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Name: Alice Meadows

Gender: Female

God Parent: Persehone, Demeter, Cybele

Mortal Parent: Remy Meadows

Appearance: Blonde hair, Green eyes and Average Height.
Alice Meadows 2
Alice Meadows

Personallity: Alice is very kind almost never angry howeverwhen she does get angry she is near fearless, completely ruthless and very fierce.

Sexualltiy: Straight

History: Remy Meadows was a pharmacist living in Shropshire England who ran his own apothecary although not rich he was comfortable. One hot summers day whist picking herbs he saw a young woman laying down in a patch of flowers. He walked towards her and said "Hello there are you OK?" at which point she smiled and replied "Hi and yes I'm just enjoying the beauty of this spot would you like to join me?" After that they soon became lovers but one day she suddenly disappeared. His heart broken Remy closed down his business and moved to Manhattan. Over the next few months he tried to cut himself off from nature completely however one day he caved in and took a wander around central park were he saw the young woman this time with a toddler. It was at this point that she revealed that she was Persephone the goddess of springtime and that the toddler was in fact their daughter and that she had been waiting for a few days to see him here. She also said that their daughter named Alice had spent the last two years in the lotus casino and that she would eventually have to go to a special camp specifically for demigods like her. She also gave him a brooch in the shape of a rose which she told him would turn into a bow and quiver full of arrows when Alice wanted.

Alice's childhood was fairly normal her father worked in a bakery, she did OK in school even though she was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, her father put her in archery lessons which she found she liked and excelled at. However the day before her fifteenth birth day she was attacked by a harpy whilst out shopping with her father luckily he told her what to do and she managed to kill it with he brooch which she always wore. Her father then told her about her mother and camp

The next day she decide she wanted to have her birthday with her friends before leaving for camp  however just as she cut the cake an emposia burst in and attacked charging towards her Alice quickly dodged to the left and transforming her brooch once again she killed the emposia and it burst into dust. All the kids ran and Alice looked at dad and said "Camp.".

After the attack at her party Alice and her dad ran to the car and drove to long island however a hellhound leapt in front of their car baring the way to a hill atop which was a pine tree which Alice knew from what her dad told her marked the boundary line. Alice transformed her brooch and told her dad to leave. She proceeded to fire three arrows in quick succession at the hell hound however it dodged out of the way and charged toward her but before it could quite reach it exploded into dust as the emposia did. A camper named Austin stood there with a sword in each hand she quickly said goodbye to her dad who had ignored her and entered camp quickly being claimed by Persephone.

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so she left the baby on the casino just because he hated nature? i just don't get that 2227111-miles super I'd rather be web slinging -Hydro 22:01, August 20, 2013 (UTC)

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