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Ace (inspired by Ace Wilder)


Immortal (physically 23; real age 56)

Mortal Parent:

None (as she is a nymph)


She was created by Eris.


Her FC is Debrah Scarlett.


Ace resembles her creator in several ways too many.

A certain taste for danger, for one, getting herself into dangerous situations without regard for others. Getting those others in the same dangerous situations, with the same attitudes, even her friends. She seems to get some sort of adrenaline thrill, and often takes out bitterness, and anger, on things or people. Sometimes she’s not even angry or bitter and does things just for kicks, because she finds it fun. This is probably why her friends have to spend so much time making sure she doesn’t destroy things, and hardly ever let her out of their sight, something that annoys her considerably.

She has a lot of wit with cheek to match it, resulting in a massively sarcastic attitude to most things. (Honestly she resents the ‘cute face’ her best friend keeps commenting on. It’s pretty but also cute.) Her temper is quite short, to say the least, which can easily make her a little too hot to handle, but her pride is immense, even if that pride is about things she shouldn’t necessarily be proud of.


note: ____ refers to a peace nymph character of jaye's, his name will be added in once he's got one. :3

It was a time of peace. Which, of course, made Eris very bored.

Ace was the product of that particular boredom, in hope of stirring things up; a discord nymph, someone very similar to Eris by means of personality, and values (or lack of) who, honestly, just found this whole thing quite fun. She was put into the human world in a small Norwegian town, and you can guess what happened there. Utter chaos, to make a long description brief.

What Eris probably wasn’t banking on was this being noticed by Harmonia. (She probably should have anticipated this.) The product was a peace nymph, called ___, created and intended to be Ace’s companion in hopes of at least quelling her fire somewhat. It was the most peaceful method of calming the nymph that she could think of, and the two…became unlikely friends.

Ace was at first irritated at seeing everything undone, and sought out the source of the peaceful aura – leading her right to ___. No matter what she said to him, he would not leave, and he was almost keen on being friends with her. Since then, she’s sort of been stuck with him, his peace counteracting her discord, and everything’s been basically fine. Time spent together is always going to bond, and she hates to admit it, but she’s started to love the dork. Attempts to ruin their friendship in the past have failed, and it seems like, as Harmonia intended, they were destined to be best friends.

Why did they come to camp? Honestly, it was the lesser of two evils. Ace wanted her next great adventure, and her idea was…far less docile than his, so they went for a compromise, to come to camp where there would be a lot more people to keep an eye on her than just his (though ___ declined to mention this particular reason for their journey.) Arriving at camp, they’ve discovered a sort of group of nymphs who respect the need to keep Ace in check, and in that – in just a week – they’ve found an awkward family.


These have long since been confiscated by ___ but she has an uncanny ability for getting her hands back on them. Her main weapon is a katana that she bears on a lopsided belt, it is made of celestial bronze. The sheath has a minor ability to block attacks. She also carries a set of short throwing knives, these are more easily hidden. (These are if you don’t count the constantly confiscated improvised things made out of hairpins and such like.)

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