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Name: Adan Lusk

Names Meaning: Adan in Hebrew, and Spanish means Man, and Lusk is means Cave in Gaelic.

Age: 14

God parent:Cybele (first choice), Persephone, Lyssa (last choice)

Mortal Parent: Dulio Capitani

Gender: Male

Appearance: Adan stands at 5.6 feet tall, and weighs 115 pounds. He  has short brown hair, and hazel eyes. Adam shoe size is 10, and he has a slender body frame. Adam also has a birthmark on his back.

Personality:Adan is has a very quiet, and relaxed personality, where there is very little that can get him upset. He is very kind, faithful, and observant man. In most situation he can usually stay level head, and never lets his emotions get in the way of making an critical decision. Adan does have an odd personality quirk where  he bits the bottom of his lips whenever he is in deep thought.

Fatal Flaw:Adan fatal flaw is that he is really stubborn, where once he makes a decision of about something. Adam usually follows through, no matter where that decision may lead.

History: Before Adan was born a man named Dulio Capitani was attending a small Going Away Party in a  bar in San Diego, California. Dulio was having a great time when he spotted a beautiful woman at the bar. He noticed the woman looked sad and was heavily drinking. While he was checking her out, he began to notice that she was taking out the keys to what he assumed to be her car and  heading toward the exit. Dulio assumed that  she was about to drive under the influence and desperately tried to intervene. The woman; who in actually was the goddess (insert name of goddess), felt angry as the man undermine her ability. (Insert name of goddess) knew she wasn't drunk and that god did have a higher alcohol intake than humans, and should be feeling insulted, but for some strange reason she wasn't. In fact (Insert name of Goddess) did find Dulio to be handsome, and found his worrying about her safety endearing. So she agreed to take a taxi back to where she was staying, but only  if he shared with her. Dulio agreed and left the party with her.

They spend the entire night in each arms, and in the morning they parted ways. Nine months later (insert name of goddess) gave birth to wonderful baby boy, and she was about ready to leave him with his father when she learned that Dulio had died 3 months before her son was born. As it turns out Dulio was apart Marine Corp, and while he was away on a mission he was gunned down by enemy fire. Although (insert Name of Goddess) was sad to hear about Dulio's death she didn't dwell on it, since she now had to figure out where to leave Adan. Since she knew that Gods couldn't raise there demigod children, she decided abandoned her son in a hospital in hospital in North Carolina.

Shortly after Adan was abandoned by (insert name of goddess), he was immediately entered into the foster system. Adan spent 3 years in the system, until he was finally adopted by couple in Climax, North Carolina. Throughout Adan's childhood his adopted parents did treat, and loved him as if he were their own son. It was because of this that Adan's did develop a strong bond with them. Although Adan's life at home was a perfect, his life at school was a nightmare. First of all  Adan has two learning disorders which are; ADHD and dyslexia, unfortunately he wasn't diagnosed with them until he was 13. Which meant for a long time Adan did struggle with reading and writing, and later when he went to middle school he also struggled with algebra and per-algebra as well. Outside of classroom, Adan barely any friends, and though he did get along with he would consider them to be acquaintances instead of friends. Since majority of his peers though he was the weird quiet kid in the back the room, and would often avoid him. There were days when Adan did feel lonely, and would often come home upset. No matter how much his parents tried to comfort him, and tried to let him know that he wasn't alone they couldn't help feels better. It was on though days where he wished that he were somewhere or anywhere else that wasn't Climax, and unfortunately he would soon get his wish.

On a normal sunny sunny day while Adan was eating lunch in the back of the school, a winged monster grabbed Adan using her talons. Adan was freaked especially when the winged monster was about to fly away with him, when the winged creature was attacked from behind. Since the creature was in pain she had given Adan the opportunity to be able to escape from her grasp. For the first time Adan finally was able to get a good look at the creature, he was that creature looked like woman except for the fact that it had wings, and talons for feet. It was then that Adan realized that he was staring at harpy, and he instantly began to run away, but he was stopped by satyr. As it turns out the satyr was in the area looking for demigods, when he noticed the harpy was heading in the direction of school, and that it was the satyr who attacked harpy. Adan would later learn this information after the harpy is defeated, but during the fight on the other hand the satyr yells at Adan to "Grow some" at the same time is  handing him a warhammer, and basically forces Adan to help  him defeat the harpy.

Eventually, much to Adan's dismay the two do defeat the harpy, and then began to explain to young demigod all about the camp, and that he is a demigod. When Adan first hears all this, he was completely convinced that the satyr was mad, but eventually he did believe the satyr. Once that happen Adan was getting excited, and looking forward to going to the camp, it was at that moment of excitement when he remember his parents. Adan realized that in order to go to the camp he would have to leave his parents behind. He was in turmoil, he wanted to go to the camp, but he didn't want to leave his parents. The satyr recognizing his internal struggle, based on previous experience with other demigods, he explained to Adan that although the Harpy is dead that she isn't the only monster out there. If though other monster decide to try to kill or fight him there a good chance his parents will be hurt or killed because of it. It was then that Adan decided to go with the satyr to camp half-blood. After he informed the satyr that he was going with him, both he and satyr went back home and quickly gathered some belonging together.  Once they had finished packing they were going to leave, but  not before write a note to his parents explaining everything  to him. He took one last look around his childhood home, before walking through the doors for the last time.   The two spend the next two days riding on bus, before he finally  arrived at the camp where he was claimed by his mother.

Weapons & Possessions:

  • Warhammer (the Warhammer is made from Celestial Bronze, and it is able to transform into a watch.)


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