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Name: Aimee

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Species: Luck Nymph

Appearance: Aimee has long ebony hair and emerald green eyes. She stands at a tall and elegant figure, at 5'6". There is a long scar that goes from her upper beck to her shoulder.

Personality: Aimee's peaceful, she loves the peace and quiet. At times she'd love to gamble with others, secretly. Aimee's gentle and sweet, and very very patient. Though she has a few times when she gets slightly self-centered.

History: Aimee was merely just 16 when she died. How? Long story. She was the daughter of Tyche and a man known as Greg. How Greg and Tyche met is unknown, but they were said to be dating for quite a while, and then Tyche got pregnant with Aimee soon after. Then after Aimee's birth, Tyche disappeared mysteriously. Greg didn't want anything to do with Aimee, so he gave her away to a friend of his, Cedric, whom was secretly a son of Athena, Cedric took care of Aimee like any loving parent would. Aimee's life was pretty peaceful, just the way she liked it.

Aimee was a pretty intelligent student at school, but being dyslexic gave her a lot of struggle. By the time Aimee turned 13, she had developed most of her 'womanly futures', she was very pretty, and attracted a lot of boys. Though Aimee seemed oblivious to most of this.

When Aimee turned 15, she and Cedric had moved to Long Island, pretty near to Camp Half-Blood. By that time.. Aimee started seeing a lot of strange things. Monsters, mainly. But she kept quiet, thinking if she told anybody, they'd think she was crazy. Then by the time her 16th birthday arrived, Cedric took her to a nearby stream to celebrate. Unfortunately, there was also another creature, a cyclops, it had arrived nearby a few minutes later. It attacked both of them, fortunately Cedric survived with his demigod fighting skills and killed the cyclops, but Aimee was killed in the attack. There was a long cut going from her shoulder to her upper neck. Cedric was heart-broken by her death, he cried. Lady Tyche saw everything from above, and took pity on her daughter. With that, she decided to bring her back to life as a Luck nymph. Aimee woke up suddenly with a jolt, Cedric was overjoyed. There was a note on the ground too, Aimee picked it up and read it.

The note said: Aimee was now a luck nymph, her mother, Tyche, had brought her back to life and now she must head towards Camp Half-Blood. Aimee handed the note to Cedric once she finished reading it. Cedric understood, and with that, he took her to camp. Cedric said to her once they reached that she should visit once in awhile and gave her a hug. Aimee promised she will, and then went through the borders. She resided in Camp since then.

Weapons: None

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