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Alice Johnson

Raina Lawson #2





Godly Parent:




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Annaleise Johnson


Like most children of Apollo, Alice was born with blonde hair and a sun-kissed tan. Her hair is often worn down and has a very slight curl to it, what some might call a beach hairstyle. alice's eyes are a cornflower blue hue and are slightly hooded. Her face can be classed as square, which she isn't overly fond of. she's usually seen with a smile on her face, though when she's angered it's a sight to behold. Her features take on a fierce quality, though only if she's truly peeved. if she tried to look made while not genuinely feeling anger, She looks like a sulking child. 
  Her body, similarly to other demi-gods, has an athletic build due to all the training that she partakes in. she isn't very tall, but her height doesn't bother her all that much. 


Raina Lawson


Alice is VIBRANT, FREE-SPIRITED, and incredibly IMPULSIVE, almost boarding on recklessness. She is also a real firecracker, which makes her simultaneously UNPREDICTABLE and CAPTIVATING. She CARES DEEPLY FOR LOVED ONES and acts with KINDNESS to strangers. She takes PRIDE in being quick on her feet, able to keep her wits about her. If you become a close friend of Alice, she will be fiercely LOYAL. If you get on her bad side, she often HOLDS A GRUDGE, apparently, her mother’s STUBBORNNESS is hereditary. She has an awful habit of READING TO MUCH INTO THINGS, which sometimes results in her accidentally pushing people away. She is prone to SENSORY OVERLOAD, which leads to heightened anxiety. She also has a sort of INABILITY TO LIE which she attributes to her father's Godly domain of truth.


Annaliese Johnson was finishing up her shift at the hospital like she did most days when a man caught her eyes. How could he not? In a room of the sick and injured, he was the epitome of health. With golden hair and tanned skin, he was a not so regular Adonis. Deeming it inappropriate to flirt or do anything of the sort with someone in the workplace, she pushed the thought of him to the back of her mind and left. The next time she saw him was at a poetry night. Not really her scene, but her friends have insisted. Apparently spending every free night at home with a book or her piano was not an appropriate way to spend her early twenties. Not that this seemed much better. Then, she saw him again. And her curiosity peaked, so she approached him. He introduced himself as Apollo. Interesting name.
They hit it off, so well in fact that they saw each other again numerous times over the next few weeks. Annaleise, who had always been so cautious when it came to relationships, let her guard down around him. Every moment spent with him was so joyful, she couldn't believe it. Dinner at a Restaurant, Attending a Theatre show, or simply curled up on the couch watching a movie were regular occurrences. She even thought he might have been feeling the same way for her that she did about him... until one night, he just disappeared, leaving nothing but a shimmering piece of paper and the memories of a fantastic time. Annaleise, dejected and alone, stared at the golden scrawl of ink on the paper.
“ Anna, Look after her. If anything happens- and I’m afraid it might- bring her to the address on the back of this note. She’ll be safe there. I’m sorry. “
Tears fell on the note, and Annaleise felt more alone than she had in a long time. She would have to raise the child on her own again, her Alice, or Aaron, depending on the gender. But a thought itched at the back of her mind as her hand rested on her stomach. She had only found out herself yesterday, so how did he know.
School life was the only thing that Alice ever really had problems with, She lived in a nice little cottage with her mother who worked as a nurse at the local hospital. She had plenty of friends. But school going smoothly was out of the question. It wasn't that she was hated by anyone, of course, there were a few people she wasn't on good terms with, but it was the fact that words wouldn't stay in the same spot for more than a few seconds before flying around the page. Thus making it very difficult to understand, Every word was a new puzzle she had to work out.
Alice had a love of playing on the beach in the sun with her mother or sitting in her bedroom writing poetry, something that she loves to do as you can write all of your feelings down onto a page and feel good about it. Her bedroom walls were lined with crayon drawings of flying horses or a girl that was a part tree. anything and everything can be found on her walls or in her artbook. Although she kept it a secret from her mother, Ally's dreams were plagued with the most random scenario's. Sword fights, Monsters, Nymphs, Magic. She always had a thing for fantasy, Her head was always up on some cloud thinking up an imaginary adventure for her to journey on
First Monster Attack ( Hellhound )
A 13-year-old Alice was walking home from school, taking a shortcut through the woods. She was barely five minutes into the woods when the hair on the back of her neck stood up on end. She walked faster. Alice was certain she was being watched, strange, she'd never seen anyone else on this path, so it felt rather strange having another presence. She was in the final stretch when a large black dog leaped from the shadows. Alice's reaction was simple: Scream and get as far away as possible. But the car-sized dog was fast and pinned her to the ground. All she wanted to do was wake up from this nightmare. But this wasn't one of her dreams. The beast roared in her face as she looked to find something, anything that could save her. But the only things surrounding them were trees. She needed a weapon and fast, or that dog was going to rip her to shreds. She raised her hands to shield her face when her ring fell off her finger. 
The ring itself was something of a beauty, and had been a gift on her last birthday, but a strange story had come with it. Alice and Her Mother had returned from a trip to visit her grandparents in their estate, and there it was. Sitting on her windowsill, shining in the sunlight, a shimmering card beside it, that simply read " Happy Birthday - A " in golden scrawl. Not being able to come to any other solution, She put it down to her mother's work and begun wearing it. 
To her amazement as the ring landed on the ground, it turned into a large knife, a dagger. Time seemed to slow down, as the situation gained clarity. She reached for the weapon, fumbling it once- then twice- then her fingers curled around the hilt and she thrust it up into it's gut. The large dog made a few indistinguishable sounds of pain then vanished in a cloud of Golden Dust. Breathing heavily Alice made her way home, dagger in hand, not quite believing what just happened. She ran into her room away from the prying eyes of her mother and set the Dagger onto her desk, watching it turn back into the golden ring that now had a small name engraved on it Agno Fota.
There was no point in telling anyone, the only outcome would be getting her into a mental hospital. So she kept quiet.
Second Monster Attack ( Fire-Breathing Horse )
A week after her 14th birthday Alice and her mother were spending the day together. They had traveled to a family's friends farm to check on the animals. Their friend, Jolene had just gotten hitched, to a rather weird man, and had asked them to make sure the animals weren't running wild. Alice and Annaleise closed the gate to the last paddock then sat down together just to talk. It was these Mother-Daughter bonding moments that they both loved. However, it had a rather strange interruption. A fireball landed a few feet from the pair. As her mother screamed, Alice's eyes widened. Not this again. The horse that had kept its distance from the both of them now had a mane and tail of fire.
Alice took off her ring and prepared her untrained self for battle against the horse. She pushed away the sound of her mother's screams and the normal horses' whinnies, focusing instead on dodging a flame being shot at her. Approaching the horse quickly she attempted to stab it in the side, but the horse kicked its flaming hooves at her in defense. Alice grimaced on the ground from the attack. Her forearm scorched. She looked for a blind spot on the monster, to no avail. It was around then her mother begun shouting, and calling the horses attention off of her daughter. Alice took the chance and plunged her dagger into its side. Coughing up gold monster dust she explained to her mother about the last attack as they sped home. Ally knew that her mother would believe her, no one else could ever see the monsters. but for a reason unknown, her mother could. A clear-sighted mortal. The returned home, the car ride silent.
Annaleise, who couldn't believe that this was happening, dug in a drawer for the small shimmering card her lover had left her all the years ago. The address was still scrawled neatly on the back of the piece of paper. The address to a place of safety. But her daughter was so young. She couldn't bear to see her go just yet. She'd wait just a bit longer.

