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Name: Adela Isabella Maria Cardoso

Age: 18

God/Titan Parent: Apollo or Plutus

Mortal Parent:Maria Anita Cardoso

Appearance (optional):Black hair, dark tan skin, dark eyes. Thin about 5'7"

Personality (at least a sentence or two): Adela Isabella Maria Cardoso is a bitch. She knows it and she does not care. Adela is always at the top of her game and wants to be better than every bitch out there. Think Santana Lopez meets Sharpay Evans. She wants to shine and she doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. She can read a bitch to filth or build on back up, but only ever to tear her down again. She's not an unfeeling sociopath or anything, she's just sadistic. She enjoys to make other people hurt, emotionally, but her goals always come first. If she gets to hurt someone to accomplish her goals, all the better. Adela knows she is hot shit and she doesn't care who thinks otherwise because they are probably ugly anyways. She isn't all talk though, if she needs to Adela will cut a bitch. She is from Washington Heights and if you cross her you better believe you know what'll happen: "COSAS MALAS".

History (at least two paragraphs):Adela grew up with her mom, Maria Anita Cardoso and her abuela, Isabella Consuela Cardoso, for whom she is named. Her family had lived in Washington Heights, New York since before Adela was born. When Maria was 16, she met Apollo. He found her singing in a Night Club and she told him of her dreams to be famous. He promised her the world, but after one night, he was never to be seen again. Maria was sad, but ultimately okay. She was a tough girl and wasn't going to rely on any man anyways. Then she found out she was pregnant. Since she still lived with her conservative mother, Isabella, there was no way she could hide this from her. When she found out, the two almost never spoke again. Then, Adela was born and the two women rekindled their relationship over their shared love of the little girl.

As such, Adela grew up cared for by both her somewhat flighty mother and her overly strict grandmother. This didn't last however. When Adela was 11, her grandmother and her wandered into a Cyclop's lair while taking a walk through the woods in upstate New York. Her grandmother died protecting Adela, which allowed Adela the time to escape. She was lost in the woods for a couple days, with only the supplies she and her grandmother had brought to sustain her. Then a satyr found her in the forest. At the time, she thought it was another monster, but he tried to explain everything to her. The police arrived and chased him off and Adela didn't see him again for many years. Unfortunately for Maria and Adela, Apollo had not told Maria about Camp Half-Blood or his true nature. Adela had no explanation for what happened and neither did Maria. Over the years, things like that kept happening. A snake woman in a subway car, a giant dog in the streets of Manhattan, but everytime Adela barely escaped and no one had seen what she had seen. Then her mother met Victor Gonzalez, a rich Manhattanite who had fallen in love with Maria while she sang in a bar. When they moved in with him when she was 17, the attacks stopped. She wasn't sure why, but they did. Victor and her mother had married when Adela was 17 and all was peaceful. Until one day, a man was following her home from school. Adela noticed and started to pick up the pace. It was no use, however, soon she was surrounded by men. They were Laestrygonians and she was as good as dead, but she was saved by a girl wielding a bronze mace. She surprise attacked the four beasts and was able to kill them all before they knew what had hit them. The girl's name was Topaz. She told Adela to go home and pack her things and that she'd been watching her. Topaz told Adela that she had a suspicion she might be a demigod, like her, so she'd been protecting her from afar to make sure. Then Adela noticed the man the girl was travelling with. It was the satyr who had found her in the forest all those years before. He told Adela that he tried to find her again, but found Topaz first and the two of them found her together. Adela listened once the girl had explained everything. To a normal person it would have seemed crazy, but to someone who had seen more monsters than men, she took her at her word. She told her mother everything and had Topaz explain what she couldn't. Her mother wasn't sure at first, but decided to let Adela go to camp with some help from Topaz. The two girls set off and arrived to Camp that very day.

Weapon(s) (optional):A celestial bronze rapier from Topaz. Disguises as a hairpin.

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