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Name: Alexander Sombre

Gender: Male

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God Parent: Thanatos, Hades, Nyx.

Mortal Parent: Tammie Sombre

Appearance: Alexander is tall, he has caramel skin and dark brown eyes. He is muscular and buff. He has temporary dreads and dark brown hair.

Personality: Alexander is very humble. He doesn't talk much unless its to someone he really likes. He has a lot of patience, especially with other people. He doesn't like to be constantly pestered, though he is very slow to annoyance. He has a small appetite, and is also a very picky eater. His education is average but he hates school anyway.

History: Tammie Sombre was 19 visiting her mothers grave. Extremely guilty that she let her mother put herself out with an overdose of sleeping pills. Tammie didn't know better. Her mother was in so much pain. She silently cried when she felt a hand tap her shoulder. She jumped at the sudden touch. She almost dislocated his arm. The man introduced himself as Hades. He asked the beautiful young woman what was wrong and she explained herself.

Hades and Tammie talked for along time. They met up at her home and one thing led to another. Tammie had Alexander and Hades had left to guard the Doors of Death. Tammie wasn't sad though. She understood he had responsibilities. She took care of Alexander throughout the years.

As a toddler, Alexander was very humble. He was satisfied with everything his mother had gotten for him when it came to toys. He always slept with his mom, because he didn't want his single mom to sleep alone. Alexander never complained to his mother. He never asked for anything.

In Atlanta, Georgia, Alexander struggled in school a lot, he couldn't get over a C- in each class. The kids would laugh at him because of that. He also got suspended in plenty of the schools because of all the kids that bullied him. He was very patient, but when he was finally on edge, he went off on everyone. At the age of 12, he threw some desks and cursed out almost all the 10 kids in his class.

The principal expelled him without a blink of an eye. Alexander went from school to school.. The longest he ever stayed in school was surprisingly eight months. Eventually, in high school, Alexander made some real friends. They admired the way he was and how he acted. But, they were also bad influences. They would skip school and take a blunt in different hidden alleys.

He got his first tattoo at the age of 14. It was illegally done by one of his friends' mates. It was always covered by a shirt. The tattoo says 'TRILLEST'. [true+real= trill]. He also had a tattoo on his wrist saying 'KING' in cursive, he covered it with a gold watch.. By this age everyone in the block respected him and were afraid of him. Though he'd never pick a fight, when someone tested his patience to the point it was finally gone.. he could do some pretty horrible things.

Throughout the time, He sold some dope to get money for his struggling mom. He resented his father for leaving her, and not even trying to send a decent child support check.

At the age of 13, his closest homie, Pedro, gave him a celestial bronze dagger and silver dog chain. Pedro told him to tug on the chain, and when he did a silver rapier appeared in his hands. Bewildered by the weapon he dropped it on accident. Pedro chuckled and picked up the sword. He gently pressed the pommel against his thigh and it turned back into a dog chain.

"No questions," he warned, "Use it whenever you're in a 'weird'.. uh.. fight." He threw the chain to Alexander he left. Alexander was sure he was never going to use either of them. He couldn't imagine himself killing, or maiming anyone but he took them unusual gifts anyway.

While he was in the alley alone a girl with a strange limp from school walked up to him. He didn't know how she found him, he assumed one of his friends tried to hook him up. He remembered how she flirted with him. He showed her his blade and she was a bit hesitant.

"Aww, come on Mami, I ain't gon hurt you with this." He said.

"Yea, I'll kill you before you can even try." She turned into a hideously beautiful demon. Her hair frizzed out and her nails grew like talons, her eyes were the bloody color of red. She smirked and lunged at him, she scratched his arm. Trying to ignore the pain, his brain went on auto, he tugged on his chain and let the rapier grow in his hand as he side-stepped her next attack and stabbed her deep in the back. She let out a loud wail as he watched her disintegrate into dust.

He told Pedro about it and he looked a bit agitated.

Pedro had told him something very important. He revealed to him, his goat legs and his horns. He explained to him everything about the gods, and monsters. Pedro also told him how he needed to escort him to a camp for demigods like him. Alexander then explained this to his mom, who surprisingly understood. He packed his things and kissed his mother good-bye, knowing he would do anything for her. He and Pedro left to the camp.

