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Name:Alaska Eira Jansen

Age: 16

God Parent: Iris

Mortal Parent: Lake Jansen

Personality: Alaska grew up half of her life without her father and her whole life without a mother, save for her aunt. But because her cousin Zane had stood up and took the responsibility for taking care of her, she was influenced so much by him. She tends to be really bright and happy, but socializing with lots of people is a weakness. She speaks her feeling out through photography and art - may be it in painting form or sketch. However, when she knew all about her reality, she became more concealed, only letting her cousin and her aunt be the ones she shows herself to.

Alaska loves solitude and little company at the same time. As her name would suggest, winter is the best season for her. She felt comfortable and okay when her family, specifically her cousin, was there. Unfortunately, Zane chose a different path, and this broke her heart. She became more closed, more rash and harsh and a bit dysphoric. Sooner she was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder. After meeting her cousin again, she decided to give in to her reality but never left her own ways.



January 17, 2000

Dear Mom,

I know it’s been a long time, but I still need to stay here in California. The company I’ve decided to work under told me that I should stay here for a few more weeks.  I’m sorry, but I promise I will come home soon. Please stop worrying. Everything’s going smooth and great.

                                                                                                                                     Your son, Lake

Just after sending that letter to the mail, Lake Jansen and Iris went out for a date. It was a long day, but Iris had decided to stay with him and give a bit help with the short letter to his mother in Norway. A few weeks earlier, Lake had somehow bumped into Iris in a museum when he was trying to get ideas from the paintings in there. They had a little conversation, which turned out long and happy for them. They decided to meet again in a park. Sooner, they started dating.

Now, Lake brought her to a fancy hotel restaurant. Iris was joyed, and just can’t pick one thing from the menu. Lake knew everything about her—from the tiny thing that she wasn’t a normal woman to the big detail that she was a Greek goddess. It didn’t matter to him; he just loved her, and that’s all.

They decided to stay in the hotel, having everything there pretty and cool. But that was the last date the two ever had. Two days later, Iris disappeared without a trace, leaving Lake confused and doubtful. Three weeks later, he moved back to Norway and reunited with his mother and sister.

Fortunately, Lake had gotten over Iris. The bad news was, she appeared in their doorstep one night, four months later. He was so surprised that he couldn’t even speak. His mother decided to let her in; the cold might bite the baby she was cradling. Iris told everything that had happened to Lake. At first, he was in disbelief for her not telling him. She kept convincing him ‘til he finally agreed and took the baby. Iris promised him she’ll be watching, and that someone would help him through all it.

Early childhood

Alaska could consider her childhood pretty awesome. She went to a nice school, and eventually overcame her dyslexia after years of reading and understanding. She had a nice family—a loving dad, a supportive aunt and a happy grandmother—even though she never had a mother. It was all perfect until a disaster came. When she turned seven, her father died in a car accident. He was driving on a road above a cliff when the car lost brakes, slid, and spiraled down to the sea.

It was a hard time for Alaska. After learning about her son’s death, Alaska’s grandmother died from a severe heart attack. Her Aunt Lydia had to work harder for the both of them.  It was hard for them to get over everything, until someone knocked on their door in a cold, wintery night.

Lydia opened the door, and found a young man in thick jacket and a rucksack slung on his shoulder. He told her he was a relative, and that Lake called for him. Lydia was hesitating, but she let him in and introduced himself as Zane Lystad. She then remembered that the Lystads were a close relative of theirs. He told her he would stay and help, since Lake was a close friend. Lydia agreed, and also introduced him to Alaska.

Zane became a big part of Alaska’s life. He was so nice and kind that all her worries began to fade one by one in the background. She considered him as a father figure, even though he was her cousin. Zane helped her, but he knew better. As a son of Eos, he started to train Alaska in to protecting herself from the troubles every demigod faces.

When she turned eight, Zane gave her bronze fans for training. Hitting, throwing it like a boomerang, and fanning them out to an opponent and the like were the first things he taught her. Lydia didn’t mind; she knew what was going on.  She was later trained to use swords. Wooden swords were the first ones she used. Then real ones.

Alaska was pretty confused why her cousin would teach her all those, but she didn’t ask. She loved it. Martial arts came next, for addition.

First Monster Attack

Zane knew she’d be attack earlier than when should be, so he gave to her the real weapons he had in store for her from Iris herself. He gave her a pair of Celestial bronze fans that can reflect light and blind an enemy. One of the fans can turn into a sword, and the other a shield, by will. The shield had embedded mirror prisms, which can also blind an enemy by reflected light.

Alaska was very happy that she kept training herself, even without Zane. She brought them with her everywhere, as she could just hang them on her belt or have them as bracelets. When she turned eleven, she proved that she trained right.

