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Name: Aleka Harris

Gender: female

God Parent: Athena, Aphrodite, Iris

Mortal Parent: Hunter Harris

Appearance: she had long pin straight golden blonde hair with dark grey/blue eyes. she is very short for her age being 5'2 in all. Aleka is very strong though as she was a tumbler as a kid. She has sun tanned skin. she always wears rope textured bracelets.

Personality: Aleka can be very mean and nasty as that's what she was trained to do, when you get to know her she becomes nice but still likes to be in charge. she is very outgoing and loves to speak her opinion.

History: Aleka's dad Hunter was walking through New york on a cold windy day the snow was on the ground and he was freezing cold. He stepped inside a library because he loves to read and sat down at an empty wooden table. He picked up a copy of Gone with the Wind it was his mothers favorite book and she read a chapter to him everynight. Then suddenly a very pretty woman sat across from him she was as quiet as a mouse and very graceful. She introdused herself she seemed so wise but so young and childish at the same time. She had an acsent kind of Greek and roman, and he thought it was beautiful. Hunter sat and talked to her until the library closed they even walked out together. Then he invited her to dinner at an Italian reaturant. She agreed as they talked like they new each other for eons.

For the next couple days they were attached at the hip. He didn't know anybetter but to fall for her. The goddess thought about how great it would be to spend eternity with him. She also thought about how wonderful their child would be. That was the worst mistake a goddess could have ever done thought about her own child and the next morning there was a wonderful baby girl laying in between them. At first Hunter freaked out, she had to tell hunter the truth that she was immortal. It wasn't an easy task but she finally told him. Hunter was stunned he almost passed out but he came to his senses and realzed she wasn't kdding. Hunter cared so much for that baby because she was so gorgeous. The goddess was sent back to Olyimpus bcause her father Zeus didn't want her spending anymore time away from her godly duities. Sometimes the goddess left Olyimpus secretly at night to check up on all her kids and say hello to their fathers. She always returned the next morning to Olyimpus.

After the first year of Hunter being a parent he enjoyed life although he was depressed when his lover left. He new she would always come back. But now a year and half has passed since their dughter Aleka was born, and the goddess stopped coming around. Hunter grew more and more stressed because Aleka began to mature fast. He cried himself to sleep at night at looked at Aleka with sadness. He new that the goddess would only hurt him but love is a thing you can't prevent. At night he read Gone with the wind as his mother did to him when he was little.

When Aleka started school and everyone hated her. When she was in grade school she did bad things to get her expelled so her dad would listen to her. Hunter struggled to keep finding schools to send her to because he didn't have time to home school her. Hunter became angry and bitter as he blames the goddess. Aleka had OCD and was hard we contain. Even though she is very smart and has never gotten below a B+ on a grade she still didn't seen to fit in anywhere. Aleka new she was different than most of the kids but she didn't know why. Her father always told stories about her mother but Hunter never told her about how Aleka's mother was a goddess.

One day when Aleka was 14 she desited to run away since her dad hated talking to her and he wouldn't believe her when she said things kept chasing after her. Aleka always thought there was something wrong with her. A week or so later she found her self in long Island, NY. Aleka was throwing things at this one eyed creature when a goat man jumped in and saved her. Then he took her over this giant hill into this beautiful land that he called Camp half-blood. She has been a year round camper and hasn't seen her dad since and now she is 15.

Weapons: she prefers to use a dagger or bow and arrow

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Pulling a fire alarm wouldn't defend her I don't think. Usually they're attacked when they discover their powers and that's around 11 or 12 I believe. Usually someone would save her and then take her to camp or something.


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