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Name: Alexandra Hood

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx, Hecate, or Melinoe.

Mortal Parent: David Hood


Personality: When you first meet Alexandra, she may seem dark, mysterious, quiet and cold, but truth be told... She's the entire opposite. Once you get to know her, she's a mischievous, sneaky, cheeky, hippy and happy girl. She's dirty minded, though. Like people say, humor hides the pain. She used to be depressed, but she was pulled out of it before her depression worsened. Alexandra would go to any extreme for her friends. I mean, who wouldn't? She does like staying in the dark, though. Alex isn't much of a social person, unless you're close to her. However, when a battle or war comes, she's one of the first people that the camp goes to. She fights like a demon. Especially to defend her home.

History: Alexandra's father, David, was a faithful husband, before his ex-wife died in a car crash that was caused by a drunk driver. He was depressed, suicidal, and wasn't thinking clearly. Especially since his ex-wife was pregnant. Anyways, one night, David went to a bar to get drunk and have a good time. That's where he met Alexandra's mother.

The moment that David's drunken eyes laid on Alex's mom, he knew he had to do her. He was just attracted by the dark aura she possessed. So, he approached her and began a conversation. One thing led to another, and David had done 'it' with Alex's mom. The next morning, we woke up alone, and with a huge headache. Not remembering what happened the night before, he saw a letter with a glass of water and pills. He took the pills and water, and drank them.

He read the note that Alex's mom had left. He was confused, as the letter explained everything about Greek Mythology and how it was real. Not paying attention, he moved on. A few weeks later, he was watching television, when the doorbell rang. Groaning, he walked to the door and opened it, revealing a basket with a baby inside it, as well as a letter.

David grabbed the letter, in which said once again about Greek Gods, Demigods, and how the baby was a Demigod. Alex's mom turned out to be Nyx, Goddess of Night. The letter also had Alex's name and the birth certificate. The baby, Alexandra, had a necklace hanging around her neck, that would turn into a sword and shield, if pulled. David picked Alexandra up, tears falling freely from his eyes. This was his daughter, his princess, his world. He made a vow to protect her with his life.

As Alex grew up, she got everything she wanted. Especially since her father was rich. But luckily, that didn't turn her into a spoiled brat. Alex was homeschooled by her aunt and uncle, whom also taught their children. Calum, Alex's cousin, turned out to be one of Alex's greatest friends. And just like that, Alexandra grew up. She didn't have much friends, due to being homeschooled. Eventually, her aunt, uncle and Calum moved into the house. By then, Alex and Calum were inseparable. They did EVERYTHING together, except showering. That'd be awkward. When Alexandra turned 12, David thought it was time to tell her about Greek Mythology and her necklace. When he told Alex, she was shocked. However, she accepted the fact that her mother was a goddess. Alexandra asked her father if he could put her in a class where they could teach her how to fight with swords in case of and emergency and he happily agreed, signing her up.

Weeks later, Alex was on her way to the supermarket with her other cousin, Liliana, when they got attacked by a monster. Liliana identified the beast as The Minotaur. With widened eyes, Liliana slapped her trident bracelet, a small trident appearing. Liliana momentarily forgot about Alex as she lured the Minotaur to a secluded area, making Alex have no choice, but to follow her. Liliana lunged at the beast, just as The Minotaur lunged at her. Liliana dodged every attack, and grew tired. She tried stabbing the beast with her trident, but failed miserably. So, having no other choice, she summoned water from a lake nearby, and tried drowning the minotaur. It didn't help much, but now, Lili was VERY tired. So, she once again tried stabbing the minotaur, which successfully turned the beast into dust. Lili fell to the ground, and before blacking out, she told Alex to call Lili's mom, who was a clear sighted mortal, and explain what happened. She also admitted she was a Daughter of Poseidon. Alex quickly called her aunt, and explained everything. Her aunt, Lacey, quickly came and took them to her house, where Liliana rested for the rest of the night, as did Alex and Lacey.

A few months later, when Alex turned 13, she encountered a Fire-Breathing horse in a friend's birthday party. She tried luring it upstairs, which she did luckily. She pulled on her necklace and a Celestial Bronze Sword appeared, as well as her Celestial Bronze Shield. She did the first natural thing that came to her mind, she swung the sword. She didn't hit the horse, as the horse had tried burning her, but she covered up with her shield. She swung again, effectively hitting it and turning it to dust. She though of her necklace, and the Shield and sword disappeared. She excused herself from her friend, ignoring her friend's yells of why she took a horse upstairs and ran to her house, where she told her father. Fearing for his daughter's safety, he tried increasing the security in the house, which was stupid because they were Greek Monsters, for Olympus's Sake! Anyways, they lived normally for one more year.

