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Name: Addysin Myung

Age: 18

Mortal Parent: Victoria Myung

God/Titan: Thanatos

Appearance (optional): 

  • Model: Go Sang Gil

Personality (at least a sentence or two):  Addysin is a very silent and cut off person. There is really no particular reason for his behavior, this has just always been his nature. He doesn't enjoy talking, so often communicates through writing or sign language. Ironically, he has a wonderful singing voice and loves to sing. If the person he's "talking" to wants him to use his voice, he'll most likely sing in response but never talk. He only talks to close friends, siblings, and significant others/boyfriends/girlfriends. To help him communicate with those who don't know sign language and don't mind his tendency not to speak, he carries around a note pad that he either draws and writes in, or he uses it to talk with other campers.

If there is one thing people could complain about but still love, is how naive and trusting Addysin is. In some cases, this isn't necessarily a bad thing but can be if he doesn't make the right choices. He believes everyone deserves as many chances as they make mistakes and is willing to take anyone under his wing if they have good intentions. He will keep an eye on them though. He is a very trusting person, especially to demigods. According to his friend Hana, he tends to be "that one person you never expected to help but don't complain nonetheless because you really need the help". He enjoys helping people in anyway, even if the person he's helping doesn't know he's helping them. To be honest, he actual likes to help in secret. He'd rather enjoy the feeling he gets when he's successfully helped someone than the gratitude he receives.

Addysin doesn't care a lot about his appearance, hence to his long hair. He generally enjoys wearing glasses even if he doesn't need them. He is also often seen wearing dark clothing, but this for really no reason. He also loves wearing sweaters, even in the summer time. Along with his careless appearance, he usually has a disinterested expression on his face all the time, even if he doesn't feel that way. He doesn't express his feelings through his face, instead he pours it into his singing, writing, and sometimes his drawings. Besides his blank face, he does smile every once awhile. This only happens around Hana although, but this could possibly change. When he's angry, he is very calm and does not physically show it. Although, you can tell if he's angry if he shows signs of grumpiness or is easily annoyed. Strangely, he isn't very easy to trigger. In fact he rarely ever gets angry without an extremely good reason to.

History (more than a paragraph): Being the god of Death, Thanatos had to collect souls and send them to the Underworld. You'd think this job would require much focus and it probably does. But as a god, he could be in multiple places at once. Somewhere in Iceland he could be collecting souls, and somewhere in the US he could be attending a party. In fact, he was just now attending a party. After a rough conflict between him and a minor god, he had headed to a late night party for a modeling industry with the intention of relieving stress. Unfortunately for a random model by the name of Victoria Myung, he relieved his stress in some interesting ways.

Victoria Myung—a twenty two year old Korean-American model—later discovered she was pregnant a month after her Agency's celebration party for their success of helping a newbie designer sell thousands of dresses from their line. As a young model, she still had a contract signed with the Agency for a couple more years, so this news had extremely damaged her vision for the future. Now she was going to have to take care of a child, get her body back into shape after the mandatory two months she would be allowed to stay at home for before she had to begin working again, and figure out how to take care of her child whilst avoiding neglecting them.

On December 21st in San Diego, Victoira gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she named Addysin Jimin Myung. Addysin was his American name, and Jimin was his Korean name but was used as his middle name. Originally, Victoria had planned to have a nanny take care of Addysin while she was at work, but during the two months she stayed home with the boy, he began to grow on her. Now she pretty much brought him everywhere with her, and it wasn't for public image. When she wasn't working, she was playing with the infant, rocking him to sleep, and feeding him milk. As Addysin grew, it was evident he was perfect modeling material, so Victoria's Agency requested to have him start modeling at the age of 8. She was a bit skeptical about this and didn't want to ruin his childhood by having him start work right off the bat, but eventually she agreed.

It was soon clear Addysin didn't smile much. Victoria found this strange. He used to giggle so much as a baby, why didn't he smile? Nonetheless, she said nothing. She also noticed he didn't really talk to anyone besides her. At the age of six, he had told her he wanted to learn sign language so she had a private tutor teach him. For the fun of it, she also began learning sign language alongside her son. Now they could talk in secret, or when Addysin didn't feel like talking. When Addysin finally started modeling, the Agency's suspicions were correct. He turned to out to be fantastic modeling material, the company was pulling in tons of money now.

Around 11, just as Addysin had hit puberty, he had his first monster attack. While waiting to begin a photo shoot, a dog had some how gone loose on the floor of the building he was in. The monster known as a hellhound had been able to sniff Addysin out very quickly and soon Addysin was backed into the wall with wide eyes. The hellhound lunged at him, successfully tearing his shirt before the young boy had ducked out the way. The monster's claws had deeply scraped into his side, as a result he began to bleed. Clutching his side, he carefully inched away from the dog, hoping it wouldn't pounce.

