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Name: Alissa

Gender: Female

Species: Flower nymph

Appearance: Alissa is a tall, blonde nymph. Just like other nymphs, she's beautiful. She loves braids and flower crowns on her head.

Personality: Alissa is a kind and patient girl. If help is needed, she gives a hand to them. She always shows a happy and positive personality that everyone would like from a friend.

History: Every living thing in a forest or that is from it has its own caretaker and protector. From tall majestic trees to the tiniest of the flowers do have one or more. Alissa is one of them. Born with growing sweet alyssum flowers in the forest entrance of Camp Half-Blood, she took knowledge of the people around her and other deities around.

She started knowing different flowers and collect some of them, also befriending some nymphs around her. She of course became very fond of different flowers, not just the one she was connected to. She planted more of the sweet alyssums  to bring more of sweet fragrance to the forest and also for camp.

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