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Name: Adalithia Matumaini

Age: 16 (physically) 5000+ (chronologically)

Mortal Parent: Nguvu Matumaini

God/Titan: Hebe

Appearance (optional): Looks 13. Model is Meika Woollard

Personality (at least a sentence or two): Adalithia is a caring and sweet girl, one that would of made a great queen if her village wasn’t destroyed. Every little creature she cares deeply for, from tiny ants to giant whales, all equally. That is why she says thank you every time she eats an animal. People are treated just like how she treats animal, Adalithia will try to help them no matter what and will try to never hurt them. Then there’s Ragnar’s memories effecting her. There is times when Adalithia is not herself and she might hurt someone, but hurting someone is what snaps her back into her own memories and own personality. Even though she is royalty by her people’s standards, Adalithia doesn’t like being treated differently because she is. She just likes being treated like a normal person. She is also very quiet but curious. She won’t start up a proper conversation with people but will ask them questions, questions about anything.

History (more than a paragraph): Adalithia has been around a long time, before her step-father and one of the greatest demigods ever, Heracles, was even born. Ada was born in the times after the first Titan war, when the gods fled from the mighty storm monster, Typhon into Egypt. The young goddess Hebe went a little bit further than her fellow gods when they fled from Typhon, into the jungles of The Congo. She brought stories of the Greek gods when she found the little tribe deep in the jungle. She even brought proof of their existences, herself. She proved to them that the Greek gods were real and the religionless tribe adopted these gods as their own, not changing anything. Hebe fell in love while in the jungle, falling in with the leader of the people that had come to worship her, Nguvu. He was one of the greatest warriors of his people and had already raised a child, a son by the name of Ragnar, who was taking after his father and had his skill of fighting. Hebe didn't stay long after Nguvu and her made love. At that time, Typhon had just been imprisoned under Mount Etna and all the gods had went back to Greece.

After Hebe left, not one sign came from the gods for another 6 months and when it did, it was in the form of a child in a basket by Nguvu's home. A note written in the village's native language, a slight variation of Swahili, and a knife made of Celestial Bronze was with the baby in the basket. The note said that the baby girl was named Adalithia and was a child of Nguvu and the goddess Hebe. A celebration happened in the village and the little girl, even though she didn't know it at the time, was treated like a goddess. Nguvu declared, that once Adalithia was old enough, she would lead her people. One person didn't feel the same way towards Adalithia as his people, Ragnar. She had taken away his chance at ruling and saw the girl as a freak. He wanted her dead but couldn't do it because was he was afraid the gods would come down and punish him.

Adalithia grew up being treated like her mother was. She didn't always like it, as she grew up. She especially didn't like all the lessons she was taught, apart from being taught about her parentage and her people's history. Adalithia would often skip her lessons and go out among her people, disguised so she could see how a normal life is. The one lesson she hated the most was when her father taught her how to fight, focusing on how to use weapons, such as the knife her mother gave her.

Adalithia's life got much harder when her father finally let her learn about the jungle that surrounded them, in the jungle, when she turned 12. She had been begging her father for years to let her go into the jungle and on the morning of her 12th birthday, he took her into the jungle. He showed her things that amazed her but things changed when Nguvu thought he heard a leopard in the bushes in front of them. What they got was a Hellhound instead. Nguvu had never seen on earth before but he could tell it was hunting his daughter, just by how it was acting. Adalithia hid behind her father as the monster circled them. She pulled put her knife and at the glimpse of Celestial Bronze, the Hellhound attacked. Nguvu charged at the Hellhound with his spear as Adalithia ran back to the villge, and even though he couldn't kill the monster, Nguvu gave the Hellhound a decent fight. Adalithia almost got to the village when the Hellhound gave up on Nguvu and went for its main target. Adalithia heard it coming and was ready for it, as she ran. The monster went for its first strike, it hopefully thinking that it would kill Adalithia with just one attempt, but instead of sinking its claws into Adalithia, it found a knife in its chest and turned to dust.