A minute later and Addysin would've been dog food if the photographer—who was a daughter of Apollo—hadn't appeared. The photographer had actually been hunting the dog earlier, that's why she had been late for the shoot. When she lost track of the hellhound, she headed back to the building. She was both shocked and grateful to find the monster here, and as a trained demigod she easily slashed it to golden dust. The photographer—Lindsey—helped Addysin to his feet, and feed him a tiny bit of ambrosia to heal his wound. She told him it was chocolate, and not having a reason not to trust this lady, he ate it. The ambrosia definitely tasted like chocolate. It tasted like caramel chocolate with cookies in it... Like a Twix bar. Immediately he felt a rush of energy course through him, and the pain in his side subsided.

Later Lindsey returned Addysin to his mother and explained the situation, assuming Addysin's god parent would've sent her a message about her child's future by now. However Victoria had no idea and was thoroughly confused. At first she refused to believe Greek Gods existed and wanted to send Lindsey to an asylum. After a bit more explaining, she finally accepted it. Apparently she had to take him to this place up in New York called "Camp Half-Blood". When she was told mortals were not allowed in Camp, she almost changed her mind when allowing Addysin to be sent there, but worried more about her son's well being then hers and said yes. She requested to have at least six more years with him, Lindsey obliged even though she warned Victoria against it.

For Victoria, those six years passed by quickly. And for Addysin, monsters seemed to be popping out of nowhere more often then he was comfortable with. He tended to encounter harpies, hellhounds, and Myrmekes more often then not. Most of the time, he'd resort to fighting with the sword Lindsey gave him, or he'd just run away until he lost the monster. Victoria began taking large chunks of her break time spending any time with Addysin she could before he had to leave. On the night before the day Addysin would be taking a plane to New York where Lindsey would pick him up and take him to Camp, the two were attacked.

Addysin and his mother had been watching Netflix when the power suddenly went out. Victoria told Addysin to stay put and that she would check the generator. When his mother didn't return after a few minutes, he finally went out to go find her. He was surprised to find his mother trying to fight a hellhound with a hammer and a screwdriver. Just as he was about to step into the fight, the hellhound turned around and lunged at him. Victoria dropped the tools and ran to her son in attempt to try and save him. Before Addysin could even move, the hellhound had sunk it's claws into his mother and tossed her to the side. His mother cried out in agony as she hit the ground, her blood spilled upon the floor. Even in pain, she pulled herself up and faced the monster again.

She told Addysin to run, to save himself and get to the airport, get to New York. But Addysin was rooted to his spot in silent agony, forced to watch as his mother threw herself at the monster again. This time the monster opened its jaws and sunk its teeth into her stomach. The cry of pain that his mother screeched was enough to finally snap him out of his stance. He took a clip from his pocket unpinned it, it immediately turned into a sword. He slashed the hellhound across it's back and watched it turned to golden sand before he knelt besides his mother. He shook her frantically, screaming at her to wake up, not to leave him. Not able to do anything, he watched the lights dim in her eyes before they were finally out.

Tears, something he would never shed, rolled down his cheeks as he cradled his dead mother in his arms. He buried his head into her neck as sobs racked his body. In his final sob he called for called for his mother, using the nickname "Mommy" in which he hadn't used in years. After he had finally calmed down, he headed back upstairs knowing he needed to leave for the airport now.

Addysin packed a few bags and aware of the danger of electronics because Lindsey told him, brought none with him. He also took a shower, changed his clothes, and threw out the blood stained ones. He kept his sword—now in clip form—by his side, took all the emergency cash from the large safe his mother had told him about, and hailed a taxi. The taxi driver tended to ask him many questions, but he responded to none of them. Once the driver pulled up at the airport, he handed him some money, collected his belongings, and stepped out of the taxi. He now realized he had an issue as he stared at the doors of the airport entrance. How was he supposed to check in without an adult? His mother was supposed to come with him but she's... dead.

Nearby a father was arguing with his daughter, and Addysin turned his head towards their direction to observe the situation. Maybe if he helped them the man would help him? He made his way over to them and waited, not wanting to interrupt their conversation. He could also use this to help him in the long run.

From what he could pick up from where he stood, the father and daughter were arguing about whether or not her father should come with her, which he didn't necessarily understand until he took in the thought that the girl could also be what Lindsey called "demigods". If she was a demigod, maybe he could travel with her? He was sure they would understand. Addysin fished a notepad out of his messenger bag and almost took out the pencil in his pocket. He quickly wrote down Can you help me? in neat cursive before walking over to them.

