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Name: Aiko Tsutsugami

Age: 15

God Parent: Eros/Hypnos/Morpheus

Mortal Parent: Inori Tsutsugami

Appearance: Long brown hair and dark brown eyes frame up her petite face. She has an elegant stature and stands at 5'3.

Personality: Aiko's a sweet, energetically-creative sort of girl, though a little clumsy and forgetful. She has an open mind and a slight sense of humor. She's very realistic and tries to see a creative way of solving problems. There can be times when she gets depressed and a little out of hand, but she will eventually relax and try to find a piece of mind. She's a tired soul and in her spare time, or whenever, she sleeps.

History: A long time back, in 1960, I think? Yeah, in Japan, a woman named Inori Tsutsugami was mourning over the death of her husband, Aro Tsutsugami, whom had caught a terrible fever not long ago. After another long while, Inori had mostly forgotten her former husband and met _____. They felt attracted to each other, and not long afterwards, Eros slept with her. Then many months later again Aiko was born. _____ had disappeared since then.

Aiko's life with Inori was peaceful at first, she was happy and Inori loved her an any loving mother would. But then life took a change when Aiko reached the age 12. She was at the playground near her house, and she was thinking as if nothing could disturb her. She heard a crash, and then a howl. Finally, she saw the shadow of a big dog... a very big dog. A hellhound to be exact.

Aiko panicked, and it pounced at her, but then she heard a twang, and the hellhound was soon left to nothing but dust. Afterwards she saw two people running towards her. But she ran away immediately back to her house before they could catch up to her. Aiko tried to forget this incident that had occurred as desperately as she could since.

Another three years passed, Aiko had just turned 15. As she was walking with her mother back home after some grocery shopping, an empousa dropped by and attacked them. As she was about to pounce at Aiko, Inori knocked her away, saving Aiko and causing the empousa to kill herself instead. Inori had thought they were just drunkards threatening for money.. Aiko was filled with remorse and terror when she saw her mother's body like that. The empousa grinned and advanced forward at Aiko, but before she even took a swipe.. there was a twang sound, like an arrow. A second later the arrow had hit the empousa in the chest and she crumbled into dust.

Aiko stood shivering and crying, as she saw a pair of girls rushing towards her. They checked her to make sure she was okay, comforted her and explained everything. They told her she was a demigod and all of that. Then they explained to her about themselves, they were the Huntresses of Artemis, whom served the goddess and hunted by her side together. They gave Aiko a request to join them, and after a few seconds of thought Aiko accepted.

Being a hunter of Artemis wasn't so bad, Aiko got the hang of it none so long later. She had managed to get over her mother's death too, though she missed her still. She became quite an adept later on. And for a long time she served Lady Artemis and stayed by her side. One night, after coming back from an errand she had done or Artemis, she was pretty exhausted and knocked out afterwards. Aiko woke up the next day, with a knife right beside her, with a note saying From: Dad. She began to wonder who her dad was, as it was never known.. she also kept the knife since.

By the time of 2013, Aiko decided, she wanted to live on with her life, and she wanted a break from all the dangers she had faced before. She told this to Lady Artemis, that she'd wanted to quit the hunt. Artemis, a little disappointed by Aiko's decision, she said alright, she took away Aiko's immortality. She also said to Aiko that she would always be welcomed to join back the hunt if she wished to. Artemis sent one of her hunters to accompany Aiko back to camp. Where she was claimed by her dad, _____

Weapons: A knife given by her father, _____

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Just wondering, did she ever arrive at camp? And was she officially claimed? Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

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