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Character Name: Aaron Najim

God Parent: Pandia

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent Name: Youssef Najim

Personality: Aaron is strong willed, highly competitive, and slightly self centered. Many times he can be blinded by his own thoughts and can't see problems from multiple angles. He operates by a fierce code of loyalty. If he trusts you, he trusts you wholeheartedly and will do anything he can to protect you. However, if you break that trust he can easily cut you immediately from his life. 

History: Aaron was born in Los Angeles, while his father was back from deployment by the U.S. Army. Prior to that, his father frequently spent his duty in Syria, helping evacuate displaced citizens into the United States. It was then that he met Pandia in disguise. He believed her to be a beautiful and soon became her sponsor in the U.S.. Once he returned from deployment, he found her and courted her, which eventually resulted in the birth of Aaron. Pandia bore the child while Youssef was in the states, and spent a tender week with him before she disappeared. Youssef was greif stricken, and searched for her in vain up until his next deployment. He had no choice but to bring Aaron with him to live on the base with the other military families.

Aaron grew up constantly travelling, following wherever his father was deployed. Country to country, Aaron had to adapt and learn the language to attend school. First Arabic, then French, Italian, and German. Aaron never liked associating with the other military families, and cared only for his father. Because of this he tried to spend as much time with him as he could. When his father would wake up at five am for training, he would go with him. Although he couldn't lift any of the weights or operate firearms, he would watch and do what he could. He trained himself mentally and physically, constantly being surrounded by the reality of war. By the time he was 11, he learned how to fight, believing that he was grooming himself to follow in his father's footsteps in the army. 

One evening when he was 11, a pair of Stymphalian Birds came swooping out of the air towards him while he was running on the track at the base. Since he wasn't a child of the Big 3 the birds hadn't come expressly for him, they just happened to be soaring overhead when they caught his scent. They divebombed him as he ran, the first left a gash on his shoulder, and he narrowly avoided the second with a scrape on his cheek. It was then that his mental training kicked in. He stood his ground, angling his body to the side so the birds would have less area to attack. When the first one swooped to him again, he quickly sidestepped it and grabbed it by its crane like neck. He grabbed it's sharp beak and immediately twisted its neck. After a sickening crunch the bird turned to dust, leaving it's bronze beak behind. He gripped the sharp beak and plunged it into the second bird as it came by causing it too to disolve into dust. Aaron kept the two beaks, and to others they just looked like the blades of knives.

Over the next few years, monsters began to attack him more frequently. Luckily they were always lesser monsters that he could defend himself from (albeit with more than a few cuts and bruises), especially since he had the bronze beaks from the Stymphalian Birds. Since he moved around so much, he wasn't contacted by a satyr until he was 16. At the time he was reluctant to go, believing that he could handle himself despite the satyr's pleads. Everything took a turn for the worse when he and his father went camping in Tahoe for his 17th birthday. They were laying down in their tent when heavy steps came bounding towards them. Within a second their tent was ripped from over them and they found themselves face to face with a hungry orthurus. 

To his father it looked like two giant rabid dogs but Aaron recognized it from the Satyr's description. He grabbed the bronze beaks and tried to stab the beast, but one of the heads bit his arm and threw him into the trunk of a nearby tree. His father took out his hunting knife but one of the heads comped down on his torso, tearing him in half. All six eyes of the monster turned onto Aaron. He could feel himself starting to loose consciousness from bloodloss, and he prepared himself to die. Luckily, the satyr had returned, and he brought reinforcements in the form of a son of Apollo and a daughter of Ares. They quickly dispatched the beast before making sure Aaron was ok. The son of Apollo used his powers to heal Aaron's arm.

After that experience Aaron had no choice but to go to camp Half-Blood. They accompanied him across the country to Long Island, dealing with the occasional monster along the way.


Hello there and welcome to the wiki! There is just one thing you have to fix to have Aaron claimed, oki? It's about Cerberus. Since Cerberus is a monster of the Underworld, and the guard at Erebus, it won't really go after a demigod unless Hades wanted it to, which requires a very important reason as to why he'd do that. That's it, or you can change the monster entirely. You can choose here.

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