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name: abrandon

gender: male

species: mortios

creator: thanatos

appearance: his clothing consists of black leather

personality: abrandon is a quiet mortios who draws disturbing creepy designs in his journal. he is the outcast in most events and would decide to hide in the shadows of the forest. abrandon doesn't tend to be social because he doesn't need to be abandoned or betrayed like his old best friend who was a poppy nymph. he doesn't control it but when he looks or walks by mortals, they instantly die. once that mortal had died, he then waits for his creator to take them to the underworld as he follows behind them.

history: in nineteen fiftythree, the north sea flood was in place in the netherlands, belgium and the united kingdoms. the underworld gods and deities were to take the two thousand and five hundred, fiftyone deaths to the underworld. sure thanatos was lazy into having the other underworld gods do the hard work but was informed that he had to help or else he would become dust. as he was still the lazy god, he had figured to create a death servant. this servant was soon named abrandon who was forced as a slave of thanatos, he didn't work too hard but he obeys him more of a master than a creator, but thanatos also gives his in the middle of the day that he could just roam around the underworld (while he uses this time to talk to persephone). this means work is only in the early morning. he was abrandon was able to roam around new york only at night to see a glimpse of the mortal world for which thanatos lets him only because he knows he could radiate more death. soon persephone saw his slavery to thanatos and as soon she had gotten in touch with him then she would take him to a camp; where he would reside most of his life. 

weapon: he doesn't possess a kind of weapon.


Hi! Just  a few  things. 

  • Why would Abrandon be a slave to Thanatos when mortiads are made from the spirits themselves? Basically, mortiads are made from the dead spirits so he wouldn't need to be working too hard.
  • Who brought him to camp? Is that morai? Cuz if it is, that would refer to the Fates.
  • Mortiads don't bring death.

Just that and see you!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

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