Walking alone in the quiet streets to their town from school, she was met by a lone empousa. Seeing its mismatched legs, Alaska was pretty confused but familiar. Once it was near enough, it ran to her so fast, she barely had time to dodge. She immediately took her fans from her belt and charged. She fanned one out and threw it at the monster. Distracting it, she turned the other one into a shield and deflected light from it. A few seconds of blinding light, she took her other fan back and turned it to a sword.

The empousa pounced on her, pinning her to the ground. Hissing and muttering curses, it tried to rip her apart. Before it tried to bite her, Zane came running and slashed the monster in two with his sword. Gold dust covered Alaska, but she was frightened and thankful at the same time.  While walking home, Zane explained everything from her being a demigod to the different monsters and dangers that she will be facing.

Broken Life

Alaska decided to continue schooling, but also continue her training. After a lot of persuasion, she finally got Zane to keep teaching her, including her abilities as a demigod. She practiced and practiced her powers, and by those training, it needed a lot of time before she passed out of tiredness. She enjoyed her life, even though she knew it was dangerous. A week after her twelfth birthday, she got attacked by some dracanae. Lucky for her, she was with Zane and together they fought. She tried asking him why he was so good at fighting, be he kept telling her it’s a long story.

Five months after that, she met a hellhound, but easily defeated it with combined gymnastics after practicing it for school extracurricular. Proud, she went home overjoyed. However, she was greeted by the news that her Aunt Lydia was involved in a hostage and she was one of the few people shot.  Crying, she ran out the house and stayed in their forest backyard, trying to not believe what she heard.

She eventually got over it after almost a year.  She met a harpy, and with anger, she slashed and dodged until it burst into golden dust. At school, she was never the same bright and active Alaska. She’d only speak with her close friends, and of course, Zane. The next thing she knew, her closest friend at school was leaving for Russia.  It saddened her more, and made her feel lonelier. Painting and photography were her major ways of expressing how she felt. She'd sometimes shine rainbows through the light of the forest, a way of telling Zane she's fine.

Zane tried to cheer her up, but it only worked tiny bit by tiny bit. Alaska soon wanted to be alone often, just listening to music or drawing stuff. Her friends visited her, but to no use. She would only open up to Zane. For over a year she was like that, having her cousin destroy every monster that came near them.

Then Alaska realized something. Since the day she met her cousin until now, eight years’ time, he never aged a bit. He gave no sign of growing older. This totally confused her and soon kept starting to ask him all about it, but he kept denying and turning back from her. Until one day he got enough. He told her he wasn’t even her cousin, but a relative of their family from long ago. That he was someone who saw so much that he couldn’t take it anymore. That he had chosen a path that he thought would help him.

Alaska was sure surprised. She never thought of such an idea. Zane then told her she was ready, that he had already taught her enough. He went to leave, but Alaska tried to stop him. After so much forcing, Zane decided to bring her with him to New York, but he planned that he would part once they get there.

Arrival at Camp Half-Blood

Alaska was anxious. So many questions bugged her, and she didn’t want Zane to leave her. Once they landed, they took a hotel and stayed there for two nights. When Zane saw that Alaska wouldn’t doubt that he’d leave, he left the hotel and went to find his destination, leaving Alaska a note about all that she should know and also payment for the room.

Alaska woke up and the first thing she saw was the note. The entire note said was that Zane has already chosen for himself. He only stayed with her because he wanted to make sure she’d be okay and ready when he was to leave. That somehow she’d understand soon. That maybe they’d meet again, but not like all the times they spent together. That he loved her very much and would always hope for her to be safe.

She read it again and cried each time. Zane left instructions written on another paper, but she chose to stay in the hotel for a while and try to calm down.  For some three days, she cried and let everything out until someone came to visit. In an instant, she jumped out of her bed, thinking it was Zane. When she opened the door, she was greeted a good morning by a short, dark-skinned, curly-haired guy who had crutches.

She knitted her brows, but they guy introduced himself as Chris. Alaska just shut the door. He knocked again and again until she let him in. Alaska asked him harshly what he was doing, and he replied that he was just going to bring her somewhere safe. Then she got the idea. She said no, but Chris pleaded. For the past year, she refused to believe that the gods were even by their side. She hated her mom and everything that was happening to her.

Chris felt her loneliness, and he told her that the camp would be the best place to start a new life. It was hard for him, convincing her and getting his mind off the violent ways she’d act towards him. For three more days, he tried to convince her, despite her curses and ruthless behavior. At last, she changed her mind, thinking that maybe if she came with him to the camp for demigods, she might be able to find a way to locate her beloved cousin.

Having two bus rides and a cab and a bit of walking, they arrived at the borders of the Camp. She clutched the letter Zane left in her hand and the necklace he gave her on her twelfth birthday in the other. But she knew she’d never live the same way again.

Weapons: A pair Celestial bronze war fans (one can turn into a sword while the other, a shield)

NOTE: Zane has his own claim as he chose to join the Broken Covenant.

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo


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