, as he needed someone to somehow help him in his schedules. Zephyrus told him that all the soldiers he was with that had been involved with the gods’ anger were already known to dead to the Achaeans. It had been days since the news spread out, that Greece had won against Troy and that a lot risked their lives and died, including Evandros. He was heartbroken, but he thought that maybe serving the god of the west wind would help; and so he did accept. Soon, Zephyrus told Eos all about him, and that maybe he'd make a great aide. Eos agreed, and told him to bring him to her palace. Zephyrus did as he was told, and Evandros was just left in amazement to the palace he was in - grander than the last. Later, a woman in a white dress came to the room he was in, telling him that someone would like to see him in the other hall. He followed, unsure of what to do. When he arrived in the hall, all the walls gleaming and sparkling and fading into the colors of dawn, he saw another woman. She was tall, a very lovely face and rosy fingers. She smiled so charmingly even he couldn’t process her in his own mind. But something told him he knew her. The woman started by telling Evandros that she heard about him from Zephyrus, and asked that maybe she'd take him in her palace. Then she introduced herself as Eos, his mother. Eos told him that she knew he never considered her a mother, but she just wanted to try being with him, altogether living and serving her in her palace. Eos then told him again of all the thoughts of the Achaeans about them, bringing back all grief-stricken moments. Evandros’ was poignant. He wondered how his parents at home were. Were they doing okay? Have they got over him? Eos then told him, as if answering his questions, that his mortal mother died of too much worry. His father, Eioneus, had lost his family in just a few days. Consumed by too much grief and sorrow, he didn’t know what he was doing and walked off a cliff, falling to rocks that caused his death. After hearing all those again, Evandros wanted to die. He wanted to be with his family, wherever they might be. He pleaded to Eos to just finish him off, but she gave him another option instead. She offered him again to work for her and live in her palace. Seeing his good and fine deeds, she knew he was worth it. Telling him that his parents wouldn’t want him to die but to continue living and doing the good and right, she convinced him to stay. The first thing Eos did was to make sure he stays with her for long. She gave him immortality, not forgetting eternal youth. Evandros’ first work was to fix up her schedule, making sure everything goes well. Sometimes he goes in the garden, trimming and making everything clean. Soon, he became close with Eos’ chariot horses, Lampus and Phaeton. He readies them every time before Eos rides her chariot to bring the dawn. He serves the guests in his mother’s palace, like Helios and Selene, Eos’ siblings, and the Anemoi, Eos’ children. He soon became Eos’ cupbearer. Eos trusted him so much through the times, the times when her siblings started to fade away, when she got so angry she somehow cursed people, when she’s confused and needs help. During his service, Evandros usually trains himself with weapons made of Celestial bronze. Sometimes one of the Anemoi would visit and join him in doing so, mostly Zephyrus or Notus. Eos had given him weapons – a harpe, a pair of xiphos and a kopis, all made of Celestial bronze. Zephyrus gave him a great sword that could transform into a pilum as the user wishes. Fortunately, his weapons could disappear and just reappear in his hand when he needs them.