After that, Adalithia's movements were very restricted and was much harder for her to ditch her lessons. The one time she achieved ditching her lessons was when Ragnar caught her. He thought of dumping her in the jungle alone but he knew people had saw him with his sister. Adalithia became more interested in her training though. Her father had told her the monster was hunting her and Adalithia was sure of that more would follow and was more determined to train. At that time, hunters had found a piece of Celestial Bronze out in the jungle and took it back to the village. It was obvious that the new metal was the same made to use the knife Hebe had giving Adalithia so Nguvu ordered that the metal was to be melted down and turned into weapons, as he had noticed that his spear made from iron did nothing to the monster and Adalitha's knife killed it. Adalithia started to train with the Celestial Bronze weapons and when time came that a monster found her, sometimes two even, each year, she was ready to kill it before it killed her. The rule Nguvu made about his daughter was challenged once, that she should be treated with as much respect as her mother. She had ditched her lessons in the first time since her first attack and was walking the streets. A man, with an attitude much like Ragnar's, ran into Adalithia and discovered who she was. Unlike Ragnar, this man's inentions wasn't to kill Adalitha but something almost as much sinister, he wanted his offspring to have the blood of the gods, or more specifically, their mother to be Adalaitha. The man told Adalithia if she didn't come with her, he would tell her father what she had been doing and so Adalithia followed the man to his home. Being stronger than Adalithia, the man easily overpowered her and forced her on his bed, where he would proceed to rape her. Lucky for Adalithia, her powers kicked in and she felt a burst of strength and over powered the man. She ran to her father, not even having time to get dressed, and told him what happened. Nguvu sentenced the man to exile after he found out what he did to his daughter. A few days later, the found the bones and clothing of the man under the tree they knew a leopard normally used.

Hebe always kept an eye on one of her first demigod children, never interfering until one day where all of Adalithia's training didn't beat the greatest monster she would ever face, a Chimera. The now 16 year old had once again been out in the jungle, all because her father finally trusted her to go out once again, when it found her. She almost died fighting the monster when Hebe broke an important rule set by her father, do not interfere with your demigod children. Just before Adalithia was about to die, Hebe granted her immortality, but didn't make her a goddess. Zeus found out almost right away and punished Hebe with something that would be better than Zeus had forced, she would marry the god of Zeus's choosing, which was never told be either of the gods. There was a little extra bonus of the immortality, Adalithia gained a faster healing capability, allowing her to heal quicker than before. The Three Fates, however, had planned for this to happen.

Adalithia found that she had new strength and killed the monster, using her new sword. She walked back to her village, limping slightly as she made her way back to the village, not long before her father. Adalithia's immortality wasn't known about until Ragnar finally tried to kill his sister. He had to task of taking Adalithia through her training for a change. He pushed Adalithia more than their father ever did and threw his spear a little bit to fast for Adalithia to dodge. It didn't kill her, even though it should of, but a lot of people thought Ragnar had tried to kill Adalithia until the girl spoke up, telling everyone it was an accident.

That wasn't long before Ragnar's patron that he never knew he had made an appearance. Eris could see the destruction Ragnar wanted to cause so she appeared to him in a dream, telling how he could be immortal, just like Adalithia and rule the world. It was Ragnar's duty to show Adalithia what he knew about the jungle and Ragnar had planned to take Adalithia to a cave only he thought only he knew about, which happened to be the very cave Hebe had lived in when first meeting these people. That was when he put the spell Eris had shown him on Adalithia, putting Adalithia to sleep but also allowing him to share Adalithia's not just immortality and powers but her memories too. He saw how Adalithia tried to be normal, tried to hide from who her mother is. It should of soften any lesser person to the point that they would regret what they did and try to fix it but that wasn't Ragnar. Ragnar was a cold emotionless warrior that was cursed with an photographic memory and couldn't forgot anything, which came in handy when remembering how to use certain weapons. Upon using the spell, something broke inside of Ragnar. He became even more vicious than he was and his desire to rule the world became even stronger.

Ragnar returned to the village alone, taking Adalithia's knife and sword to show to something happened to Adalithia, per their people's tradition. He broke the news to his father that Adalithia had walked off from him and was killed by a leopard. Nguvu was devastated and din't know what to do. That was until a hunter out looking for food found the cave and the sleeping body of Adalithia. The hunter was to weak to move Adalithia so he went back to the village and told Nguvu what he found. Upon learning where his daughter was, Nguvu instantly knew that his son was involved. He confronted his son, which wasn't a smart idea. Ragnar used his newly gained powers and made his father feel older than he was, which made it easy for Ragnar to kill his father.

Ragnar was afraid that somebody else might find the cave so he caved the entrance in before leaving for the last time until modern times. On his way back to the village, one thought of madness swirled around Rangar's head. 'What if the whole village knows?' was one of the few thoughts that were in Ragnar's head on the way back but wasn't the one of madness. Ragnar way waste to his whole village, killing every single man, women and child. Bodies lay dead all around Ragnar as he walked away from the village, walking North, hoping to find the land that Hebe talked about, where she came from, for one reason, to take over Olympus and rule the universe.

