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Alex McGregor 93

Name: Adeline Schulten

Birthday: December 8th, 1998

Species: Demigod

Titles: Daughter of Apate; The Cheat of Boston

Gender: Female

God Parent: Apate, Athena, Nike

Current Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Malcus Schulten (Deceased)

Appearance: Although she originally took the appearance of a poor girl wearing tattered clothes from the 1980s, Adeline has renewed herself at camp. Adeline is 5'5", and weighs 112 lbs. She is a light-skinned Caucasian with long, dark hair, and has a grayish-green eyes.

Personality: Adeline is the direct opposite of the meaning of her name. Not exactly a socially active and time taking person, Adeline aims to finish first or get things over with. Luckily she can balance accuracy with speed. When it comes to friends, Adeline isn't the most talkative, however interesting topics can grab ahold of her. She doesn't take things very seriously, and joints of humor often pop up. Nonetheless, she's always focused on the most important objectives, especially when it comes to her favorite hobby, pranks. Adeline often hides feelings unrelated to her focuses unless they do become focuses. She does not care about her looks. Used to a rough life, Adeline continues act like she should only do what is necessary. However, she has learned to spend time in relax, and enjoy life through traditional pranks and humor. In addition, she tries to openly reestablish her crush on her friend Enoch. Adeline is very brave and adaptive, and she has rather great intelligence, but not in academics. On the downside, Adeline is easily offended, and would rather shoot back with wit than be a peacekeeper. However, she is not harmed by embarassment. But this trait along wth others makes up her best strengths: 0% distraction and never giving up. Her pranks can get seriously out-of-hand, getting her into alot of trouble. Adeline has great wit and is very clever. She is also equipped with her famous stare down that makes your gut twist and want to think you just got a bad fortune cookie. Half a decade of life on the streets and training from the demon of trickery has made her ruthless, tough, sly, smart, quick, and highly experienced in the art of thievery and deception. Her physicality are just as deceptive; she is more agile and strong than she looks. In addition, she has a case of ADHD. Moral is, don't mess with the wrong side of this girl.


In 1989, CIA operative and field agent, Malcus Schulten, returns to the US from his Cold War operations in Belarus. Although he is suffering nausea from experiencing various near-death situations, Malcus is successful in providing the assassination of an infamous Soviet official. Malcus ends his international career to live on a pension and work as a community police sheriff, and then turns his focus to the affairs of the US federal government by joining the FBI in 1996. He goes under the command of Idina Akimov (Apate), a FBI field agent leader and former CIA field agent who acted as a double agent on the Russian KGB. Apparently Idina is another of Apate's alter egos. She admires his skill in deception, and Malcus eventually wins the heart of Idina. In the autumn of 1998, Idina iss pregnant to Malcus' demigod daughter, who was eventually born on December 8th that year.

But before Idina, or Apate, must go through the process of leave, Malcus falls by a lead bullet during an aborted operation against an American crime syndicate. Idina has no choice but to give the girl up to an orphanage in Boston. The girl is illegally abandoned by the doorstep of a Massachusetts Foster Care & Adoption foster home. The authorities use a DNA scan to find the girl's parents, discovering she is the daughter of the dead Malcus Schulten, the most likely choice due to his death and closest DNA resemblance. The girl's first name is unknown, so she is named Adeline by the  guardians.

Little Adeline was the exact opposite of a perfect child. She was the practically greatest prankster and troublemaker at her foster home and school; she had so many school suspensions that winter break equaled her time in suspension. Adeline was once expelled from a whole school trimester in 4th grade by dumping wheat powder on all of the kids and the teacher in the classroom while she had prepared an umbrella (It's a long story), and apparently one child was allergic to wheat. Young Adeline eventually got into greater illegal trouble after she was discovered shoplifting at a local supermarket. The truth was that she had started shoplifting in that market months ago by hacking the security sound trigger. She was able to lie and get away from further expense, but she still ran away from her foster home at age 12, before the authorities could confirm the legality information of her actions and take it to court. She was deemed wanted in her hometown of Boston.