Three months before Alex turned 15, she was attacked again, but this time she was attacked by a Scythian Dracaenae in her home. Full of confidence, she pulled her necklace, sword and shield appearing. The dracaenae lunged at her, but she blocked with her shield. That's what happened for a few minutes, until Alex finally swung the sword and hit it. It was a bit tough, but she killed the thing, turning it into gold dust. Hearing the whole commotion, her father ran in. Scared for his safety, he decided to abandon his daughter. He explained to her that she brought too much danger to him, and left her a credit card full of money, before telling her kindly that she had to leave. In shock, Alex packed up a bag that had as much clothes it could fit, her birth certificate, and food. When she came down, David apologized again. Flipping him off, she stormed out the house.

Hours after Alexandra left, her mother appeared. "You idiot! Your daughter's scent will attract monsters! Just know, that the night will no longer be safe for you." Alex's mother, Nyx, hissed at him, before teleporting away. realizing what he did, David left and tried finding Alexandra to bring her back, just to get involved in a car crash, and getting killed on impact. Alexandra never found out, as she began her journey from Orlando, Florida, to Long Island, New York. Yes, she knew about camp. Her disgrace of a father had told her about it when she turned 12. Unfortunately, she couldn't take a plane to New York or walk, so she had to go to New York in a bus. Anyways, midway to camp, she found out about her dead-beat father's death. Not really caring, she continued her long journey to Camp, in another bus. A few hours and two bus stops later, the hungry Alexandra had to buy food. She was attacked by a harpy, as well. Groaning, Alex ran to the nearby woods. She climbed a tree, and waited for it to leave. As it didn't leave, she had to try and jump from tree to tree. She tried and was successful twice. On the third time, she slipped and fell, making the harpy find her and run to her. Screaming, she pulled her necklace, making the sword and shield appear. She began swinging it like a weirdo, trying to kill it. As the harpy was confused at what she was doing, she swung it across it's body, turning it into dust. Relieved, she ran and ran. After hours, she saw something she couldn't believe. Right in front of her was Camp's Borders. Alexandra's eyes widened and she burst out in a sprint. She passed the borders, scared that she'd get attacked again, when she bumped into someone. Luckily, it was the Camp Director. She quickly explained everything. Right when she ended, she was claimed. Claimed by the Night Goddess. Her mother, Nyx. And that, my dear friend, is the highlight of Alexandra's life.

Weapons: Alexandra has a necklace in the shape of a moon, that if she puled it, a sword would appear in one of her hands and a shield in the other. Her sword is Celestial Bronze and the Shield is Celestial Bronze, as well.

Al's Sword

Alexandra's Sword.


Alexandra's Shield.

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  • To be honest, I don't think a goddess would put a baby in a box, a basket is similar but more realistic for a baby to be placed in.
  • Please elaborate more on Alexandra's early childhood (the ages after she was born up to her first monster attack) aside from her being homeschooled.
  • With her dad having told her about her demigod heritage, her scent will now be stronger than before. She'd probably attract more monsters than a demigod who does not know of their identity as a demigod.
  • Even if the mist made her friends see the fire-breathing horse as what's possibly a regular horse, they might question why there's a horse at the birthday party.
  • As for each year after a demigod's first monster attack another monster attack needs to be provided, please provide one for the age of 15.
  • Please explain more on what tactics she used to kill the Scynthian Dracanae aside from just saying that Alexandra killed it.
  • Minotaurs are categorized under medium on our wiki and are generally used for quests. In the case it attacks a demigod, it'd be a child of a big-three god.
  • We had a vote upon the use of Stygian Iron and the result of the vote is that we do not allow weapons made of Stygian Iron.
  • For our reference, please provide her current age in the claim.

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  • You need to include 2 monster attacks in some years as Alexandra knows that she's a demigod. Demigods that knows that they are one will have a stronger scent
  • It says that: "Yes, she knew about camp. Her disgrace of a father had told her about it when she turned 10." But in the history it says that Alexandra was 12 when his father told her of Greek Mythology. Why did her father tell her about camp when she was 10 but then about Greek Mythology when she was 12?
  • Traveling from Orlando, Florida to Long, Island New York takes around 2 and a half hours by flight and 17 hours by car. Traveling that far is not something a 15 year old can do, she certainly would not be able to afford taking a flight and the necessities she needs on her journey.
  • Harpies are proficient at flying and probably will not get dizzy from chasing Alexandra from tree to tree.

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Looks okay.

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