While on the way they fought a harpie. She was very fast, but they managed to kill her. Alexander had slashed her in half while she was charging at him with extreme speed. In North Virginia, a hellhound sniffed them out and almost bit Alexander's foot off if Pedro hadn't killed it from behind.

They both had each others' back because they could have died plenty of times. By the time Alexander was 15 he and Pedro both arrived at Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: Sliver Rapier, Celestial Bronze Dagger.


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Okay the deadline for this claim has be extended to November 25th.

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Okay, I'm finished! :) Justiee. (talk) 22:29, November 20, 2013 (UTC)

The way her parents met sounds kinda weird and vague. Please do elaborate on that part.

Also, when did he start seeing monsters? Coz' if it started when he was young (like ages 10 and below), it's very unlikely and yet he wasn't attacked. You see, monsters are there because they got the scent of a demigod. They aren't simply there because they want to stroll around. So, if a monster is there, they attack. And well, in that age, their scent isn't that strong so in short, he couldn't have seen monsters when he was that young.

Sad to say, you can't have a dagger for the main weapon. It can only be a secondary weapon.

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Good? Justiee. (talk) 13:50, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

  1. If he was seeing monsters before 14 why weren't they attacking
  2. How did he hide the tat on his wrist from his mother
  3. Why would he just go on pretending nothing happened after having to kill someone and see them disintegrate, that's a pretty massive thing to just go on like nothing happened

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Justiee. (talk) 23:58, November 29, 2013 (UTC)

How old was he when he was throwing the desks and breaking children's bones? Also I doubt he would break at least one bone in every kid's body.

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Justiee. (talk) 19:57, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

I doubt the cops would be scared of a 14-15 year old >.<

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I don't think you can kill someone with sleep syrup o.o.

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How about if you overdose someone? Justiee. (talk) 21:29, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

I don't think you can overdose on sleep syrup >.< but I could be wrong

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xD Sleep pills maybe? Justiee. (talk) 23:54, December 11, 2013 (UTC)

Who was Pedro? Was he a demigod? Also, how was he able to destroy walls at such a relatively young age?

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Regarding the monster encounter, how did he know she was a monster? Can you please elaborate on the details of the monster encounter? Thank you for your time and I hope to see you roleplaying soon. ~Moodle, Yours to command (Sig WIP).

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  1. You forgot to change the 'one spoon' thing xD You already changed the syrup to pills so... :P
  2. Expand a little bit more on his early childhood coz you skipped to when he was already 12.
  3. Let me just confirm if I got this right: He's 14 years old?
  4. I found his first monster attack weird. I mean, he knew she was a monster before she even transformed? o.0

Just address these issues and you're all good :)

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He was 14, but im changing it to 15, so yeaa. Donezooo. :D Justiee. (talk) 22:56, December 19, 2013 (UTC)

If he's 15, then that would make his first monster attack at that age, which is too late. It should be between the ages 12-14.

Monsters in the closet? What do you mean? As in, literally the Greek creatures?

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Si, si. I changed it to 14. But can he be 15 when I rp w/ him?? Justiee. 04:15, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

Personally, I find the age-specific rules on when a character can do this, blah blah and that blah blah to be quite unnecessary and rather limits the scope of imagination and of roleplay richness (when it is based on backgrounds). In the end, it comes down to their personality. However, I digress. What I WILL like to say is that you still have not informed us on how the monster found him in the alley. The encounter in the alley is very briefly described and it would be best if you elaborate on it. Thank you for editing the claim. ~Moodle, Yours to command (Sig WIP).

It was mentioned that there were monsters waiting for him to sleep. How come none of these monsters attacked him? Better yet, how were they able to already smell him out when he was only a toddler and his scent was barely noticeable? Skipping to when he was on his way to Camp, if possible, kindly specify what monster they encountered and how they fought these monsters off. Also, what age was Alexander when he arrived at Camp?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Good?? Justiee. 01:53, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

Sorry, I got a bit confused on his timeline. So, how old was he when he reached camp? 13 or 14? How old is he now?

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Do you still plan to work on this? If no edits have been made by 1/7 it will be subject for deletion due to inactivity.

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It's cool, I'm fine with that. Justiee. 19:24, January 12, 2014 (UTC)

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