He tapped the man on the shoulder and showed him the note once he turned his head. The man scanned the paper in a matter of seconds before he asked exactly what was wrong and why he couldn't talk. Addysin explained in a short written paragraph about his predicament but did not reveal he was a demigod, instead replacing it with "special person". He also wrote down that he did not like to talk and usually spoke through sign language. The girl crossed her arms at she studied the silent conversation between the two, also taking time to study the newcomer.

Addysin noticed her staring and glanced at her with the slight incline of his head. He held her gaze until her father began talking again. The man questioned his daughter in a strange way, throwing out hints that Addysin eventually picked up. He quickly scribbled, I'm a demigod too... Please sir, can you help me?

He waited for them to finish and before he could show the man his note, the man gestured for him to follow them and they began walking. The process to get all of them checked it was very troublesome. Because Addysin was supposed to be flying as an unaccompanied minor, it took extreme persuasion (and lots of money) to finally get them to switch around the information on his ticket, and by the time that was done they had missed their flight so they had to catch another one several hours later into the day. Finally the three of them were boarding the plane, and by that time they had all introduced themselves. The man's name was Karl, and his daughter's name was Hana. Hana's mother—who Addysin later learned was Hecate—had left after she had gotten pregnant, and then returned nine months later to give Karl, Hana.

A couple of hours later the plane stopped in Chicago, Illinois, and in between that flight and their next one they had two hours, so the three decided to go out for late night dinner. The decided to walk to a nearby diner which wasn't more then a mile away from the airport, but first took the metro into the city. On the way they ran into a girl around Hana's age. She told them her name was Olive and that she was lost. For a fourteen year old, her speech was not very good. In fact in Addysin's mind, her mental age was five.

Karl decided to take Olive along with them to the diner, buy her some food and then with the remaining time they had maybe buy her some supplies and find her a foster home. Hana had quickly warmed up to the girl and started a conversation with her that Addysin observed from afar. He wasn't too eager to find out every bit of this girl's life. After eating dinner, they all waited for a cab, but with the strong scent of two demigods, it wasn't long before a monster showed up.

A cab pulled up to them, and the unsuspecting three climbed in. The two girls continued chatting, Karl looked over their tickets, and Addysin mindlessly starred out the window. Suddenly the car halted in front of alleyway, and when Karl looked up, he spotted a Scythian Dracanae instead of the cab driver. Karl was frozen in his seat, as the Dracanae spoke, but Hana and Olive (who was also a demigod, but this was unknown to the others at this point) immediately rammed the door open and climbed out of the car.

Addysin who had trained himself to block noise out when he wanted to be left alone, wasn't particularly aware of what was happening until Hana opened the car door that he had been leaning on. He tumbled out of his seat and hit the pavement. He let out a groan of pain—the first actual sound he had made around any of them—and got up. He then noticed the actual issue going on. He drew his sword from his pocket, while Olive watched in shock. Hana removed her hairband from her hair, her ponytail falling loose around her shoulders.

She snapped the band and it transformed into an axe. The Dracanae slithered out of the cab, holding a spear. It charged at Hana who slipped out of the way, and was able to land a decent sized cut on the monster. Harnessing magical energy, she blasted it in the back just as Addysin took a swing at its neck. Seconds later, a pile of golden dust was blowing away in the wind. Hana bent over for a second to catch her breath before remembering Olive. She turned around when Addysin pulled her to the side as an arrow whizzed past her head. Hana exclaimed in perplexity when she saw Olive holding a bow, a quiver of arrows slung over her back.

In one hand she held a bow, and in the other a wad of what Addysin estimated to be 200 dollars. Then she disappeared down the alleyway before the two could go after her. Hana growled in frustration as she got to her feet. Addysin went to go check on Karl, who was good for the most part, just still a bit in shock. When Karl checked his wallet, he discovered Olive had taken almost but all of his money, but at least he still had credit cards so he'd be fine. The three of them walked to the nearest bus station and waited for a bus that would take them to the metro station. Once there they took a metro back to the airport and waited for the next plane.

Hours later, the three arrived in New York City, and took another cab to the apartment Karl purchased. Karl invited Addysin to live with him until they could locate the location of Camp, and he agreed. The apartment had three bedrooms, so each of them had their own. After a week or two, the moving truck came and they unloaded the stuff into the room. Later that week everything was set in order, and the last thing to do was enroll them into school. Hana insisted that they be home-schooled, and Addysin supported her so Karl agreed.

After searching the state of New York for a year, they finally found Camp Half-Blood with the help of a saytr. Hours later after stepping past Camp's borderline, Addysin was claimed as a son of Thanatos.

Weapon(s) (optional): Celestial Bronze Sword that Lindsey gave him

Signature image "Chase me, catch me if you can... Chase me, yes, find me..."


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