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Name:Abbigail"Abbey" Hindi


God Parent:Aphrodite,Athena or Persephone

Mortal Parent: Daniel Hindi

Appearance: She has blond hair with green eyes. Has a good body and has long nails. And perfect toes.

Personality: She always uses her beauty to get the things she wants. Is manupulatived, want a boyfriend that will lover her for her. Loves her father like no one else. And only her best friend has seen her cry.

History: Daniel meet Aphrodite (or Athena or Persephone) when he was on summer break of his community college. They started dating and a year later the goddess discovered that she was pregnant with a baby girl. Her father that always wanted a daughter was excited but the goddess not so much. The goddess left 3 months later after Abbey was born. Her father was left heart-broken. A few months after she left, she sends in a letter explaining why Abbey was so beautiful and that she was a goddess. Daniel would have to marry someone that the scent of Abbey´s blood would be concealed. And he did found her on Abbey´s 1st birthday. She grew up but had dyslexia and had many boyfriends since she could attract people. Her only friend was a girl that was almost like her.  Most people did not have problems with her but she normally had 2 schools per year, since her dyslexia. In her first middle school year, she met her best friend. Her friend is a very protective one her. She is very pretty but she is in a wheelchair. She had kick most of the bullies in all the schools that they have been in. She is the exact opposite; she had chocolate brown eyes and brown hair. Her personality is very nice but can hurt if someone hurts someone she loves. Sweet does not trust anyone and when she trust her she trust too much. They were constantly together since the two moved school from school. One day, she got letter saying that she was demigod; she thought it was a joke; she asked her father and then took her to the Half-Blood Camp. After the letter arrived she found out that her best friend was a satyr. She was 16 at that time. Afther few months after she arrived,she left, then she went to see her father but she discovered that her father was dead. She stole some files from the police where it was the autopsi. He had been stabbed 23 times, then hit with a gun in the head. He is said to have died instately. to sustain herself,she started working in different places until she got enough money to go back to the Half-Blood Camp. She has been there since she arrived. Weapons: Knifes and swords

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  • You need to work on spelling, Like Aphodity, should be Aphrodite, concield is concealed. Who is her best friend, The personality says only her best-friend has seen her cry, but in the history abbey has no friends, other than many boy-friends. Oh and please sign your claim.   Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."20:24,12/1/2012    [[Special:EditCount/Slayingthehalcyon|Special:EditCount/Slayingthehalcyon]]  
  • How did she get away from her monster boyfriend?   Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."21:00,12/1/2012    [[Special:EditCount/Slayingthehalcyon|Special:EditCount/Slayingthehalcyon]]  
  • Where did she get the knife from? And was her dad around, because if not she couldn't have run to him after she knocked out her boyfriend?   Slay Talk  "Shadows wonder why we scream."23:24,12/1/2012    [[Special:EditCount/Slayingthehalcyon|Special:EditCount/Slayingthehalcyon]]  
  • What kind of monster was her boyfriend? As I can't really see a young girl taking on a large monster and singlehandedly take it down. How was she protected until 16 and how'd she escape the fury? Lastly why would she need to become a prostitute if she was already at the camp? Tumblr mew04jhcnv1qg2e7xo1 500.jpgHe is the Royal Protector and Slaughterer ~Raid~6xcHU.jpg

Furies don't attack demigods. They're under Hades' control, so if they were to attack her, it'd be under Hades' orders.

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