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Age: Immortal

Gender: Male

Species: Erotios

Creators: Keller and Lucinda




Age: Immortal

Gender: Female

Species: Erotiad

Creators: Same as Alfie

Personality: Mallory's a lot like Keller, probably more childish I suppose, but she can come to times when she's serious. She's loving and caring to everyone. 

Appearance: She has blonde hair and blue eyes, she looks unidentical to her twin Alfie. She's 5'4" in height and has a slim figure.

The History

Alfie and Mallory somehow appeared around when Lucinda and Keller shared their first kiss and admitted their love for each other. They bumped into them at the Big House, while they were both playing around. At first Luce and Keller were a bit surprised, but in the end they got over it, and treated them like their own kids (pretty awkwardly) and as their best friends. Alfie and Mallory currently reside in the Big House.

Note: Mallory belongs to User:Riri25 and Alfie belongs to User:EvilhariboMadness


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