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Name: Alexander Hans

God Parent: 1. Hermes 2. Zeus 3. Thebes

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 15

Mortal parent name: Abigail Hans, nee Hunter


Personality: Alexander is very loyal to his friends and family. He is rather flirty and can get a bit cheesy. He cracks up cheesy, cliché pickup lines as well as some original lines. He is rather competitive and gets annoyed/frustrated whenever he loses. He can also get a bit hubris, but he also loves pulling pranks on people.


When Alexander was a child, he was a very competitive lad who always liked to win  and be the best. He acquired the trait from both his mother and stepfather, Abigail and Derek Hans.

Abigail was a woman who was very competitive and talented too. She was also clear-sighted and mortal. Not only that, but she liked to travel a lot and see the world. This caught the wandering eyes of the god of travelers. He was attracted to Abigail’s liking towards

towards traveling as well as the act she was competitive and talented. In fact, they met when Abigail was trying to get into the Olympics, but unfortunately, she did not quite qualify for the world competition, which brought her to great disappointment.

Hermes cheered her up and complimented on how well her performance was. He took her or a few drinks and let her go on her way. He visited Abigail when he wasn’t busy delivering packages and messages. He talked to her and got to know her a bit. They dated for awhile before one night they had sex. He also confessed to her that he was really a god and couldn’t stay any longer. She understood and agreed to take good care of the child when he/she was born. Hermes left her a parting gift. It was a crossbow with celestial bronze bolts and sword for when the child grew older and needed to defend oneself.

Abigail moved on and married another clear-sighted mortal named Derek Hans. She also changed her name to Hans. When the child was born, he was named Alexander after Abigail’s grandfather, as well as the great ruler of Macedonia and Greece.

Alexander was taught at home since they moved a lot and usually didn’t have time to register into a school of any sort. Abigail taught him about sports and the world while Derek taught him math, science, and the other basics. He was also taught how to speak Spanish, English, Greek, Italian, and Russian as well as a bit of German and sign language.

On his 10th birthday, he was given the weapons and was told to use them only in times of need.

When Alexander was 11, his parents died in a fatal car accident. Alexander, in a rush, packed his things and ran away, not wanting to be put in foster care. Along the way, he met up with a couple other people who turned out to be a demigod and a satyr. They were on the run when they were attacked by two hellhounds. Alexander stabbed one with his sword, making it dissolve, and the satyr played his reed pipes, making he hellhound dazed while Lilly, the other demigod, shot it with her arrows, making it dissolve.

They continued their journey all the way from Dallas, Texas to Long Island, New York. They ran into several monsters on the way as Lilly was a daughter of Poseidon, and Alexander was a son of a major god. For example, when they were in Nashville, they were attacked by a harpy. Alexander used his crossbow to shoot the harpy down while Lilly stabbed it in the back, making it dissolve.

On their way to camp, Alexander grew a love towards Lilly, and they ended up dating.  

Another example of a monster attack was when they were in Pennsylvania, they were attacked by another hellhound. They both stabbed it on either side, making it dissolve.

They were attacked again as they went further into Pennsylvania. The encountered a fire-breathing horse. Alexander shot at it with his crossbow while the satyr played his pipes in order to distract it.

They were attacked by a giant scorpion as they just entered New York state. Alexander used his sword to project him, allowing him to slide under the scorpion. He then used one of his arrows and jabbed it into its underside making it dissolve as Alex slid out from underneath.

Finally, they arrived at Long Island and headed towards camp, but on their way they were attacked by a hellhound and harpy. Alex stabbed the hellhound and made it dissolve, but Lilly was snatched by the harpy and brought up in the air. The satyr played his pipes in hopes to drag the harpy down, but it was too late. The harpy snapped Lilly’s neck.

In despair, Alexander shot at the harpy twice, which brought it down as he had hit its wings. He stabbed it multiple times, making it dissolve. He knelt beside Lilly, but he was dragged by the satyr across the border. He was, later that day, claimed by Hermes.

Preferred Weapons: Celestial bronze sword and crossbow with celestial bronze bolts.

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uhhh I'm sorry if I'm nitpicking but two demigods (not to mention a big three) would attrach more monsters soo can you plase add a few more from here?

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I see no wrong here...

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