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Full Name: Alma Mari Devin

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Parents: Harley Devin and Melinoe/Nyx/Apate

Appearance: Alma has dark brown hair and even darker eyes, almost black. She's 5'4" in height and is skinny.

Personality: Alma's very quiet, mute actually. The only way she talks is by writing down what she says on a notepad. People would think of Alma as strange, maybe it's just an effect you get from her. Alma loves reading or listening to music on her iPod.

History: Harley Devin, a fine artist, had finally fallen in love after yearning for it for many years. The woman he had fallen in love with, her name was Willow, Willow was an expert on ghosts and so on. She was also quite beautiful. Both were in a relationship for months and then Willow was soon pregnant with Harley's child. Alma was soon born a nine months later. But Willow had left soon after, leaving a broken Harley.

Harley left Alma up for adoption, as he decided he didn't want anything to do with her, without Willow with him.. Life for Alma was hell, lonely. She was different from the other kids there, they all thought she was strange. Even the caretakers weren't that much better. But Alma was eventually adopted. By a couple, known as the Browns. Little did Alma know that Martin and Emily Brown were actually drug smugglers. They weren't the best parents either, unsurprisingly...

Emily and Martin would just ignore her most of the time, well, yes, they'd give her all the necessities, food, water, shelter, but basically they never tried talking to her or any of the sort. Alma didn't mind, she never would talk anyways. As Alma grew older she talked less.. eventually becoming mute, no reason to this though. Maybe, cause nobody ever talked to her? She saw no point? Well, no one seemed bothered by this, nor the fact that when they talk to her she only takes a pen and a piece of paper and writes to them of what she wants to say.

In the year she turned 13, Alma saw strange things, but didn't say anything about them, since she doesn't't talk, and people would think of her as "weird" and "paranoid", or as she so thinks.. Oh yeah.. Then came the chimera, what happened? Emily and Martin had no choice but to let dear Alma follow them as they smuggled drugs to Southern America, without her knowing of their plan of course. While they were on their way, the car tyre went flat. Martin grunted and slammed the car door roughly as he went to check. Emily had decided to take a nap, and she was sleeping deeply. And Alma... Was just being Alma, quiet and distant as usual.

After a few minutes or so, Martin had given up on the tyre and they all had to grab their things and walk all the way to the airport. Tiring as it was, no one a word of complaint. As they walked, they came across something huge.... And very terrifying. Martin and Emily took a run for it, seeing as they were mortal, who knew what terrifying image they saw.. It made the creature lunged at them and killed them instantly. Alma could've been by that thing-a chimera if she wasn't saved by a girl, whom looked slightly older than Alma, had just came out of nowhere and stabbed the monster on the back, turning it into dust. When she tried to walk towards Alma, the girl ran away quickly, too much in shock and slight fear.

How far Alma ran, or where to, she had no idea. But then she stumbled and took a wrong turn and tripped. Then all she could see was darkness. Soon after Alma woke up on a bed in an old looking house.. she saw a younger lady looking at her from a rocking chair worriedly. She then explained of what had happened to Alma. She had found her near the end of a river looking pale. She had brought her here not long after. Alma nodded in thanks, and since then she had stayed with the lady-oops, forgot to mention, her name was Demitria.

Demitria understood about Alma's muteness, she didn't try to get her to talk knowing that it was pointless. So, she got Alma a pen and a thick notepad, which she now uses to write what she wants to say. Little did Alma know, Demitria was a daughter of Hades. So.. every time when there was a monster nearby their house, Demitria would tell Alma that she "is going out to the garden" but instead, she would go to fight of a stray monster. Demitria-okay.. Let's just shorten it to Demi, shall we? Okay- Demi almost never lost a fight, being an experienced fighter, thanks to Camp Half-Blood.

So.. This went on for quite many years. Then Alma's 17th birthday arrived. Demi and her were out in the garden, when Alma saw a huge hellhound. Demi saw it too, and she shouted at Alma to hide, which Alma did. Then Demi fought of the monster and killed it within a few minutes. All that was left were ashes. Suddenly a satyr came stumbling out of the forest and looked at Alma for a few moments before rushing towards them. With the help of Demi, the satyr explained everything to Alma. From monsters to the Greek gods and to Camp. Seeing as she was seventeen... They had to get there fast. So Demi shadow traveled them all to Camp, and there she said her goodbyes to Alma, and made her promise to visit, then left. By fortnight, Alma was claimed by Willow, whom actually, was _____.

Weapons: None.

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How did she survive a chimera attack?

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A girl saved her by killing it before it could attack her. Cloudsies Riri ye ye ye 10,487Cloudsies

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