Ragnar's first interaction with people was another small village, hundreds of miles north of his village. He killed them all too, taking a vertebra from the chief of that village. Ever village he met in Africa, Ragnar did the same, killing everyone and taking one bone from the leader of the village. He thought over about his sister every time he killed a girl of her age. It made him angrier every time he did and swore if he if he ever met a female that had some sort of power in anyway, he would kill all those she cares about before killing her.

He found himself in new terrain a year after first starting his travels, an environment he was not use to, the Sahara Desert. The drive to find the palace of the gods kept him going through the desert. He ran into monsters crossing the desert for a few monster but killed them all. Ragnar found a sheet of metal in the desert, a sheet of Celestial Bronze thrown to Earth Hephaestus. He dragged it all the way until he found a place to big to kill everyone, what would be called in the future, Cairo. He found a Blacksmith willing to craft him new weapons with the Bronze. Ragnar found a little trouble in Cairo, he found magicians. He fought a few of them, keeping one alive to do what he wanted. He made the magician connect a bag he had to all his weapons so that he could store all of them without any more weight being added, and if he claimed anymore weapons, the same situation as well. Ragnar stayed in Cairo longer than he wanted. He needed information for where he was heading and that costed money. He worked as hard as he could, working as royalty's bodyguard. It took him 5 years to earn enough money to buy maps that would 'lead' him to Greece. In those 5 years, he learnt the language which was something Ragnar wished he could forget.

Those maps he bought lead him somewhere else, somewhere that traded with the Greeks long ago, the civilization that would be one day be called Rome. It was in early days in Rome's empire, long before Aeanes sailed from Troy to what would be called Rome. It was only a few people. Ragnar traded with the early Romans and gained directions to Greece. Ragnar was about to kill the people after he got what he wanted but Eris showed him a vision of what Rome would achieve and moved onto Greece. By the time Ragnar reached Greece, the Trojan war was only less than 100 years away. Ragnar was considered a peasant when he entered Greek society. That was until they saw how he could fight and forced them to be in their growing army. Little battles happened and Ragnar was soon a high ranking officer. That was until he killed a higher ranking officer because he didn't agree on what the other man wanted. Ragnar was sentenced to death but when they tried, Ragnar couldn't die. SO instead they exiled him from all their cities. That was the one thing they didn't realise had good consequences later in the future. While in exile, Ragnar ran upon some troublesome hunters, The Hunters of Artemis to be exact. Ragnar ran into them while he was hunting the same monster the Hunters were at the time, but for very different reasons. Silver arrows killed the monster Ragnar was hunted he he instantly got ready for something else and that's what he got. He saw movement in the trees and threw his spear at the movement. It disappeared into the trees and silver arrows were sent back, a lot of them hit their target. Ragnar charged where the arrows had come from. Being much more faster most of the hunters back then, Ragnar brought one down when he coiled with them, stabbing his knife into her as he did. What was left was a dead body of a girl around about 13 and a silver bow that Ragnar took before gathering his spear and running from the arrows that followed him. Ragnar found his way back to the cave he slept in and waited, waited for the return of those silver arrows that had targeted him. The arrows never did find Ragnar because the Hunters of Artemis were more worried about something else rather than Ragnar, something more dangerous than one man.

Ragnar stayed in that cave for a long time, until someone came looking for him. People had been hearings local legends about an immortal warrior that came from beyond the sea and with the Trojan war just in their sights, they needed this warrior of legend that wouldn't be even written down in the legend of the Trojan war. Men went all over the known world looking for this warrior and when they found him, he was not what they expected. Ragnar hadn't eaten in days and when men found him in the cave he had been living in for years, he almost killed them so he could eat, until they revealed why they were looking for him. Being told they were looking for Ragnar so he could fight lifted Ragnar's spirits and hoped that would redeem himself for what happened, so he could finally live in a house again and have all the food he wanted.