For a year Adeline ran through the streets of Boston and survived alone. She was a neighbor of the homeless in the ghettos, and lived in an abandoned tool shed. She used stolen money to buy food, or shoplift food directly. She lived as a petty theft, shoplifter, trickster, and expert liar, not only by heritage but common experience. She used lying as a beggin tactic. For those three years she unintentionally used her powers in action, though she could never notice. When people chased her (to get their stuff back), she could bring the chase to the alleyways, and would inadvertently create illusions to mislead her opponents. She could also open up pickpocketing operations by controlling people's objects, such as causing drink spills or untied shoelaces. Around the age of ten, Adeline befriended a stray American shorthair cat, whom she named Dust. Dust mostly wanders off, but may accompany Adeline at some points. 

At age 13, Adeline gained the attention of a minor street crime gang led by a young man named Devin, who is an expert trickster. Devin is actually a rogue satyr, shunned by his kin and forced to live on the streets. The rest of the gang are rogue spirits, creatures, and nymphs, most drawn together for similar reasons. They often steal from mortals to survive. (However, they do not permit grand theft because they are not supposed to gather much mortal attention)

Devin recognizes the girl's godly side and potential and a similarity to a goddess he looked up to, Apate the trickster. Devin takes Adeline in, believing he should protect the demigod from possible monsters, as her scent has increased during her growth, in exchange for things Adeline steals and helping them survive. Devin gives her a pocket knife with multiple tools, as well as three blades. One blade is regular steel, another is celestial bronze, and the third one, between the other two, can transform into a half steel, half celestial bronze dirk (short sword), if the master wishes it does. εξαπάτηση, or exapatisi, is engraved on the handle, which is Greek for Deception. Devin tutors her in academics as well as techniques in surviving the streets, including self-defense. He also teaches her about Greek mythology through storytelling.

First Monster Encounter: Scythian Dracanae - 13-year-old Adeline wanders through the alleyways to her beggar's home alone at night, along with her cat Dust. But just as she makes the final turns to her home, she is confronted by what appears to be a female police officer accoutered with a nightstick. Dust immediately runs off at the sight of the policewoman. The officer's motorcycle helmet blocks her face, but clearly she is whispering something in a different language. It is Greek, and Adeline is able to distinguish that the officer had murmured with a witch-like voice: "Lunch is ready!" Adeline prepares to make an escape. The police officer lunges toward her. With desperate measures, Adeline tries dodge the attack, but she is grabbed and arm hugged by the neck. Adeline is able to bite down on the officers hand, and yank the motorcycle keys off the officer's belt while the officer howled in pain. Adeline heads straight for the officer's police motorcycle, and right before she takes off, the police officer takes of her helmet to reveal a demonic woman's face. Before she can observe longer, she starts the motorcycle and speeds off. Adeline doesn't give much detail about the incident when explaining to Devin. Devin feels something isn't right, so he tells her to be more careful. Later on, Dust returns to Adeline.

Second Monster Encounter: Harpies - It is 2013, and Adeline is now age 14. Lost in an urban community along with her accomplice and best friend, Enoch, a nymph. Adeline is asking for directions, and comes across a nice woman on her iPhone. She doesn't know that this woman is a Harpy, posing with an iPhone, as an iPhone comes with a GPS. Adeline and Enoch ask the woman for directions to the subway station, and searching on his iPhone, the "woman" gives them directions; false directions, that will lead them to a trap. As Adeline and Enoch walk toward the given destination, the Harpy continues to "call some friends." At the given destination, Enoch and Adeline are confused, wondering if the directions were wrong, and soon Harpies disguised as the former woman and three other female "friends." They all sprout hawk wings, bewildering Adeline. Enoch tells Adeline to run, and she does, and while looking back, she sees Enoch, who is carrying a medieval-style sword and seems to be hacking at the Harpies. After running until she cannot go farther, Adeline faints.

Adeline wakes up in a jail cell, where a policewoman is guarding. The woman turns around, baring blood-ridden teeth, and a face with a deep gash on its cheek. She then sprouts wings; the same Harpy from before. Adeline is disgusted, confused, and scared, but courage grabs ahold of her like a doll and pulls the pin to speak. Adeline uses the Brer Rabbit vs. Brer Fox approach to get out of the situation. She tricks the harpy into calling "her dad," who is actually Devin. Devin arrives, and kills the Dracaenae with a celestial bronze bullet-loaded handgun. They escape the police station, but engage in a police chase. They are able to lose the authorities and take refuge in a warehouse. Devin explains how everything about Greek mythology is real, as well as what he knows about her mother Apate. He reveals his true satyr form. He also explains her weapon and its powers.