It was now Alice's 15th Birthday. They had been driving for a while now seemingly taking hours when they passed a sign, it wasn't anything special. Old and worn, Alice could barely read it. Her mother translated it to "Delphi's Strawberry Services", and begun to tell her daughter about the golden-haired man she had met- and the place of safety he had told her about. Which she had naively ignored.
There was a large pine tree on a hill not far from here, she could see something golden curling around it. The pine tree reached far above the surrounding trees, she knew that's where she needed to head to. Annaleise hugged her daughter close saying her goodbyes. She didn't know when she would return home, or if she would at all, but she knew this was the best place for her. Alice gave her love to her mother then turned towards the hill and sprinted towards it. There was no telling what would be beyond it, but she couldn't ignore the feeling it provided.
It felt like home.


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Hi, I'm Flopfish3, a helper on the CHBRP Wiki, and I'll be checking out your claim today! Welcome back to the wiki, incidentally!

You did a great job! Only a few small things to note:

  • You actually only need one godly parent choice. I'm assuming you'd like to go with Apollo :)
  • What age was Alice when the second monster attack happened? Via policy she should be 14, a year or less after her first monster attack.
  • Could you include a teeny bit more detail in Annaliese and Apollo's relationship? Eg falling in love (or events leading up to conception, etc). Don't worry too much about it though - that's more of a nitpick on my part.
  • When/Where did Alice get the ring?

Thanks so much! Can't wait to see you around and hopefully RP with you sometime!

Flopfish3 (talk) 19:51, December 16, 2018 (UTC)

Really close now! There appears to be a time discrepancy - how is Alice's 15th birthday only two months after her 14th birthday (second monster attack)? Once that's addressed, I'll have a full claim worker give you the final go-ahead!

Flopfish3 (talk) 21:55, December 16, 2018 (UTC)

Similar to what Flop pointed out, there's also some conflicting information about Alice's second monster attack. It says that the attack happened when she was 14, but it later also says that the attack happened over two years after her last attack (her first attack which happened when she was 13). So if you clarify that, you should be all set!

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Okay !! I think i've done everything now !! 

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