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Name:Allie and Alexander Hunt

Ages: 16



Gender:Male and Female

God Parent: Apate, Nike, Lyssa

Mortal Parent:Milton Hunt

Allie's Appearance: Chestnut hair, peach skin, mask she always wears, white dress, and black flats, brown eyes

Alexander's appearance: Brown hair, brown eyes, always wears hoodies, blue hoodie

Allie's Personality: Allie is a very shy, serious, mature girl. When it comes to her brother, she is very protective and cares deeply for Alexander. If anythings happens to him, she will not know what to do.

Alexander's Personality: Alexander is a fun, shy, average guy. He teases Allie whenever he gets the opportunity but loves her very much. He loves pulling pranks on people, so keep an eye out for him.

History: Allie and Alexander's dad Milton was an Electrician. One day he caught a certain woman eye he didn't know she was a goddess yet, he could see through the mist. They went out for awhile and fell truly in love. One night they had sex. The next day, she was gone. Milton went looking all over for her but she had totally disappeared. He went back to the hous eand say a sticky note, telling him she was a goddess. Milton was shocked.

9 months later two babies appeared at his doorstep. He thought they were from the goddess and raised them as their own. When they were old enough for elemtary school, Alexander started too see strange monsters but thought it was just someone trying to get back at him for his pranking. The next day Alexander made fake, life-sized crafts of himself in arts and crafts. When him and Allie were walking home a hellhound came and tried to chase them he told Allie to run. He put the life-sized crafts of himself around him and tried to confuse hellhound but, failed. He ran away from the hellhound just in time before the hellhound found him. But, once he came form his hiding place, all he saw was gold dust. On their 16th birthday, Allie and Alexander received presents two daggers for Allie and a sword for Alexander. They asked their dad about these gifts and he replied that they were family heirlooms. They went out for a little bit then they all saw another hellhound. The hellhound chased them until an arrow came out of nowhere and lodged itself into the hellhounds head. A satyr came and told their dad he would take them to Camp Half-Blood. When they arrived, the satyr told them to just walk through the entrance and they would be okay. They bothed looked at each other and shruged. They reluctantly stepped through the entrance. The both of them figured that this would be good after all.

Weapons: Two Celestial Bronze daggers for Allie, and a Celestial Bronze sword for Alexander

"I am Merida from Clan Dunbrock and I'll be shootin' for my own hand!"

May you feel pain in punishment and your body rot in Tartarus.

The mist doesn't make a god look regular, they just do. Being able to see through the Mist doesn't help you identify gods. There were even several instances in the series where Percy was unsure if he was looking at a god or mortal. I laughed when you wrote, "One night they had sex." What did Milton think of having two babies left to him? How did he make the "fake versions" of himself? Those probably wouldn't attract an animal who can literally smell blood... Why were they reluctant to go to Camp, and what changed their minds?

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