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Name: Alana Seaford

Gender: Female

God Parent: Thantos/Deimos/Hades

Mortal Parent: Cleo Seaford

Appearance: Bleach blonde hair w/ brown highlights, Grey eyes, White strapless mini dress w/ blue polka-dots, Black leggings, black flats

Personality: Careless, lazy but, very understanding. She hates it when someone rubs her the wrong way.

History: When Thantos/Deimos/Hades bumped into Cleo in an antique shop, Cleo thought he was handsome but, Thantos/Deimos/Hades said she shouldn't be talking to him. Cleo ignored and started talking to him. Thantos/Deimos/Hades gave in and started listening. After listening to her. He promised that he'll see her in a few weeks. Cleo said that she didn't want to wait. By the time she said that, Thantos/Deimos/Hades was already gone.

5 weeks went by and Cleo haden't seen him since. Just as she lost hope in Thantos/Deimos/Hades, he appered from out of nowhere. Cleo got the nerve to ask him out. Thantos/Deimos/Hades wasn't to sure but, he went out with Cleo.

4 monthes later, Thantos/Deimos/Hades arrived at a surprising time. Cleo was going to have a baby. By then, Thantos/Deimos/Hades said that he was a God. Surprised, Cleo said that she didn't care what he was. She just knew that she was blessed.

9 monthes later, Alana was already a few monthes old and diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD like any other Demi-god. Thantos/Deimos/Hades said that he'll tell Alana who he was when the time is right.

17 years later, Alana was turning 17 and she was 50% excited, 50% depressed. When she was taking a short cut to home, she felt someone was following her. She turned around to notice a buoy who had crutches. Alana took him to her house. The boy said his name was JC and was Alana's protector. A little creeped out, Alana and JC walked home.

The next day was Alana's 17th Birthday and she wanted nothing special. Just a few friends and a cake. On the way to school, in front of her house, JC was waiting for her with a banana. Alana gladly accepted the banana and started eating. Alana said that there's a short cut up ahead. JC said to go the long way but, Alana took him by the hand and walked through the bushes. They heard growling and Alana said that this growling was new. They ran into a black, giant, dog (a hellhound). JC said to stand still and it couldn't see you. Alana thought he was being ridiculousand walked passed it. The dog (hellhound), pounced on her and barked at her. Alana was mortifyed and couldn't move. The hellhound walked away. JC gave her a Double 'C' logo silver necklace and told her to press any 'C' on the necklace for an emergancy. He said it was for your present but, it was for now.

After school, Thantos/Deimos/Hades appered for a special message. He said to go to home and tell her mother where she'll be for now on. Camp Half-Blood. JC and Alana ran home and told her mother. Cleo allowed her to go with JC. They ran out the door and straight to Camp. After running for an hour, they walked. Camp was just up ahead. They reached camp 1 hour and 10 minutes. About to cross the boarder, a hellhound attacked. Alana pressed 1 of the 'C's and turned into a Stygian Iron Sword. JC gave her some tips how to kill a hellhound. Aim for the stomach area. She pointed her sword at the hellhound's stomach area, and ran towards it. The sword stabbed the hellhound in the stomach and evaporated into dust. They crossed the boarder with Alana a couple of scratches. Alana knew that she'll fit in here with the others. She'll feel very welcome.

Weapons: Stygian Iron Sword


How is Alana already 2 Years Old when it was only 9 months later? She wouldn't even be one at the time. "If you would create something, You must be something" --Miggy 03:16, May 8, 2012 (UTC)

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