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General Profile

Name: Althea ‘Thea’ Anggraini Jansen

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena, Apollo, Ares

Species: Demigod

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent: (Athena) Richard Santoso Jansen, (Apollo or Ares) Annie Margaret Jansen



Picture/Human Model

Drawn ID -Althea-


Thea is a tall young woman with an athletic, lithe build. Being of Dutch-Indonesian descent, she has long, graceful, and highly trained limbs, lined with faint muscles, and dainty fingers to move with the grace of a dancer and wield any weapon with ease; especially bows and arrows, and any kind of blade. Her body is her ultimate weapon; it can take any kind of hit and hit back twice as hard.

Her eyes are an ashy-grey colour, often never fully open which gives off a dreamy, sleepy feeling. They are chestnut-shaped, framed with long, thick eyelashes, and full of thought. During the rare moments she’s wide ‘awake’, her eyes give an entirely different feeling. A soft smile is always ever present on her glossy pink lips. Neat rows of pearly teeth glisten like sunlight whenever she grins. Thea’s skin is slightly tan, from her grandmother, and gives off a dreamy glow, even when the sun is not present.

On the contrary, her hair is black as midnight; long, straight and soft as wet silk. It drapes over her shoulders and down her back. Her bangs are equal length with the rest of her hair, and it often drapes over her face as it is so soft that it barely stays in any shape (and she does not believe in hair spray) and gets in her way a lot. So she often has her bangs side-swept and braided, while the rest of her hair is allowed free. Occasionally she would have it in a loose, messy bun or tied in a ponytail. One trait of her’s however, is that her eyebrows are always knitted in thought. No matter where she is, or what she is doing.

Thea does not care much for her physical appearance, thus, she often settles with anything she is comfortable with. However, she absolutely refuses to wear shorts or short skirts, as she was brought up in a very conservative household; therefore she would usually be seen with cargo or camo pants, used sneakers, or sandals. Her top varies from plain t-shirts, tank tops, or turtlenecks of any colour, but usually nothing too bright or eye-catching (very distracting, she says). Her athletic prowess does not come easy, however, and she can often be seen wearing training gauntlets or a belt equipped with weapons, if not a bow and arrow strapped onto her back.


At first glance, Thea comes across as an extremely quiet and thoughtful young woman. She seems to have a million thoughts racing through her head and would often be caught daydreaming and/or staring off into space like a mentally ill person. She is, however, rather fidgety, and would often be tapping her foot or finger while in her thoughts. She has a tendency to wander while deep in thought, and then she’d be surprised to find herself to be somewhere she didn’t remember walking to. Thea doesn’t really care about what people think to her, however. She’s a very confident person and a whiz with words and solving problems. She’s very smooth and laid back most of the time, but when you have her attention; Thea is one heck of a rambler. You’ll be hearing her ask odd and quirky questions, and comment on things from a not-so-normal perspective.

Thea is an extremely intellectual person; her mind is her only friend, which is why you would often see her smiling to herself. She is a very independent person, and tends to not want to be reliant on other people. However, she has no problems for other people to be reliant on her, and would help out on problems most of the time. Despite being friendly, she does not deem anyone to be close friends of her’s, contrary to what they may think. Her intellect often causes her to be manipulative, and she would play people like chess pieces without hesitation to achieve her goals, which often means well but practically, not so much. However, she does also have a soft spot for music, and finds music in many different things; laughter, babbling brooks, and even rustling leaves. She believes music has a direct connection to her soul, as much as brilliant ideas do, which is why she can be found around children of Hephaestus, Apollo, and Zeus.

However, Thea is also quite an athlete, and is a perfectionist to her performance. This often causes her to train for many hours to perfect her skill, occasionally to drown unpleasant thoughts or insights. She minds her movements and is always quick to react, never out of energy. Thea often incorporates her intelligence into her athletic skills, and is very resourceful. Unfortunately, she is often very judgemental to other people’s performance too, and is extremely intolerant to mistakes when working in groups. This is why she resorts to manipulation to get people to do as she wishes. When her patience is thin, however, Thea is brutally honest, and is not afraid to hurt people’s feelings. Occasionally this brings her amusement, to see people hurt. Thus, making her morally twisted.

However deep down, Thea is just desperately lonely, but is too proud to ever admit it or to reach out to other people.


Heart of Minds

Papers, pens, books, and late nights. Airplanes, empty streets, and everything in between.

Richard Santoso Jansen was always known to be a hard worker. He often forgot to eat, sleep, or rest, just to finish the work he started. The only thing on his mind? Perfection. Richard was a professor in Cambridge, specializing in Civil Engineering. He worked day and night to create designs, propose new patents for the engineering world, and build. Oh, how he loved to build. Behind his glasses and unruly mess of black hair, was a handsome, ambitious young man with the brightest smile in the town of Cambridge. His hair was wavy and black as night, eyes the lightest shade of ghostly blue. His designs and ideas earned him many titles and acknowledgements, and even reached the ears of Athena. Out of curiosity, the goddess decided to disguise herself and watch how he worked.

