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Name: Allison Versanda

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Demeter, Palaemon, Hecate

Mortal Male Parent: Hayden Versanda, Mortal Female Parent: Christina Versanda

Appearance: Has wavy brown hair that falls past her shoulder. She has chocolate brown eyes with gold flecks that are always drinking in the world she sees with them. Her skin is pale, and she gets sunburn easily. Her height is 5'5", which makes her slightly tall for her age.

Personality: Allison is very kind and soft-spoken, not shy, but not the most outgoing person either. At social events, she prefers just to be laughing with her closest friends than hanging with the big crowd. She is always willing to help other people, and it takes a lot to make her mad. When you manage it, though, she gets really mad.

History: Hayden Versanda was a software engineer, but in his free time, he enjoyed botany. One day, he was admiring some flower hybrid in the window of a store. He felt a tap on his shoulder and jumped, turning around. Standing there was a beautiful lady, smiling at his appreciation of the hybrid. They talked for a while about it, and then Hayden invited the lady to his house.

The lady accepted the offer, and they went. They talked a little more, then proceeded to the bedroom. The mysterious woman gave birth after only four months, which Hayden found strange. During those four months, the lady was out of the house, doing whatever business she had to do, which Hayden didn't question, though he wondered about it often.

After the girl's birth, which Hayden let the lady name "Allison," Hayden proposed. The woman shifted uncomfortably when he brought out the ring, and explained that she was Demeter, a goddess, and that she couldn't marry a mortal. She expected Hayden to throw a fit, but he was only disappointed, which made Demeter feel even guiltier. She told him of Camp Half-Blood, and how the family of two would have to move to New York. Demeter expressed how much she'd enjoyed the time she spent with Hayden, but eventually had to go. Before she left, she enchanted the proposal ring Hayden used so that it could turn into a Celestial bronze sword.

Hayden accepted the fact that the woman he loved was a goddess quite easily, for he had been fascinated by the Greek gods for many years. He listened to Demeter's advice, and moved to Manhattan with Allison.

The little girl grew up to have a terrible childhood, having to deal with her dyslexia and attention deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD). She was often teased by her mortal classmates, making her feel embarrassed. She found one good friend named Destiny Wu before Destiny moved away in the middle of sixth grade. Then Allison became a loner again.

Allison had her first monster attack when she was thirteen, when walking to the bus stop. A hellhound leaped behind her and started barking at her. Ben, a satyr (though Allison didn't know at the time), was also at the bus stop that morning, since he sensed the hellhound somewhere and also sensed Allison's demigod-ness, though he wasn't sure it was her since she wasn't a Big Three demigod. So it was mere happenstance that Ben was there the same time as Allison. He brought out a sword and slashed at the hellhound's neck, felling it eventually, but not before the hellhound raked its claws across Ben's right arm. This rendered Ben unable to take Allison to camp, because if any monsters came their way, Ben wouldn't be able to fend them off. Allison was untrained and couldn't defeat anything on her own. (Ben isn't ambidextrous.)

Adding on to the hesitation of bringing Allison to camp, when Ben only said, "I need to take you somewhere, later," Allison had pleaded with him to stay with her dad at least another week. Ben agreed, and secretly contacted Hayden to make sure Allison couldn't break her promise.

Shortly after (like a week), on her fourteenth birthday, Allison's father told her she needed to pack up. He said that everything was for "them" to explain, and that Allison would be safer "there." Allison had many questions, and was suspicious that this related to the incident with the mysterious dog and the satyr Ben, but never got a chance to ask her father, as Hayden drove them down to Long Island as fast as he could. They gave hasty good-byes before Hayden disappeared down the road. Allison began the climb up Half-Blood Hill, and arrived at Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: Allison can turn her dad's proposal ring into a Celestial bronze sword by tapping the emerald in the center twice. This is her chosen weapon at most times because it is most efficient.

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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Roleplay Wiki! If possible, kidnly organize your claim with sections like this claim.

  • A god would never date a mortal for four years. Gods will usually only stay with a mortal for a couple of months before attempting to conceive a baby.
  • The age of 8 is way too early for a child of a non-big three god to encounter her first monster. It should occur between the ages of 10 to 13. Also, kindly choose an easy difficulty as manticores are highly difficult monsters.
  • Mrs. Wong would not be able to do much—that is, if she's even clear-sighted in the first place—against the monster, let alone kill it, since only Celestial Bronze weapons are fatal to them (which mortals would not have) and monsters will almost always pursue the demigod no matter what.
  • While a water nymph can telekinetically "move" water, they can't change the current nor move whatever is within the water, and a water nymph would not be able to tell a demigod from mortal (since they can't detect a demigod's scent), so kindly make changes to how Claire got to camp.
  • The mist only twists a mortal's sight, so it can't alter a mortal's memory (like making Claire's mother think that Claire is at a year-round boarding school).

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So is it okay if I make a totally different claim? Sorry if it's inconvenient. My interest in godly parents and names have just changed, so I was just thinking about that. Britney (Iris-message)

That's totally fine, all that's required is a simple page rename to reflect the new name of your character C:.

  • A goddess usually remains in Olympus during her pregnancy and don't tend to return to the mortal until after they gave birth to give the child to the mortal with any explanations or possessions.
  • What was Allison's exact age when she was attacked by a hellhound? Eighth grade could mean that she was 13 or 14. If it is the latter, it would be a tad late for a child of a non-big three god to encounter her first monster, which should occur between the ages of 10 to 13.
  • Also mortals are unable to cover a demigod's scent, Percy's stepfather was only able to mask Percy's scent due to his horrible body smell.
  • Please specify Allison's current age in the claim and the exact age Allison was when she got to camp in the history.
  • For a sword to be effective to a demigod, it should be made of Celestial Bronze.

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Re: Oh, okay. I fixed everything. It's fine if the Celestial bronze can turn into a silver ring, though, right? Britney (Iris-message) 01:21, November 17, 2015 (UTC)Britney

Hello, some things to fix up.

  • Please a little elaboration on her childhood?
  • About her first monster attack, please state how she defeated it, either herself or with the satyr. Anyway, was the satyr following her the whole time or what? (Btw, if the Satyr, Ben, knew about Allison's parentage, why didn't he start moving and get Allison before, or probably informed her dad to let her go to Camp?)
  • Where did she get her weapon?

That's it. See you again! :)

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Re: Okay, all fixed! I added a paragraph on her childhood and explained how Ben defeated the hellhound, among others. Britney (Iris-message) 03:58, November 19, 2015 (UTC)Britney Asher

  • being wounded by a hellhound on the arm would probably only take about a month or two at the most to heal so why wouldn't the satyr take her to camp then? I would suggest maybe having Allison convince the Satyr to let her stay, maybe because she didnt want to leave her father just yet, and have him stay with her through the year

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Re: Well, yeah, but Allison's dad took her to camp a week later only, so it didn't take a month for her father to take her to camp. However, I'll add that idea in, since obviously Allison is very close to her dad. Britney (Iris-message) 07:58, November 24, 2015 (UTC)Britney Asher

  • At the top of the claim you state Allison is 14 1/2 and at the end of the claim you say she got to camp almost right when shes 14. this would indicate she has been at camp for about 6 months since half a year would be 6 and that wouldn't be allowed. an unclaimed character can only be at camp for two weeks. if this confuses you a bit dont be affriad o IM me since the rule is pretty hard to understand

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Re: Oh, I'll change it to 14 then. Britney (Iris-message) 07:31, December 3, 2015 (UTC)Britney

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