Ragnar fought in the Trojan war, but his actions in the war was never written down, even if he was one of the people that set fire to Troy. Instead of sailing back to Greece, like everyone else, Ragnar walked back. Being in battle again gave Ragnar the mind set to go out and concur places. By the time he got back to Greece, over 3 years later, three villages were now left to waste and Ragnar returned to Greece and was treated the same he was before he was exiled. The tranquility of Ragnar's life of luxury lasted for a long time, long after Hebe married Heracles because she 'wanted' to, all the way until the Roman empire concurred Greece and Ragnar became a slave for the Roman empire. In those years, Ragnar traveled some more of the known world and met one group of people he couldn't kill, a group of women he would plot to kill for the rest of his life, the Amazons. It had been years since Heracles ran into the Amazons, and there had been three more queens. The same situation with the Hunters of Artemis happened with the Amazons, Ragnar randomly ran into them. A spear to his head was what he received when he ran into an Amazon that has out hunting, killing her almost right away. More Amazons were near and tried to fight Ragnar but they couldn't so they had to retreat but Ragnar followed them. Ragnar wanted to end them all so he waited until late at night, staying outside their camp, and slowly made his way towards their queen. He made one shot with his bow, right through the Queen's heart which woke everyone up. Ragnar couldn't fight all the women around him at once, so he fled. It took a while but Ragnar left the Amazons behind and wouldn't see them again for a long time.

Ragnar's life as just a slave didn't last very long. His master only let him have one thing from his past life, the bag Ragnar had gotten enchanted in Egypt. Ragnar's master could see the potential in Ragnar and made him become a gladiator. Match after Match, Ragnar won, never losing. It took him a long time for him to win his freedom and when Ragnar did, he became bodyguard for the emperor. He helped protect some of the greatest emperors until he was forced out, all because his status of technically being Greek was not liked. If Ragnar wasn't putting into service once again, Cesar wouldn't of died when he did.

Ragnar was forced to fight in the Colosseum, until he was forced to fight in the Roman Legion. Fighting for the Legion wasn't the worst punishment for Ragnar. He enjoyed fighting to take over new places but he didn't like fighting for someone else. Ragnar's last every mission for the Romans was helping take over the UK. Before he could even be put on the boats, he ran. No one could catch Ragnar, not even the fastest runners of the Ancient World. Ragnar couldn't even be found, all because he took the routes he had used to first go through Italy.

Ragnar kept on going east, further than he had first did but Raganr's was not favored by luck. He ran into the Hunters of Artemis again and finally saw the group that he had gotten the silver bow from. Ragnar was once again hunting down a deer for food. He cornered the animal in a temple built by the Greeks and dedicated to Artemis. It was declared, when the temple was built, that no creature of the wild could be killed in the temple, but that's what Ragnar did. He killed the deer inside the temple, spilling its blood all over the temple floor. The Hunters of Artemis weren't far away from the temple and Artemis sensed what had happened. She didn't exactly like that someone had disobeyed and went to the temple. Ragnar had just started a fire in the temple when arrows rained upon him. A lot of arrows reached their target but none took down Ragnar. He rushed out of the temple and finding the Hunters by the shine of their arrow tips in the sun. An almighty yell came from Ragnar, challenging the leader of the people that had been shooting at him, and a girl no older than 13 came forward, Artemis.

They fought, brute strength against godly power. The fight didn't last for long. Artemis was just about the turn Ragnar into dust when the voice of all Three Fates at once spoke in her head, telling her to not kill Ragnar, as it was there plan the whole time. Artemis acted like she was weaker than Ragnar and Ragnar 'won' the battle. Artemis and her hunters disappeared into the woods and one hunter left, on purpose and Artemis's orders, a quiver of silver arrows that replaced arrows once it was empty, all because Artemis was giving a glimpse of the future, of Adalithia and what will happen to her.

Ragnar moved all around Asia and Europe, even somehow reaching Japan. That took him a long time and when he did, Ragnar quickly became a shogun. He was one of the first of many but that didn’t last long. Ragnar was not considered a good shogun so he was driven to of Japan, back into mainland Asia. That was when Ragnar became paranoid, or more than ever. Instead of staying around and concluding the world, Ragnar went back to Africa to check on Adalithia, to make sure no one has taken her. Every few years, Ragnar would do the same trip and check.

Modern times came along and Ragnar started to fight again in wars. Every big war that happened, Ragnar was fighting in it. He even fought in the American Civil war, which he was on the side of the Crown and disappeared back to Europe once it was done.

