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Name: Aisling Zephyr

Age: 18

Personality: Due to her history, she prefers not to be surrounded by large masses of people. When things get too noisy and out of control, it makes her anxious. She occasionally falls into panic attacks when her PTSD is triggered. People approaching her from behind, being swarmed, being interrupted repeatedly, and fast combative like movements are all of her triggers. If you can get close to her, you’ll find she’s very sweet and empathetic creature, who resembles a broken butterfly, shattered and beautiful.  Her timid nature may cause her to be taken advantage of, but considering her paranoia and gift, it’s very hard to do.


Mother:  Psyche

Father: Joshua Zephyr



How They Met:

Joshua was a skeptic on psychics, wicca, palm readings…. He was a man of science. Originally though, Joshua was a very strict Catholic man, though as he grew older he discovered faults in the bible. Though, this upbringing made him have a strong vendetta against anything magic. Joshua’s profession was a writer for The Scientist. He wrote the equivalent of a gossip column.

For his columns, he would go see magician events, palm readers, and mind readers. He would then “debunk them.” The article that made him famous was debunking a young demi god daughter of Psyche. She toured the world, claiming to read minds, and was notoriously famous for her act. Joshua attended one of her shows, volunteered, and wrote a very convincing story on “how she did it.”  He trademarked the phrases: Magician’s Force and Magician’s Choice. These two concepts ruined the demigod’s career.

She prayed to her mother to help her, and in a way, Psyche did. Psyche seduced Joshua and after spending some time with him, she revealed herself to him as a goddess. In shock, Joshua called her a demon, not believing her to be anything but. His reaction offended her, but it had already been after she’d become pregnant with his child.

Some time later, Joshua had a baby Aisling on his door step, from the goddess he called a demon. He wanted to give her away, but something inside compelled him to keep her. Overtime, he grew to love the good-natured baby.

Growing Up:

The whole experience with Psyche caused Joshua to completely revert back to Catholicism. He had no way to debunk his experience and had to simply accept the idea of a God; though not the Greek ones. He also hoped that if Aisling had any demonic spirit in her, it’d be repressed and bound by the church. He put her in catholic school and raised her very strict; making sure she knew psalms and verses off of the top of her head. He was happy to find that his daughter was not only sweet, but also very normal.  Even for a normal child, these traits were difficult to cultivate in New York; even if it was upstate.

It wasn’t until she was 14, that she started seeing things. At first, Joshua prayed that it was simply womanly hormones, but he knew better. When Aisling brought a satyr home, saying the hooved creature had saved her from a hellhound, he knew that the devil had gotten to her. He violently removed the satyr and after a failed exorcist, he sent her to a psychiatric hospital.  Unfortunately, the satyr had lost track of her in the process.

Growing Up Cont.

 The psychiatric hospital was an experience you thought people would stop having in the 1900s. Unfortunately, most loony bins hadn’t changed at all. She was immediately doped up with mood sedatives such as Vicodin. Her father would only visit seasonally and the doctors began to take advantage of that.

Whenever Aisling would beg them to let her go or try to explain she wasn’t safe, she’d receive ice baths. This was to, “Calm her nerves.” Her psychiatrist was mentally manipulative and eventually began physically abusing her sexually, once she grew into her body. It got so bad, that she couldn’t tell who was good and who was bad; everyone wasn’t as manipulative as some.

So many sick and grotesque people around her, did protect her from any more monster attacks. The sedatives making it harder for her to use her powers and thus keeping her aura weak. As she got older though, it became harder to suppress. She’d began accidently using her abilities on people and when she realized, she’d fall into a panic attack. All of her mistreatment had actually drove her to believe she was bad and perhaps a demon like she read in Catholic Church. Antidepressants, antipsychotics, and injected sedative doses began to get doubled. This was at 16.

Getting to Camp:

Every year, she got worse and worse, until she was eventually made to stay in a vegetable like state. Soon though, it became unsafe for her physical health. Luckily, she was 18 at this point and doctors didn’t need her father’s permission for anything. They would lock her in a panic room whenever she got out of hand, instead of wasting medicine on her, and some would take turns taking advantage of the pretty girl. One male in particular had taken a deep interest in her and as soon as he got the chance, he tried to kill her, revealing himself as a cyclops.

Not too long before the monster showed up, a nurse who apparently had experience with the clinically insane, began to check up on her. Her name was Sin and she snuck Aisling a gift, promising to help her escape somehow.Sinclair knew the monster was near and trying to find a way in and when he did, she planned to take advantage. When he got into Aisling’s panic room, Sinclair notified security of an intruder trying to break a patient out. While they couldn’t kill him, they did slow him down. Sinclair took advantage by bringing Aisling to a, “secure location,” and in all of the chaos she managed to get the girl out of the building completely.

They ran into the woods not too far along, but were quickly caught up by the cyclops. Luckily in that time, Sin found the bow and arrow she’d hidden before then. With a single shot, she got the beast in the eye. Meanwhile, Aisling was having a fit. Her screams would’ve brought too much attention, as they weren’t far from the hospital, so Sinclair had to use a sedative she stole to calm the girl down.

With a stolen car she’d recently learned how to drive, she made her way to camp half blood. The most trouble that came from the trip was Aisling waking up confused and frightened. She threw another fit, this time attacking Sinclair. Realizing that Aisling was spewing Christian bible quotes, she transformed into her dove form.

That’s when Aisling noticed her what her gifted necklace could do. While it hadn’t turned into any sort of weapon, it had turned a magnificent gold from its bland silver. While Aisling didn’t quite grasp this yet, her necklace told her when something was off; whether it be a lie or a person’s appearance. Though, it had no way of telling her what exactly, but it did change to gold when falsities were no longer being presented.

Seeing silver turn to gold and gazing upon the bird that saved Noah (as in the arc), Aisling finally trusted Sinclair to take her to safety. Another hellhound had attacked them on the way, but by then Sin had changed back to her human appearance and was able to dispose of it. Still shaken up and traumatized, Aisling made it to camp physically unharmed, unfortunately her mind is  a little unhinged. It wasn't until she lie in the infirmary that she truly got to look at the necklace. On it's small medallion it read:

Honesty is shown in gold, while deceit in silver. Be bold, do not quiver. -P



A necklace with a small medallion that changes from silver to gold. Silver means there is a misconception being presented to Aisling, gold means all is honest and true.



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