The next morning, Adeline is woken up on a bus. Devin tells her to get off and go take the a train to New York. He tells Adeline to ride to the New York Long Island Sound station where a tattered taxi colored in gray can take her to sanctuary.

Adeline gets on the train, but she is followed by a two of the original four Harpies, all battle-torn, they try to reach her through the train-car doors at the last minute, and one Harpy gets in, but with enough force to bring it reeling to the ground. The other gets its arm caught in the closing door, and Adeline proceeds to stab it in the arm with her celestial bronze pocket blade. It hollers with pain, and Adeline pries open the door, kicking the harpy so that it slips of the train. The second Harpy is still on the ground, struggling to get up. The nearby passengers scramble out of the train-car into another car. Meanwhile, the Harpy tackles Adeline to the ground. Adeline is able to push it away, and the Harpy begins to attack her from the air. Adeline is able to dodge it long enough for her to reach the car door, and she pries it open. Taunting the harpy, the harpy, in anger, charges at her. At the right moment, Adeline let's go of the door, and it shuts right on the Harpy's neck, breaking its neck and turning it into dust. Once the train gets to the Long Island port station, Adeline speeds off, but the injured Harpy, the one with its arm stabbed, had stayed on the roof of the train all along, and it chases Adeline. She finds the taxi, one specifically colored in gray as Devin had explained, only to find three abnormal old ladies in the car. Because of the "one-at-a-time" rule, the Harpy is stopped by the driver ladies, and is unable to reach her, much to Adeline's contentment. The ladies speed of at an abnormal speed, and soon enough Adeline finds out the drivers are the physically demented Gray Sisters. Adeline is able to maintain calmness in the taxi (barely), which brings her to the small town outside of the woodland sanctuary. After exiting the taxi, Adeline stumbles across the sidewalk, vomits, and falls unconcious.

The following day, Aveline wakes up on her bed in the Infirmary. A cup with honey-like liquid in it had a stickie-note stuck to it saying "Drink Me," and a large box with holes punctured in it labeled "Open Me" is on the nearby table. In the box is her cat, Dust, sleeping, a can of cat food, and a letter from Devin. In the letter, Devin tells her about camp, tells her about how he can't visit because of "family problems," and also tells her that Enoch is alive and well. After reading the letter, she gets up to leave, and enters the beyond.


εξαπάτηση - Deception: Originally belonging to the satyr, Devin (who probably stole it), Deception, takes the form of a pocket knife. The bottom row includes a professional lock picker, a magic corkscrew that can open any container, and a magic pen that can forge any signature in mind once it touches paper. On the other row, it includes three blades: a steel knife, a celestial bronze knife, and a half steel, half-celestial bronze knife that can change in a dirk, or short sword, at master's will.

Dust - Cat; American Tabby Shorthair - Adeline's tomcat and companion.

Fighting Skills: Adeline has learned advanced self defense skills since her training with Devin at age 12. She also has skill in fighting with short blades, generally favoring light weapons that can easily be handled with great accuracy as well as speed than heavier weapons. She also has an expertise on weak physicality pinpoints. She has also learned how to fire a handgun, but never used one outside of training. On the downside, it is hard for her to use her powers at will.


Apate: Adeline never showed caring for her abandonment by her mother.

Devin: Devin's analogy to Adeline is an older brother to a younger sister. Adeline always looked up to him.  

Enoch: Enoch is a nymph and Adeline's crush.


Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

Okay I changed it so that she is alone for a year starting at age 10 and joins the gang of thieving demons at 11.