Medieval Ages Watching the world change before his eyes was pretty hard to process. Evandros watched as the world he knew suddenly began to fade away, replaced by new teachings, new technologies and new lives. He followed the line of his father’s brother – his only known mortal family. He watched them travel from the Mediterranean to upward Europe, to Britain. After more than a millennia of serving his own mother, he felt the need to go back to the other world he was still part of and trace his roots. He brought this matter to Eos, who hesitatingly agreed. Before giving him her blessing, she gave him more gifts, such as a locket that shines brightly when opened, revealing a view of the night sky turning to dawn (as a reminder for him that she is there for him), a pair of war fans, and one of her pegasi, Firebright. Evandros was thankful, but Eos told him that she wouldn’t take away his immortality, for she might need him soon, still. He understood, left, and started to live in the mortal world, when the Dark Ages began. He knew the dangers of leaving his abode and going down in the mortal world, but curiousness got the best of him. He changed his name to Ivor, and lived like a person who was both isolated and socialized. He then finally found his ‘family’, who were bourgeoisie, or in the middle class. He somewhat got involved with one of them, a couple in which the man was a descendant of Ares. Sooner, they took him in and treated him like a son. Ivor was happy, knowing that he’s with a family he’d always wanted. Monster came and went, he and his “father” together defeating them. Later he received a new gift from his mother that he found in his room lying as if it was abandoned. He knew Eos wanted him back, but he still craved for staying in the mortal world. The new gift was a huge, elaborate golden bow, with his name in Greek letters engraved in it. He saw no quiver or arrow or anything to partner the bow with. When he started training with bows and arrows, he tested the new bow. Pulling the string backward, an arrow made of pure light formed. He pushed the string back, and the arrow disappeared. Ivor was indeed grateful. Somehow, he needed to leave his “family” for his and their sakes. Being immortal was tougher than he expected. Ivor went travelling and hopping from place to place, sometime receiving gifts along the way or meeting new friends or gods. Funny it was, he always thought. Elizabethan and Victorian Eras Ivor followed his family tree. Eventually, he ended up in Britain again with the help of Firebright. He soon changed his name to Khyllian. He blended in with the people, wearing clothes of the age, and acting as a person born on that era. The line of his mortal, he noticed, was already involved with the gods. Each generation had its own demigod. Khyllian stayed close with them, and happily, they accepted him, knowing everything about the mythological life they’re having. Fighting monsters with someone really lightened them up, and he took their last name, Lystad. Still, he moved from place to place. Help and company always came, sometimes his immortal friends, may they be gods or nymphs. He, one time, met the Hunters of Artemis when he was taking a walk in a forest. They glared at him like he did something wrong, and he discerned Artemis among them. He greeted her and them politely. Unfortunately, a manticore appeared from the thick trees. All the Hunters got their weapons ready, and so did Khyllian. Before Artemis even tried to tell him to back out, the monster charged, sensing meat. He summoned his pilum and threw it at the monster as distraction as it tried flying. He then had his xiphos in one hand as the pilum sped through the monster’s wings, destroying them, and back to his hand. It was still alive, shooting spikes and running with great agility and arrows from the Hunters rained down on it. He ran fast, just like he done for a thousand times and tried dodging the spikes. Then summoning his magical bow, having the Hunters distracting it, he had the beam of light concentrate further and shot it at the monster. It hit near its head and it jerked at the heat. Khyllian fired more arrows, enjoying them, until the monster back away, its body burning to the insides. The Hunters were annoyed and left. Khyllian saw something glinting on the ground and tried to catch up on the group to give it back when he heard a voice in his head say, “Take it. Your mother wanted it for you.” And so he added the crystal-like silver sword in his inventory. During those eras, he just remembered how awfully thick the clothes were those times. Modern Ages Khyllian went back to his mother by traveling with his pegasus. His mother had pleaded him to come back. Thanks to her, he somehow got out of the mortal wars that broke through those years. Eos just wanted him safe. There, he helped his mother again in all the work he’d been doing before, and trained still, especially with the magical bow. He saw the wars, and remembered the times he watched long-ago heroes fight with their lives on stake. Seeing the Sirens eat men, the enchantresses trick men, the sea monsters swallow and kill men, and all other things that were gross and gruesome. And he also discerned everything that gods did, and saw them unfairly. For the last time, he decided to go back; this time, Eos couldn’t stop him, and she just hoped the best for him and will still wait for him.; however, she didn't take his immortality away. Going back to the mortal realm with his dear flying friend, Firebright, he renamed himself as Zane, but keeping Khyllian as his second name, and found the latest line of his family. He became friends with one, named Lake Jansen, and knew he had a child with Iris. Lake told him all about it, knowing who he was, that if ever something happened to him, Zane would take care of his daughter. Zane agreed, somehow honored to have such a trust given to him. Zane still traveled, meeting different people and somehow meeting other demigods. Then he heard stories about the Broken Covenant, which seemed to spark his interest. He followed it, asking the demigods he'd meet along the way. He met one demigod who fortunately resided there and he asked a lot of things about it. The demigod found him wanting to join. Sooner, Zane knew what to do. Sadly, Lake died from an accident, and Zane did as he promised. He made sure Lake’s daughter, Alaska, was safe. It was pretty hard having her trust him, after all the death and grief that girl went through. But unexpectedly, she became close with him. Zane trained her and gave her the war fans he owned and taught her the art of using such. She learned fast, but when some terrible thing happened, she changed and it was harder to talk to her. He made sure she was safe. And while on that, he decided that he would now do what he wanted to. After every search, he knew where to go. Maybe a real change would happen if ever he did join them. When he was ready to leave for New York, Alaska begged him to bring her with him. Zane agreed, and he left her in a hotel in the city, leaving a note about what she should do and where she should go. He went to the place he had been watching for years. Soon, he arrived at the well-hidden Sanctuary in the forest, hoping for the best of everything. . . . With the constant cursing of Firebright.

Weapons: After a lot of gifts, he had a collection of weapons. He has a xiphos, a pilum that an transform into a greatsword by will, a harpe and a kopis all made of Celestial bronze metal. He also had received a crystal-like silver sword and magical Celestial bronze bow that when the string is pulled, an arrow made of an intense beam of pure light appears for the shooting. Fortunately, all weapons could disappear and reappear according to his will.

Faction and Why: Zane chose to join the Civitas Popularis. The organizations ideas and intentions were almost the same as his. Being alive long enough to realize how there was almost no difference between the gods and the ones before them, he knew it was better to have everyone to give their voices and opinions. Democracy is intended, now that gods are starting to get too much in love with power. Equality was what Zane always wanted, and justice is the thing it will soon have. For most of his life, he only wanted fairness and peace, and now that everything seems skeptical, he thought maybe the organization he'd join would give probable answers.

NOTE:Alaska, the demigod he had taken care of, has her own claim for Camp Half-Blood.

