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Name: Adad Harpel

Age: just turned 16

Personality: Well, uh, stormy. That's moody, with lightning. He can be polite when he wants to be, and is great at controlling his emotions. But he has a fierce tember and doesn't have time for jokes. He likes to go with the flow, and tries not to care too deeply for anything in particular.

God parent: Zeus (pleaseeee! it's finally not full), Aeolus, Boreas

Appearance: Adad.jpg

History: Adad was born to a teenage mother and 1/2/3. His mother had no idea about 1/2/3 being a god, she just assumed he was passing through. Adad's father was a handsome man who had just moved into the same apartment as her. They fell in love within a few days, but when she got pregnant, the mysterious man just left. When Adad's mother became pregnant, she strugged with finding the courage to tell 1/2/3, but when she finally did, he just disappeared. Adad's mother was heartbroken. Her parents criticized her for allowing something like this to happen, and they admonished her for ruining her life. But she loved the child she gave birth too, and since her parents wanted nothing to do with their grandchild, left to find her own way alone. She relied heavily on the charity of others, and always seemed to make the bills, albeit barely.

Adad grew up to be a wonderful child, and his mother never regretted her decision to keep him, although she had a hard life. Then, when Adad was about 14, he suddenly disappeared, just like his father had. His mother was crazy with worry, but there was no sign of him. She broke inside, and never found out what happened to him. In reality, he was attacked by a harpy, and tried running away as he had no fighting experience. However, he knew that he wasn't going to make it. A few demigods who were on a quest ran into him just in the nick of time. One was a child of Apollo, who healed his scratches. They gave him some supplies and sent him to camp. However, Adad had no desire to go to this camp, and went his own way.

He wanted to return to his mother, but didn't want to put her in danger and was afraid of returning. So he made his way from town to town, either begging or stealing for food and money. In this time, he meet another demigod, secretly a member of the BC, who taught him fighting skills. He improved greatly, but wasn't interested in joining the BC either, so he continued as he had been before. A few more monsters attacked him during the next months, and he grew tired of it. They weren't major monsters so he was able to manage them, but he was getting increasingly lonely. He wanted a safe place to stay. So he made his way to camp, getting there right around his 16 birthday. "I am the Master of my Fate; I am the Captain of my Soul." (Ruby's blog!) 04:17, March 15, 2012 (UTC)


How would he live by himself for a year with no money and only the supplies the demigods gave him? And how did he fight off the monsters, he had no fighting skills? Even if he managed to get some during that year, he would have none when the first monster attacked. Why would it take a year for him to get to camp? Also, please explain the personality a bit more. The personality is not as such a requirement, but, well, it's a good idea. In heaven, all the interesting people are missing. 22:18, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

Le changed. "I am the Master of my Fate; I am the Captain of my Soul." (Ruby's blog!) 22:26, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

Almost perfect, just include how the parents meet. OrbieGlowing Blue Orb.png 18:04, March 16, 2012 (UTC)

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