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Name: Alaska Summer Wilde

Gender: Female 

God Parent: Athena, Limos, Apate 

Mortal Parent: Conner Wilde

Age: 15

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Personality: Alaska is funny and impulsive. She's a huge risk-taker and loves adventure. Alaska is moody in the morning and whenever she feels like it, and is always sarcastic. She's very sly and sneaky, and loves nothing more than a good prank. She's feminist, and is very defensive of her gender. Alaska is a bit of a know it all, and likes to break out with the first fifty numbers of pi randomly. 

History: My father was a professor at Harvard University. He taught business, and was pretty damn good at it. To say he was into his teaching would be a huge understatement. He lived for it.

Instead of going to the staff parties held once a month, my father decided to stay home in his tiny apartment grading papers. Instead of going back to his tiny apartment after a school day, he went to the local library and poured over books like Lost at School or Lessons of Hope (all very boring books about teaching).And to make matters worse, my father officially fit the steryotype of crabby/creepy teachers who only read weird books and hang out with their cat by buying a cat. Named Chip. No joke.

Anyways, dad was at the library one night, grading papers and what not. Suddenly, he became aware of a person looking at him. It was Athena, my greek goddess mother. But at the time, my father didn't know that. 

Soon after, I came along. My father vowed to love me and do the be the very best dad he could be. 

Okay, so, my dad wasn't exactly the best at parenthood. It wasn't something you could really read about in a book, and he wasn't really good at something that didn't step by step instructions. In fact, my father once told me he wished I did come with instructions. Sadly, that didn't happen. 

So I was raised learning French, Latin, Spanish, and of course, proper English. I had a lack for all languages and much more. I learned to read and do simple math equations earlier than age five which quickly turned to me learning calculus by grade six. 

I was homeschooled, but my street was plently full of children. My father allowed me plenty time to play considering I learned everything and perfected it so easily, but I preferred solitary. Anyways, I guess the other kids didn't like a fourth grader who could recite the Gettysburg Adress from heart.  Things weren't always easy at home. My father was constantly busy, so I was often left alone. I would sometimes wander the streets of Louisiana, which was where we lived. Of course, being a demigod, this brought many troubles (monsters, creepy guys in trench coats etc.)

My first monster attack happened when I was thirteen. I was walking down the street carrying bags of groceries when suddenly I heard a long growl. I turned around slowly and came face to face with the ugliest, hugest, and scariest dog I had ever seen. Now, I had read enough books about animals to know that when a rabid dog came at you in a way that was by any means threatening, you should slowly edge away. But at the time, I was too frightened to do anything. Being the genius I was, I ran.

And ran.

I could literally feel the dog nipping at my heels. I reached a dead end and threw my bag of food (which I still had) at the animal. Sadly, my aim wasn't very good nor was my throw powerful in any way so it just sort of plopped on the ground. Just when I was sure I was about to die, my mind suddenly formulated an amazing plan.

I suddenly knew exactly what to do. Immediately putting my plan into action, I grabbed a rock off the ground, but instead of stabbing at the monster, I threw it as hard as I could. It made a loud sound, and the dog turned instinctivly towards it. In a split second, I charged forward, throwing the second rock at it's head. Though the throw was nowhere near fatal, it was a well aimed enough to slow the animal down. While it was preoccupied, I ran.

Another time, when I was 14, I was attacked by a fire-breathing horse. Living in Louisiana, I loved riding horses. I was on a horse one day, just galloping in the fields when suddenly, a horse came charging at me. I immediately noticed that it looked different than a normal one (probably because of the fire everywhere). It came charging at me, flames smoking out of it's mouth and nose. My horse bucked and dropped on the ground, then ran away. As I slowly picked myself up, the horse blew a huge colum of fire at me. The flames licked my cheek and arm. I screamed and fell to the ground, pain turning everything to white, then black as the welcome of sleep overtook me.

Later, I realized I was saved by not God or anything like that, but the fire department. It's not like they had killed the monster. They just put out the fire before I could burn up, and I guess they hit the horse a couple times by accident and sprayed it off or something.

Sometimes I saw strange things too. Like a window would just randomly shatter once I walked by, or I'd feel like somebody was watching me or calling my name even when I was alone. Later, I could guess that happenings were just monsters stalking me. One day, in the forest reading, I swear I saw a girl run out of a tree.

On the day I turned fifteen, I was walking to visit my dad. He was at the library, preparing a "surprise" (even though it wasn't a surprise considering he had told me).

On the way there, I ran into a guy. He had a baseball cap over curly red hair. Just was I was about to say excuse me and be on my way, he grabbed my arm. "Listen, I'm Sammy. We gotta go. They're after you!"

"What?" I asked, trying to pull free.

"It doesn't matter, I'll explain everything later. We got to go!"

I immediately tried to run, but he tightened his grip. "Listen. I already told your dad about this, and everything else. Please, please just come with me. You'll get to contact your father once we get to the airport."

I stopped once I heard him mention my father, but I was still doubtful. "He would let a random teenager just kidnap me? I don't think so!"

The guy rolled his eyes. "It's not kidnapping if you agree... but that doesn't matter. Just come on!" He tightened his grip on my hand and tugged it harder.

"Well I'm evidently not agreeing!" I said stubbornly. 

The guy sighed. "I'm so sorry...." He pulled out a set of pan pipes and started playing a peaceful tune. Immediately I began to grow tired. Seconds later, I was passed out.

When I woke up, I was in the infirmary of Camp Half Blood.

Weapons: A celestial bronze wipe, with a celestial dagger as her secondary weapon from the camp armory.

My therapist says the easiest way to achieve inner peace is to finish what you start. So far, I've finished two packs of M&Ms, and a chocolate cake. I feel better already.


  • The history says "On the day I turned seventeen" but you put that her current age is 15, so which is her actual age currently?
  • Unlike other goddesses, Athena does not have her children through sexual intercourse and pregnancy. Her children literally falls out of her with the union of her and her partner's mind (when Athena's divine thoughts meet the ingenuity of a mortal).
  • For each year after her first monster attack that Alaska did not go to camp, please add and elaborate on another monster attack. So Alaska needs to encounter a monster for the ages of fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen and seventeen if Alaska's current age is actually seventeen not fifteen (see my the first point).
  • "Like a window would just randomly shatter once I walked by, or I'd feel like somebody was watching me or calling my name even when I was alone." Please elaborate on this sentence such as explaining what the actual cause of these incidents were.
  • Even if it's a satyr's task to bring a demigod to camp, it's doubtful that a satyr would forcibly bring a demigod to camp without having a simple consent or letting the mortal parent know. 
  • Please specify where and/or who Alaska received her weapons from.
    • Specify that Alaska's dagger is also made of Celestial Bronze as it is the only type of metal fatal to monsters.

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hi there I'll be your claimer today and I have to say this is good enough there's just one problem... the second monster attack i dont think the fire department would 'save' her cause remember the mist??? mortals cant see the monster soo please change it accordingly

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 15:07, January 30, 2015 (UTC)

did you change the second monster the fire breathing horse??

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 16:08, January 31, 2015 (UTC)


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