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...dude. I love how you wove together mythology and history in Zane's history! It's very detailed and flows together so well. Honestly, I can't really find any mistakes with this, but I'll come up with a few suggestions so I don't seem entirely useless xD

  1. Where's Zane's pegasus, Firebright, when he joins the BC? It seems like he leaves Firebright with Eos when he returns to her for the last time, but then he'd need some way to travel back to Earth from Olympus and a way to get around on land again
  2. How did Zane get from Europe to America? When he left Eos' palace for the last time did he go directly to America or travel there later?
  3. Not a (nata) critique, but it'd be cool to put in a little tidbit about how many languages Zane must know by now xD

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Thanks, Nata. So, of course, he rode with Firebright back to the mortal world. And about where the pegasus stays, I'd be putting him up for claiming (but he'd be staying in the BC pond where he says he likes it there and doesn't want seeing Zane there after a lot of cursing). And yes, tidbit info granted :)

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One of the few people that like giving me a workout... thanks a lot summer.. for everything.. Anyhow enough with the mussy mussy stuff shall we begin?

  • You should remember that the law zeus passed... I know its like "after" his time but how about you incorporate it? To make the story a bit more interesting? Like the first time he had to leave was because Eos couldnt hide him so told him to hide on earth a bit until Zues didnt notice him. Wouldnt that sound a bit more plausible?
  • How did he find the BC? thats like my major question
  • How on earth did Zane know who's kid is who? cause I dont think its his powers... (you of course can argue your point)
  • This is just a note for fun but I'm just surprised you didnt make a frozen reference with zane speaking to his pegasi like know (the pagasi doesnt have to know how to speak but you know...) still thats just a fun little reference to just make this char less... stoic? maybe?

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MEL. I love you, too :D

  • Oki doki, got it on :)
  • He found the BC during his faithful yet noisy travels. He had met demigods from different places, and he heard the thing about the BC is continued his further search of it. (I put it in the history.)
  • Tbh, I'm not sure which part shows where he knew who's kid's who? (Even I'm practically confused.) But it ever, whoever kid that was told him.
  • omg, mel, i srsly dunno what that means. All I can say is that they have this telepathic link when Eos gave him to Zane. (My goodness, my brain isn't working anymore.)

Thanks, Mel!

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Ok after a VERY long wait and a very very subtle reminder (very summer) I just noticed something

  • If he stayed in athens I dont think they require kids to go through horrendous training... thats sparta and the age for that is 12 (of course you can debate your points as I read about this a very very long time ago on to how athens favor schools rather than the "barbaric" teaching of sparta
  • "he helped out with healing" explain this to me... does this line imply that he's been using his powers to heal soldiers? if so is that part of his power scope? (Last time I check we did have an Eos power scope so please take note on that)
  • "he found the sanctuary" how? the sanctuary is well hidden so how can he find it?

Thats all for now sorry for the long wait

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  • In Athens they do require boys of age to attend military training, but not in the way the Spartans have done it. They go through it at 18, and they teach the things necessary, unlike Sparta. I never said anything about having him go through horrendous training.
  • "Helped out with healing" doesn't mean literally using his powers. And he doesn't have an ability like that. It just means tending the wounded and just help them recover.
  • He fortunately found a demigod who resided in there, had a little talk until he had convinced the demigod to tell him where it was. That could happen in real life, y'know.

So yeah. I'm patient, yes.

In all honesty I'm sorry for the long wait so here's what I promised

Heinrich Alten ~ Leader of the Broken Covenant
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Character's Bio

 Age: ???  Height: ???  Weight: ???
 Sexuality: ???  Relationship Status: N/A
  Main Weapon: His weapons are unknown while his attire is a white hooded robe, and a set of black and gold armor complimented by a full-face mask.

 – “???”

Character's Powers

 Powers of a Child of Hebe:

  1. Children of Hebe have the ability to force the effects of age upon a person for a short time; making them feel pain and cause their movements to be slow and sedated.
  2. Children of Hebe can become temporarily changed during battle and become even stronger and quicker in combat than they were before, for a short time.
  3. Children of Hebe can become resistant to all types of physical attacks for a short time.
  4. Children of Hebe can cause an opponent to feel aching bones and muscles for a short time.
  5. Children of Hebe are innately stronger and faster due to their slow aging.
  6. Children of Hebe have an innately faster rate of healing than other people.
  7. Children of Hebe always have an unlimited supply of Ambrosia, even if none is on them at the time, they can create it out of nothing
  8. Children of Hebe can restore energy to a weakened person and heal some minor wounds.
  9. Children of Hebe are able to curse someone with being very young children again, this has the potential to cause the victim a feeling of being lost, helpless and often leading to fits of crying, this only lasts for a short time and drains the user considerably.
  10. Children of Hebe have the ability to strike someone with a curse of old age for a short time; however, the person will not only feel old, they will become old and be unable to fight or even defend themselves, this also drains the user for a considerable time while using the power
  11. Children of Hebe can bless water to have the effects of allowing whomever drinks it to feel young again for a short time, their appearance may also take on a more youthful appearance for as long as the effects last.
  12. These children age slower than normally, beginning around the age of 12, and retain a youthful appearance far longer than most.

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James Astor: Ahhh another one welcome to civitas

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