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Name: Aikaterine Aeliana Diamandis

Age: Nineteen (physically)

Mortal Parent: Aeliana Diamandis

God/Titan: Deimos

Appearance (optional):
Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos

Personality (at least a sentence or two): Aikaterine carries herself regally despite occasional childishness but has been known to show malice toward those who oppose her. While she physically looks young, she has had plenty of time to experience the world and the horrors within it that have now hardened her shell. She can sometimes be a handful and tries her keep her cool, knowing full and well that her temper can rival that of a volcano. Due to the lack of affection she received as a child, Kat struggles when it comes to allowing people to get close to her and finds it hard to trust anyone. Having never found time for friends and love, she sort of sucks at the whole thing and often can be compared to the definition of socially awkward in romantic situations.

The only real good side to Kat is that she was literally built and bred to fight and be the perfect warrior and expects no less from herself. After being raised with a very strict set of ideals, Aikaterine has been modified into a sort of robot on the battlefield and can be extremely hard on herself. She often sees herself as a failure and weak, which leads to her need to go above and beyond. She lives and breaths fighting and can't help but feel a rush of adrenaline every time she uses her abilities to terrify her enemies.

To strangers, Aikaterine comes off as sort of dead inside and unsympathetic, which is generally pretty true. She has a short fuse and can be extremely hard to get along with. While she never envisions herself having family or a normal life of her own, Kat still relishes in the occasional modern-day pleasantries. She runs on sex, liquor and anything that can really keep her adrenaline pumping long enough to feed her addiction.

History (more than a paragraph):
Aeliana was a gifted Roman singer who was born into a poor village with absolutely nothing to her name and no family left surviving after the harsh reality of death, disease and hunger that swept through the countryside. Her songs of sorrow caught the ears of Deimos, who impersonated a Roman soldier just to get the chance to meet her. Aeliana's interest in the man grew until they both found themselves infatuated with one another and her winding up pregnant with his child. He vanished frequently, often due to the war that was raging across the nation but she thought so little of it that it became the norm to not have him around. When she went into labor, Deimos showed one last time to meet his daughter. Aikaterine was the spitting image of her father but had an abundant mix of gentle features from her adoring mother and the infant melted the god's heart. Deimos shattered Aeliana's world that night when he revealed himself and found nothing but hatred that remained, the love she had once felt burned to the ground.

Aeliana raised Aikaterine alone with the small income she made from singing in the market and tried her best to provide everything for her child. Having caught the disease not long after Aikaterine's birth, Aeliana eventually died when she was only four years old. Deimos stepped in once more and placed the child under the protection of an older son, Cyrus Diamandis and thus forth was raised to be a warrior from toddler-hood. Cyrus was very strict tutor and set out standards in which the young child had to fulfill, essentially skipping over affection and the love she needed from a guardian. She was six when he finally revealed what she was but that didn't seem to shock her, as he was one as well. Aikaterine looked up to him despite his cold ways and found herself aspiring to be just like him. This oddly led to a very strong dislike for affection and having people get too close. Over the span of her childhood, Aikaterine became a sort of demigod robot thanks to Cyrus.

Just shy of her thirteenth birthday, Aikaterine experienced her first-hand monster attack when a handful of Myremekes attacked Cyrus and she joined in on the fight. With the help of Cyrus' hammer, they managed to subdue the pack of Myemekes together. From then on, Cyrus believed in her competence as a demigod and revealed the location of a camp that would be willing to accept her if she felt the need to go. While curious about Camp Half-Blood, she declined his offer and remained by his side for nearly four years. When she was seventeen, Aikaterine received a dream from her father in which instructed both her and her older brother to find Alexander the Great as soon as possible and if they left in the morning, they would arrive on time to participate in the Battle of Gaugamela. Both children were auctioned off as props to Alexander's disposal, all thanks to a sacrifice he was planning to make to their father.

Aikaterine and Cyrus, true to what Deimos said, arrived the night before the battle and mere hours after Alexander made a sacrifice to their father. It was like Deimos had eyes everywhere. Alexander the Great welcomed them as a gift from the god and prepared them for the battle with intricate plans and positions and while heavily outnumbered, they emerged entirely victorious from an extremely lengthy battle. Sadly, Cyrus lost his life on the battlefield and in honor of her mentor and guardian, Kat used his surname from then on. They celebrated the victory of Gaugamela for nearly three days in which the daughter of Deimos learned that Alexander the Great had plans to seek out the fabled Fountain of Youth and eventually asked if she could join. According to present day legends, they never found it but the fountain of youth really did exist and Aikaterine was blessed with the gift of drinking the water that would render her eternally youthful.

Alexander and Aikaterine parted ways and she began to travel the world, spending time in many corners of the globe she would have never fathomed to exist. For centuries, she fought her way through the world and oftentimes popped up in history throughout the ages under different aliases. Eventually, the demigod found herself a satyr companion that defected from camp merely three years prior. Ironically enough, it was that same satyr that ended up leading Aikaterine back to Camp Half-Blood within the year. The journey to Camp Half-Blood was generally pretty uneventful up until they were attacked by a manticore. With her experience and the help from the saytr, the managed to defeat the monster and make their way safely to Camp, where Aikaterine has now learned that Alexander the Great currently resides. Excited to see an old friend, Kat has no intentions on leaving anytime soon.

Weapon(s) (optional): She wields a special celestial bronze sword that can extend into a spear, developed by herself.

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