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Name: Adeline Marie Eva Sinclair


Gender: Female

God Parent: Hecate, Lyssa, Nemesis

Species: Demigod

Age: 17

Personality: Adeline is a bit of a assassin. She likes to play the fish and bait trick. She tricks her victims and lures them into whatever she wants. Then she kills them. But unlike some big killers, she takes this into consideration. She doesn't go willy-nilly on who she wants to kill.

Weapons: A pen that turned into a sword when in danger and a axe

Model: Sara Sampaio

Note: Ashlynn is a daughter of Athena A Bit About Lance Lance Sinclair was a artist. He liked to dream of his artwork like magic. He drew beautiful pictures in Portugal, and was one of the best drawers in his country. He loved drawing. It was like his "happy place." He also helped people in art too. He actually worked in an art school in Portugal, where he taught serious artists. How The Parents Met One day, he got a girl named Hecate or Eve that he had to help teach in art lessons. She was beautiful and was very smart. She kind of understood his love for magic and art. Sooner or later, they fell in love. It was kind of love at first sight. They hung out for months, loving each other with every bit of love they could. That's when they did it. She found out they were going to have a child. They spent some time buying stuff for the child. That was until, she disappeared and left the baby on the steps of his house. He realized this was his baby. He didn't know where she went so he was confused. Did he leave her for another? He was a bit sad at it at first and only painted with blue and black but got over it quickly because of work. He then named the child Adeline, as his grandmother was and Eve as the mother of the child was named. He added the "Marie" to it because of his fabulous sister, Marie Sinclair. Her Childhood Adeline grew up as a child who loved ballet. Adeline was always top in ballet. She pretty much hated art although her dad loved it. She loved dancing, it was her only way to have something that she liked. She was the prettiest girl in school, the top, except her best friend, Ashlynn Martin, the 2nd smartest and prettiest girl in school. She was very popular in school because of her dad and could be backstabbing when she wanted to. At age 10, she began having eye visions, but put eye contacts in, hating what glasses did to her nose. She took sword-fighting lessons too, as she loved the edge of when she hit the point of her sword on someone's outfit. Le First Monster Attack @13 She was with Ashlynn and they were going to the movies to see "Mermaids" in the theater. They were walking and saw a hellhound. They both screamed in terror. They didn't know what to do. The hellhound pounced at them both wildly. They yelled and screamed out of their minds. Then, a guy in their school, Eric swooped in and killed it for them in a swoop by kicking one of it's legs, making it off balance then sliding it's sword in it. They jumped up and down happily in their minds, but ran away, scared of what they saw. Le Second Attack @14 Ashlynn and her were talking about that crazy attack in the empty park. Ashlynn then told her that she was a demigod. They were also talking about Eric, who was a satyr. Ashlynn told her about Eric and how he was her new boyfriend. Adeline thought it was a joke and laughed. Ashlynn had a silver ring that she told her turned into a axe. Ashlynn then gave her a pen that only turned into a sword in danger. She laughed and told her Wow, this is some funny joke. They then got up for ice cream. They were first in line because no one was there. But then they saw a empousa. They yelled as they had before terrified. But then, Adeline's pen and Ashlynn's ring turned into a sword and a axe. They both used to take sword fighting lessons so they attacked the empousa together. They both got scratches for when they thought they could run behind it but it pounced on them both. Ashlynn and her then thought if Ashlynn stayed in front as bait, Adeline could go behind the empousa and kill it. Ashlynn stayed in front and was twirling the axe. Adeline then ran in and killed it with her sword, golden bursts shot out everywhere. They then ran from the scene. Le Third Attack @15 Adeline was with her dad at an art museum. She was bored out of her mind, and it was almost closing. They were there talking up to the last people who then left. She now kept her pen with her at all times. She was nervous their would be an attack but all went well for now. She didn't tell her dad because then she would have to tell who told her and how she found out and she did NOT want to go there. She then saw a harpy. Her dad was watching as she slashed it and tried to make it die by using her kick-jab as she just started taking practice with Ashlynn. Adeline then had to tell her dad about everything. Her dad was a bit freaked out, but then believed her. They talked about it for a while but then continued their lives after it, as Adeline did not yet know about camp. Le Fourth Attack @16 Adeline was at the beach with Eric and Ashlynn. They were studying greek mythology with books they got from the library. They then saw a Scythian Dracanae. Eric pulled out his sword and Adeline got her pen. Ashlynn then ran and cut it's neck off while Adeline cut it's tail-legs off. Eric helped Adeline by putting it's leg under it making it trip a bit. After it died they sighed and breathed in and out. They then went back to studying, they all remembering the golden sparks of the monster dying. They were all terrified in their minds. Le Fifth Attack @17 The gang and her dad were hanging at the ice cream parlor. Eric and Ashlynn were talking about how they needed to go to camp. They then got Lance to drive them to camp door with Eric blurting out instructions. Eric and Ashlynn were kissing through the whole drive while Adeline was nervous. She didn't know what the people at camp would be like, so she was freaking out. As they ran out the car to see the strawberry fields, they got close to the camp doorway. They then ran in but to see a gorgon. Ashlynn and Adeline ran in no problem but Eric got stoned for trying to kill it for them. As they ran in, Adeline had tears brewing as Eric became one of her best friends. Ashlynn then went back to get stoned, although the gorgon was wounded and only the head was there, Ashlynn looked and was frozen holding Eric's hand.


did you meant for this to be a BC claim? (you have one god parent listed so that's why im assuming)


Fixed. XDD sorry it's not

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Hecate's cabin is currently full and im not sure if it's going to be open anytime soon >.< do you want this on hold until the cabin is open?


sure c:

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Looks good to me

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