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Name: Aaron Black          
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Gender: Male 

God Parent: Thanatos,Hades,or Ares

Mortal Parent: Naomi Black

Appearance: (Look at picture)

Personality: Aaron is a very moody person.He isn't shy,he just likes to be alone a lot.He keeps to himself and doesn't speak to anyone.He spends most of his time thinking,day dreaming,and reading a lot.

History: Naomi Black was a dedicated police woman on the NYPD.She works very hard on the force to get the job done.Everyone tells her to take break because she never sleeps.She tells them no and that she needs to do her job and they didn't argue.Then one day,the chief ordered her to take the night off for once.He said that if she doesn't take the night off,she's on an unpayed suspension.With no choice,she agreed and left.Bored out of her mind at home,she decided to go to a bar.She arrived there looking stunning and ordered a drink.She sat down by the counter and a man came by her to talk.To her,he was handsome and charming.After a few drinks together,they were both drunk and decided to have a little fun.They went back to her place and had a one night stand.When she woke up,the man was gone,leaving her alone.2 days later she wasn't feeling well and went to the doctor to check it out.It turns out,she was pregnant.

There was no doubt in her mind that the man she had the fling with is the father of the baby in her.She couldn't find him in anyway so she was on her own.9 months later,she had a baby boy she named Aaron.She loved Aaron very much but she couldn't take care of a baby at the time.So she turned her back on him and gave him up for adoption.The next day,a woman named Natalie Johns adopted him and nurtured him as her own.She didn't have kids of her own.All she had was Aaron.He still missed his biological mother but he still loved Natalie as well.

Growing up for Aaron wasn't really bad.School was okay for him,except the fact that he developed a loner personality and decided that he would like to be alone all of the time.His only friend was this girl named Eliza.They've been friends since 1st grade and since middle school started he secretly developed a crush on her but he never told her since he didn't want to ruin their friendship.So he had to stand by while she found another guy.That increased his moody attitude and made him more sad.He only feels best when he's at home with his Adoptive mom Natalie.She always told stories of Greek mythology to help make him feel better,even when he's older.The first monster attack happened when he turned 12.There was hellhound that came into the house to kill him.He was about to be a gonner when Natalie came behind it and stabbed it with a bronze sword.It disintegrated into a puddle of shadow and vanished.That's when he found out that he was a demigod and so was Natalie.

It was hard to believe at first but he finally accepted the truth.Natalie was a daughter of Tyche and told him that he was a demigod too.She warned him that monsters will come attack him and that when he was old enough,he were to be taken to Camp Half-Blood,where all demigods go.He understood and asked if she knew who his godly parent was.She wasn't sure but she did know thee god was his father.With that in mind,he continued his normal days knowing that monsters will hound him.As the years went by,monsters did attack but Natalie killed them all.Being a daughter of Tyche,she probably used her powers of luck to give Aaron good luck and live til the day he was ready to get to the camp.

When he turned 15 years old,Natalie told him it was time for him to go.He was relunctant at first but he decided it was for the best and went on.They drove down to the end of New York,where the camp dwells.It was a silent drive before they arrived at the camp.Before he got out,Natalie gave him two things.One of them was a pair of fingerless gloves.She said that when he says the phrase "Blade",they will transform into hand claws for him to defend himself with.The other thing was a silver necklace that opens up and shows a picture of them.She said that she will always love him and will always be in her heart.They said their goodbyes and Natalie drove back to the city.Aaron then climbed the hill into the camp,where he was soon claimed.


Gloves in Weapon form

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