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

Question about Enoch... I'm planning on making a charpage for Enoch. He is a partially human and partially demon ("daemon" in Greece); specifically for guilt. Would he count as a nymph? Should I model him with the same system for nymphs? Are demons/nymphs allowed to date demigods? Are demons, specifically Greek ones, sexual? I did my research on "daemons," and according to Wikipedia, Greek philosopher and spiritualist, Plato, literarily claimed daemons bear the powers of gods. In Roman works, daemons are claimed immortal. Would that mean Enoch is a demigod? Can I create him? Please answer in detail. Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

Why would Apate the greek goddess of deceit, fraud, and deception be working for the CIA? A sword swallower through and through. ~ Gruff Tyrell Rose 08:20, August 2, 2014 (UTC)

To answer your question, she was acting as a KGB (Soviet) agent in the 1980s, but is actually a CIA sleeper agent. Basically she's using deception, fraud, and trickery on Soviet Russia. She transferred to the FBI to do the same thing, only against growing criminals during the late-1980s such as the American Mafia and various other gangs and syndicates. Sleeper agents join the enemy in the form of an alter ego, without them knowing she works for the authority or their enemy. Their job is to spy on them from the inside, mapping/describing territory in secret bases and etc, tricking enemies to give up more information, swindling certain items, assassinating them, and/or using deception to lead them into traps and such. I'm pretty sure Apate would find that as a fun job, although she may be a little rebellious 'cause you wouldn't expect a goddess to take orders from the US President or Head Marshall of War. 

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

Okay, so I did a little more research. All information originates from the Greeks. So Plato wrote that daemons are between divine (god-like), and mortal (human). They are not half-bloods, but there powers are basically like god powers but half as strong. And according to the Greek priestess Diotima and her pupil Socrates, they also represent principles shared between gods and humans, such as love, guilt, murder, happiness, loyalty, disloyalty, pain, etc. There's is supposedly a daemon for each principle. Like gods and demons, they are sexual. The Hellenistic Greeks, like Socrates, stated they were created from souls from the Underworld. A daemon is technically immortal, because when they die, the soul remains, and can be used to create another daemon representing the same principle, kinda like a reincarnation. And yes, they are sexual, and can have children with both gods, monsters, humans, and other demons. So Enoch could either be born from demons, even be a half-blood, or be a reincarnation of the demon of guilt, Enochi.

So the problem is, their is no cabin for demons, and the wiki doesn't exactly have anything about them. How would you handle this new topic?

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

I don't think a 9 year old girl can take care of herself on the streets (a bit too young). Usually, if a demigod runs away from home and tries to take care of themselves, they have to be at least 13/14 years old.

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

Can I try at least 10 then? Doing some research, a regular child could survive years on theft money. There plenty of cases, especially one in Italy. In Rome, an infamous child/teen was recorded to have lived 6 years alone as a petty theft and beggar since age 9. With demigod powers, I would expect Adeline to survive a max of 2 years on the streets of Boston due to having an advantage over those who try to take her captive. I changed meeting Dover/Dolos to at age 11, so if she'd start at age 10 it could work. I would also to expect her to make enough money through pickpocketing, as a skilled pickpocket can make almost as much as an armed robber, do it more often, and without people noticing. Usually people carry money from between 10 to 100 $s in a wallet. 100 dollars can feed her 33 regular meals. Cut rations down and you can still practically survive. You can also get all the water you need at public water fountains. 

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

In New England (North East US), the average skilled pickpocket makes an average of around $15,869 per year,  around $304 per week, and  around $42 per day. This is according to several crime reports.

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

i'd say shoot for 13/14 just to be on the safe side.

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

I know your trying to stick to realism, but I do have evidence for the fact that she could survive at 10. 

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

  • Exactly as you said in your comment, the key word is "could". Just because some people can, does it mean that every person could do so? By your logic, just because there's evidence that there's several people that knows how to ride a motocycle, it would mean that anyone would be able to do so. Like there's also some children that learn to swim at a young age while some learn to swim when they are older, you can't always use evidence to support whether a person is capable of doing something. So unfortunately you need to change your claim accordingly to Pandy's comment.
    • Please try not to be refusing to change something a claim worker brings up (unless you're certain it is false) as it just lengthens the period of time until your claim can be approved.
  • On our wiki daemons (I'm assuming you're talking about the abstract personifications who are knows as daimon/daimona) are considered as minor deities on our wiki and are quite a few are used as godparents for Broken Covenant claims, so no daimons/daimonas can be made as characters nor roleplayed in normal means.
  • Dolos (the spirit (daimon) of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery and guile) is considered as a minor deity and like other gods, he interacts with mortals and have children so he will not be in a gang.
  • Please make sure that all of your god choices are of the same gender, either all males or all females.
  • Cyclopes and Amicoids are categorized under medium on our wiki. They are generally used for quests and if it does attack a demigod, it is a child of a big-three god.
    • Please only choose monsters from those categorized under light.

