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Name: Adelaide

Age: Appears 16

Species: Sleep Nymph

Personality: Adelaide is generally timid most of the time. She prefers to stay in her own little dream world. When she is needed, she will be there, and she will be reliable and trustworthy. She isn't a very good actor, but, she can be creative, generous, and gentle. When you need a shoulder to cry on, she's your gal. However, she really yearns for a fella who is adventurous, daring, ambitious, and, possibly a little naughty.


History: Adelaide was born to Hypnos and her mother, Mary. They met while Mary's Husband, Frank, was off in World War One, and, Mary, feeling lonely, had a one night stand with Hypnos. Resulting from that, however, was a baby girl born nine months later, named Adelaide. Mary, however, died giving birth to her baby girl, and, so, she was put into a home with other orphaned children, being taken care of by a few ladies who ran the home. 

Since her mother died when she was just a babe, Adelaide never really had anyone. So, she became very timid, and seclude herself from others. Others often teased her for being such a loner, and she became rather sensitive to teasing.

However, when she turned 13, she was attacked by a Hellhound. She, however, was saved by a Nymph and Satyr duo. They were there because they were sent by the Director to find more Demigods. They were able to defeat the Hellhound, and, they got the Grey Sisters' Taxi to take them to Camp. It was there that she got her sword, and, even got her confidence up a bit. They resided there until Adelaide was 16.

Then, an Ares' kid said something insensitive to her, and, she ran away from Camp. As she exited the Camp, she got a few miles away, when she was attacked by a Cyclops. This time, however, she didn't have anyone to help. She tried to fight it off but, her sword was back at Camp, and, as she was panicking, she forgot about her powers. Rather quickly, the Cyclops killed her, leaving her there to rot. However, before she could totally die, her father saved her, turning her into a Sleep Nymph.

He took her back to Mount Olympus to do small tasks he needed done and the ones he found were too small for himself. This continued on, until all the tasks were done and Adelaide got bored. So, he sent her back to Camp.

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Who helped her survive up to 13 if her mother died giving birth to her? Where did the satyr and the nymph come from? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Uhm, she was put into a home with other orphaned children, added that. Added that too :3 - 

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