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Name: Alanna Clark

Gender: Female

Age: 16

God Parent: Iris (preferred), Demeter, or Persephone

Mortal Parent: Cinna Clark

Appearance: She is tall with straight blonde hair and dark brown eyes


Personality: She's free-spirited and creative, and is passionate about everything she does. She knows when to be serious and rational and is known for giving good advice.


(For Iris)

Alanna had always traveled. As far back as she could remember, she’d be in one place for a few weeks and then move onto the next one and it would start all over again. Her father was a sculptor and he traveled around to various exhibitions to display his art. It was at one of these that he’d met her mother and they’d fallen in love. She had admired his work with refracting light through crystals to use rainbows in his sculptures and when he attempted to explain how it worked he found out she already had a vast knowledge on the subject. He learned a lot from her and she admired his creativity. For the first time, Cinna Clark stayed in one place so that he could be with this girl. After a few months she disappeared and he was heartbroken. He kept himself locked in his room and worked on his sculptures nonstop. Until one day the doorbell rang and he found baby Alanna in a basket with a note from her mother explaining that she was Iris, the rainbow goddess and was entrusting him to raise their child. He didn’t quite fully believe that she was a goddess but he took Alanna under his wing anyway since he was sure it was his child. She bore strong resemblances of him and her mother. Cinna still traveled around the world with his sculptures and even sometimes let Alanna display some of her art along with his. She enjoyed painting, and her father managed to sell quite a few of her pieces at his shows. They traveled around so much; Alanna didn’t see her first monster until she was 13 and have one come after her until she was 15. It was Alanna's 16th birthday and she was helping her dad take down his rainbow sculpture exhibit since they would be traveling to the next exhibition the next day. Her dad left the room to carry some things to the car. One of the last tourists of the day walked in and looked around. She found its one eye fixed on her. The thing ran towards her and she began to panic. She held up one of the crystals and created a bright rainbow that momentarily blinded the cylops. The cyclops (while blinded) stumbled into one of her father's sculptures. It fell on him and buried him in a pile of rubble. A janitor with a limp that had been mopping in the corner came and grabbed her by the arm. He ran with her outside where he had a brief exchange with her dad before hopping in the car and taking her to Camp Half-Blood, explaining on the way that he was a satyr and she was a demigod.

(For Demeter)

Alanna grew up with plants as her best friends. Her father Cinna was a gardener, famous for the gardens he planted in intricate patterns. He taught Alanna from an early age to treat plants with respect and she listened. People who saw her or her father around plants would swear the plants actually enjoyed their presence. When Cinna was at the height of his career he got a request from a woman for a garden design. He arrived at the woman’s house and when she came out to talk to him about the design he was struck by how beautiful she was. When he began to plant the flowers she insisted on helping him and struck up a conversation about the type of flowers. Day after day she came and worked beside him, impressing him with her knowledge of plants. When the garden was complete he asked the woman if she would like to go out to eat dinner sometime. Thus began the happiest few months of Cinna Clark’s life. Not long after they’d met the woman abruptly moved away and Cinna was heartbroken. Until, Alanna showed up at his doorstep along with a note from the mother saying she was Demeter, and asking him to take care of Alanna for her. He raised her with the idea that her mother had died in childbirth and she lived a pretty normal life until her 16th birthday. She was helping her dad trim some of the bushes for his latest design at the botanical gardens and was hidden from view by the tall shrubs. A lone tourist was clumsily meandering through the gardens and paused a few feet from her. She continued trimming but felt its gaze on her back, She turned and saw the tourist was barreling towards her and only had one eye. The cyclops was almost upon her when the bushes' branches reached out and imprisoned the monster. A gardener from a nearby flower bed in the gardens came over and grabbed her arm. As he ran with her he explained how she was a demigod and that he was a saytr; sent to watch over her. He then took her to Camp Half-Blood.

(For Persephone)

Cinna Clark was a world renowned fashion designer. He was designing a collection for every season and was working on the Spring set when he met a beautiful model. She gave him some advice on patterns and designs and he immediately fell in love with her beauty and charming personality. After he finished his collection he asked her if she would like to go out sometime. She said yes and they dated for a couple months before she disappeared. His designs grew dark and strange and his fame began to fade. When Alanna showed up at his doorstep he accepted her as his daughter but he was never fully there. His mind was always on his next design. Somehow he believed if he made an impressive enough design his beloved model would return. Alanna grew up with his same creativity and fashion sense but kept her sketches and designs to herself. On her 16th birthday she was waiting for her dad to come out of the back of the store he was trying to sell his clothing line to when a woman with snake-like features paused to admire a rack of clothing next to Alanna. Alanna ignored her and continued sketching designs in her sketchbook. Suddenly the woman made a grab for Alanna's neck. Alanna ducked just a second before claws plunged into the rack behind her. Without meaing to, Alanna created a wall of roses to block to the dracanae from getting closer. She turned the other way and ran. A sales clerk stopped her and took her outside where her father was waiting. The sales clerk said she was a saytr who would escort her to Camp Half-Blood as she was a demigod. She quickly said goodbye to her dad and set off for Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: None other than her demigod powers for now.

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