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---GrieverEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever

May I keep the Cyclops? I was allowed to use a cyclops for my first character, a son of Aeolus. Also, there aren't many other monsters in the encyclopedia that can take the disguise of a male police officer (unless you add the monsters I sent to Brocky). As for the Amicoids, I can change that (to harpy).

I changed the age she left to 12, and she was taken into the gang at 13, so she spent almost one year alone on the streets.

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

  • The only reason the cyclop was allowed to be used for your first claim was because no one brought it up and the someone had claimed it without commenting about it, so unfortunately no.
    • And unless your monsters have been given an absolute approval by an admin and have been added to the monster encyclopedia, they can't be used at the moment.
  • It would do us a huge favor, for our reference kindly link to a page (from any valid sources) about Enoch.
    • You said in one of your previous comments that Enoch is a daemon as well. Dameons (abstract personifications) are considered as minor dieties and will not stay with regular mortals unless it is to have demigod children. Daemons are used as godparents for Broken Covenant claims and are treated as gods/goddesses on our wiki.

|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|---~Kevin---GrieverEven if you end up as the world's enemy, I'll be your knight.Griever

I have changed Enoch's race to a nymph. And I changed Cyclops to Scythian Dracaenae. As for the link, every principle in Greek mythology, is a daemon, including Enoch/guilt. The names of most daemons are shared with the name of the priniciple they represent. Enoch may not be the main name of the daemon of guilt, but it is one of the names. But you don't really have use for this information anymore since I have changed Enoch's race.

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

And also, would you like to have the list of the extra monsters? Other admins have waved them away, but they can at least keep it as a reference. There are many monsters. Several of them are even mentioned in the book series, but the wiki has not used them. 

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

I hope you realize that you listed two out of the three godparent choices that are female and one is male. Know that if you can't have your first choice, you will have to change the whole "Apate" thing to go with the male god.

Morefallinghearts "결국엔 모든 게 어긋나 버렸어"  -The Orbiting StarsMorefallinghearts   

I think their was an edit glitch on my computer or something, so when I changed that it went back to the original. Thx for reminding me though.

  • I doubt that for her first monster attack she would attract two monsters at the same time. It seems a little excessive. Also, it's highly unlikely a (mostly) untrained demigod could escape two monsters. 
  • In the second monster attack, I don't believe harpies would carry weapons unless they were given to them by some over-arching evil presence.
  • Enoch, who is carrying a medieval-style sword and seems to be blasting things at the Harpies - What kind of nymph was Enoch and what was she blasting at the harpies? Also, it's highly unlikely a single nymph would survive an attack from multiple monsters.
  • Again, she does not need to be attacked by multiple monsters within such a short period of time.
  • a secret subway, a project by Hermes built specifically for non-mortals that can take her to any subway station in America in a matter of minutes. The subway is enchanted so that it does not permit violence and therefore she is safe on that special subway. - There is no record of this in the PJO novels, and it does not exist on the wiki, so please remove it from the history.

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

Okay, so I cut out the multiple monsters like you said for the first one. I cut out dracaenae engage for the second. As for the Harpies, don't they hunt in groups? DanChan123 13:27, August 18, 2014 (UTC)

  • Hunting in groups is more of a Stymphalian Bird thing, and I haven't seen anything on the wiki that would suggest otherwise.
  • Do you plan on making any of the characters mentioned in the history? (Devin and Enoch)

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

  • Jason and the Argonauts were attacked by a humongous flock of Harpies in the middle of an ocean. It would be more common to encounter a Harpy in a large city, and being a demigod and nymph together. And generally if I were a harpy, I'd call some friends over to help me cause I won't expect to fight them alone.
  • Devin and Enoch currently reside in Boston, but I guess they could visit (Devin generally won't visit cause the satyrs shunned him). And they may appear in a quest or something. So, maybe? Later?

Aeraki"φάει το σπαθί μου !"   ~DanChan123

When she was twelve, you say she ran away from an orphanage, but the orphanage system has been abolished from America and replaced with the foster care system. Please make the accroding changes. 

User:Bird of Winter/sigcoding2

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