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Name: Alessia Pearle

Gender: Female

Species: Mortal

God Parent: None - Clear-sighted + Priestess of Asteria

Appearance: Average height girl with pale skin. She normally has her blonde hair tied up during a normal day, though she takes it out for special occasions and events. She has sky blue eyes that turn into a deep blue when she is angry.

Personality: Alessia has a determined and courageous attitude, as she promised to stay with her step-sister Ashlyn and protect her on her way to camp and the whole time she stays there. She doesn't really like to be involved with battles and war, though when it comes to others, she can fight really good. She is an extrovert, unlike Ashlyn, and she loves meeting new people and making new friends.

History: Anthony Pearle was living a regular life, having a week or so until he completed his master’s degree in Astrology at University and had already found an affluent job that he had been elected into. He basically had a perfect way of living. Except for the fact that he had no involvement in love, whatsoever. Even though he was intelligent and quite good-looking, he never could ask a woman on a date.

One day, he was assigned an astrology project for his course, which required a partner from the other gender. Before he could start stressing out, a girl named Amanda reached out and offered to work with him. With no other options, he agreed and they started to research the next day, side by side. A few days later, reaching the end of the project, Amanda suggested they go to the beach for their final star observing task. They both took out their telescope and looked up, stargazing next to each other. Though it didn’t look like a romance, Anthony felt something he had never felt before: love. And for him, that night was a date. Once they both graduated from University, Amanda promised that they would be together, forever and ever. Having faith in her, Anthony let her go, but he never saw her again. A few days after she left, she left a note next to a newborn child on his doorstep. The note simply said:

Dear Anthony,

This is a gift for you in return of our love. Take care of her, please.



Depressed about the broken promise, he took the child and made up his mind to accept the gift and do his best to take care of her. Anthony ended up named the child Ashlyn as it meant 'dream', the only thing the little girl would do when she was young. Raising up a child was already hard, but he managed to do it even without Asteria by his side.

Three years after Asteria had left him, Anthony went out to find another woman that he could love for the rest of his life. When he found Eliza Pearce as a waitress at his favourite café, he was overjoyed and asked her to marry him. She willingly agreed, and they had a child named Alessia, who took her father’s last name, Pearle. She took most of his father’s features like his blonde hair, blue eyes and most of his looks. Ashlyn felt like her step-sister was closer to her dad, while she was close to a woman she had never met. For a few days, Anthony had tried to pair the two up and have them know each other, which caused conflict. Due to this, Anthony decided to separate them both, Ashlyn staying with him and Eliza moving to Los Angeles in California with Alessia. They agreed to stay that way until Ashlyn reached an age mature enough to control herself around her step-sister.

Alessia spent the rest of her childhood living in Los Angeles with her mother, Eliza. Eliza was a sweet woman, unlike her father, but she never gave a word about her older sister, Ashlyn, and why they got separated. That was until she was invited to visit her step-sister for her 14th birthday. At first, she was furious at her mother at not telling her everything, but then came to the realisation that they had left for a reason.

The night before Ashlyn's 14th birthday (July 1), Alessia and her mother flew back to Manhattan and joined Ashlyn and her father. The two girls slept in Ashlyn's room that night. At midnight, Ashlyn woke up from the breeze coming in from the window, the glass panes nowhere to be seen. Under the windowsill was a letter and a small box, attached to two small duffle bags that were sitting on the wooden floorboards. The letter read:

Dear Ashlyn,

This is your mother, Amanda. I understand why your father is concerned about you. Firstly, you must know that I am not what you see. My true identity is Asteria, the Titaness of Astrology and Prophetic Dreams. Your father and I marrying make you a demigod, half god, half mortal. I must warn you that being a demigod is unsafe, as monsters like the one you have encountered with can sense your presence. You must flee to Long Island, a place called Camp Half-Blood will be your home. There you will be safe, amongst others of your type. I will see you there, and remember, follow the stars, they know the way.



After reading the note, she woke up Alessia, showing her the letter and how she had to flee to a place called Camp Half-Blood. At first, Ashlyn told her not to follow her and stay behind to take care of her father, but Alessia was determined not to leave her. Finally agreeing to her step-sister coming, Ashlyn walked back to the windowsill and opened the black box, which was embellished with miniature gems. A gold dream catcher necklace sat there, and without hesitation, she put it on. Each taking a duffle bag and Ashlyn gripping the letter, the two sisters climbed out of the window and slid down the roof. Then jumping to the ground one storey below them, they began to make their way towards Long Island Sound, following a line of brightly lit stars in the night sky. Not long after, Anthony hastened outside, alerted by the noises they made when leaping off the roof. He proceeded to pursue after them, though he eventually lost the two girls. Giving up, he walked back to the house in depression, once again.

Just outside the borders of camp, they were attacked by a monster, this time a Chimera. They both tried to dodge it’s fire-breathing, though Alessia was badly burnt on her leg. Ashlyn in determination to make it to camp safely, she took a look inside her own duffle bag, finding a Celestial Bronze sword and dagger. Taking out the sword, she managed to cut off all three for its heads with no experience. After the creature turned into ashes, Ashlyn helped her step-sister up the hill. So that Alessia could protect herself, Ashlyn handed over the dagger. It was just before sunrise on her 14th birthday when they crossed the borders of Camp Half-Blood.

A few nights after she arrived, she had a dream from Asteria, asked her to become the priestess of Asteria as there were none at the time. After another day of thinking, she made up her mind and decided it was also the only way to stay with her step-sister, Ashlyn. From then on, she became the priestess of Asteria.

Note: Alessia could get through the border because I was planning to make her a Priestess of Asteria.

Weapons and possessions: A Celestial Bronze dagger from Asteria (given to her by Ashlyn)


Inside her duffle bag: Clothing (Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, etc.), toiletries, a Celestial Bronze dagger from Asteria (given to her by Ashlyn) + a bit of ambrosia and nectar for emergencies

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Hey! On the whole, this is looking really good - I just have to double check with the administration team on a few rules about priestess/mortal claiming, and you should be good to go! Thanks for your patience :)

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Hey again! So, I've checked in with admin (sorry for the delay!) and the one thing you'll maybe want to edit is the process of becoming the priestess - typically it would be chosen by Asteria alone, not requiring Alex's decision or really Alessia suddenly deciding on her own that she wanted to become the Oracle. My personal suggestion would be Asteria coming to Alessia in a dream or similar. This is really a bit of a nitpick, but after this, Alessia should be completely ready. Sorry again for making you wait!

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