Ragnar has a brief time in his life when the unusual happened, he met a women that he didn’t hate. He stayed with her for a while and soon they had a child, a daughter, in the UK but he didn’t stay long. He loved the women and his daughter but his fear of someone taking his half-sister was always on his mind so he disappeared back into mainland Europe. That was when his run ons with the Hunters of Artemis started happening more often. It always seemed to be when was killing some animal or monster and always, he would get away with a few arrows in him. Artemis finally acted upon what she saw when she first battled Ragnar and sent a Huntress to find out why Ragnar disappeared into Africa so much and this Huntress was named Mila Ylavsdottir. Mila didn’t follow him once and that was when Ragnar went back to the UK to see the women he loved and their daughter, only to find he now had a granddaughter, by the name of Destiny in America. The little girl was a tough girl that wanted nothing to do with him, just like her mother, no matter what Ragnar tried so he spent some time with Destiny’s grandmother before dissapearing again. She soon discrover that Ragnar was hiding a young girl that was asleep. The last battle for Ragnar came along when Mila brought along a daughter of Hecate Huntress to help defeat Ragnar. The daughter of Hecate had a vision from her mother just before the battle, givin her the spell she needed to reverse the spell of Ragnar and Adalithia. The battle was intense between Mila and Ragnar while the child of Hecate tried to reverse the spell. She didn’t know it but Hecate gave her a spell that would reverse the two’s positions, so Ragnar would be asleep and Adalithia would be awake, and the spell could not be reversed. Ragnar didn’t even feel it when Adalithia woke up and he started to get weak. The last thing Ragnar was Adalithia standing behind Mila then he fell asleep. With the help of Mila, Adalithia moved Ragnar into the very cave he had hidden Adalithia, after finding the magical bag. Hours later, the Hunters of Artemis arrived.

After the fight with Ragnar, Adalithia returned back to her old village to see what was left, even though she was told nothing was left but ruins. When she found her old village, Adalithia broke down into tears and was comforted by Artemis herself, even though the girl was not a madden. Adalithia walked around the village ruins by herself until she found her old home and her old room, or what was left of it. All of her training equipment was gone, everything. But there was one thing shining under all the vines, her old crown. Little did Adalithia knew, Hebe had it enchanted and changed a little by Hephaestus. It was now Celestial Bronze and could turn into a set of cutlasses. Then a side effect of the spell kicked in, Adalithia started seeing visions, visions of Ragnar’s memories. The spell Ragnar first used allowed a two way psychic link, that their memories and skills were shared, and because of Ragnar having an identic memory, all of his memories and skills were shared with Adalithia. Memories slowly started to foment to Adalithia as Artemis took pity on the girl and allowed her to come with the Hunters and her hunting for a little bit. Adalithia stayed with he Hunters longer than she had hoped, and they taught her how to use the weapons and abilities Ragnar had gained properly, even the bow he stole from them. Soon, the Hunters dropped Adalithia at Camp, after she told them she was ready.

Weapon(s) (optional): Celestial Bronze sword, knife, spear (multiple of each, Hunters of Artemis bow and quiver, CB crown that can change into twin CB cutlasses

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Bwaha, finally! (Sad, the shogun was so awesome!)

  • Techincally, being immortal doesn't mean you really can't die because it's only age that doesn't kill you. It's like you will stay alive until another force comes and kills you. 
    • Concerning that, isn't Ragnar a bit too overpowered? Because you can't just kill an Amazonian, let alone the Queen. And yes, immortality or the shared power he has doesn't keep him from being pierced by Hunter arrows.
  • Do the Fates really tell one to not do that because it ain't their plan? I think they just make things happen according to their plan.
  • Gods showing visions to mortals is too dangerous. (you can contradict me)
  • So Ada was given eternal sleep w/o aging/dying, ye?

Idk of this is all, but that's all I see ;-;

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  • I fixed it so both Ragnar and Ada could take something like being shot with arrows and survive, plus Ragnar is basically a berserker, fighting until he dies
    • That was the whole point for him, to be OP, so it would be a better triumph for whoever defeats him (he'll never come back so yeah)
  • If you mean the whole Artemis thing, I'm going with gods aren't like mortals, aren't really effected by the Fates, so I just thought they would need to be told by the Fates what to do sometimes
  • Gods have do it a lot so yeah
  • Yeah, she was already immortal so she was just put into eternal sleep

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  • Eh? But gods usually show visions if the mortal was, well, really important and had to do something to complete their deed.
  • The Fates control gods, too. Except Zeus, but he isn't always an exception tbh
  • Additional question: Ada wouldn't get Ragnar's OP powers, yes?

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  • Both Ada and Ragnar effected a few important things, or in my opinion they did, so you can say they are important
  • I did that it was their plan to talk to Artemis so hope that helps
  • She has all his memories, of will slowly gain them all but it will take just as long as as Ragnar was alive. She has a few of the fighting skills and most of the languages Ragnar learnt but that’s it

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