She was awed by his intelligence, his determination, and the smile he bared whenever he taught his class. Naturally, Athena became his best pupil, and he slowly began to fall in love with her and her mind. After a month of dating, Athena finally revealed herself to him, and convinced him to join minds with her. Richard did not fully grasp what she meant by this, and was surprised to find a beautiful baby girl in his room the next day. He was the happiest man alive at that moment. However, it was also at that moment that he learned Athena had gone, leaving him heartbroken and torn. He could never bring himself to look at Althea, who was the constant reminder of her mother. And what did he know about raising children? Thus, he entrusted his Indonesian nanny to bring her back to Indonesia with to be raised by his sister, knowing he could never raise her properly himself, Richard once again drowned himself in his work.

Early Childhood

Thea spent her early childhood in the outskirts of Bandung, with her aunt; Melati Jansen, who owns a nature school/cultural centre in the village they lived in. Being the tightly-knight community it is, Thea was raised by everyone in the village. By the age of two, Thea was enrolled in her aunt’s nature school, where she learned a lot of her Indonesian heritage, such as its general history, its many native languages and songs, and even learning to do several traditional dances and playing several traditional instruments from all over the archipelago. She was raised with Indonesian as her mother language, later mastering several local languages such as Sundanese and Javanese, picking up other native languages during trips with her aunt to other islands for cultural performances, and some Dutch from her aunt and mortal grandparents whenever they visited. By the age of six, along with all her other classmates they were enrolled in a pencak silat course. Surprisingly, Thea managed to surpass all expectations and even excel in her class, managing to do complex moves and learn every technique with ease.

Several weeks before her tenth birthday, she and her aunt drove to an airport in Bandung to finally visit Richard, when it began to hail heavily. It’d been gloomy that day, and everyone had expected it to hail eventually. The roads in the village were small, and left and right, there was nothing but green; paddy fields and vegetable crops. But something odd happened that day, as they climbed on an uphill slope when Thea noticed a flock of birds fly toward their slow-moving car in high speed. They swarmed their car, blocking the view and causing them to slide off the road, rolling down the hill and crashing into an electric pole which fell over and crushed the car. Melati, even though she was pinned in to the steering wheel and door, noticed this, and told Thea to slip on her rubber sandals and get out. The young child cried, as she saw Melati to be her mother, and did not want to leave her. However, there was no choice when several beaks ripped Thea's door open. Stymphalian bird. Running on adrenaline, Thea scrammed to the backseat and ran out the door, the flock swarming inside the car in hot pursuit after her. But they did not manage to exit, as Thea slammed the door in their faces, and ran.

Just as the electric sparks ignited the fuel tank.

The villagers believed that it was a freak accident, knowing how slippery the road was in the rain. With her guardian gone, Thea was sent back to Cambridge to be reunited with her father. Permanently. She greeted this idea happily, however, excited to finally meet the man she had heard so much about from her aunt. Unfortunately, she did not receive the greeting she expected to get upon arrival. He shook her hand and gave her a nod. And that was it.

Return to Cambridge

Richard never did step up to his position as a father. He did not care for the many impressive poems Thea made for him, or for the many feats of athleticism she tried to show off. All she wanted was his love. So when Thea started school there, she made a vow to be the best of everything and finally earn that love. She learned English rather quickly, studied hard and practiced hard, for she inherited her father’s determination, and consistently earned first rank in all her classes, including P.E. and Gym. Her teachers were impressed, but her father never even blinked. One day, upon seeing her report card, Richard told her, “The next generation should always be better than the one before. And you, my dear Althea, you are still young. Learn as much as you can, while you can.”

And Thea smiled, but her father never saw because he never even looked up from his work.

The rest of her childhood was filled with study and clubs. She won many competitions; mostly sports, and academic (Richard always told her that a healthy body harbours a healthy mind, thus she joined as many sports as she could). But she had absolutely no friends. A drop in score or achievement what was Thea feared most. Her already high-achieving father would look at her, with a look that she swore was of utter disappointment and frustration before the scolding started, clawing and tearing at her on the inside until she could cry no more. Her father would quickly apologize after each outburst, hug her and whisper comforting words. But by the age of eleven, she stopped hugging back.

Thea had grown emotionally hollow, and she began to miss her childhood in Indonesia. Her father never cared for her smiles, so she stopped smiling. Lonely and starved of affection, Thea began to recede deeper and deeper into her mind, asking questions to which she’d make up an answer for. Creating a world she could escape to. She especially liked to do this under the sunlight, where it felt like she was embraced in her mother’s arms, but not really her either. One day, after asking a question, something else asked back. It wasn’t her. It was an odd, new voice that gave her new questions she never thought of. Due to this, Thea became a quiet observer. Watching, thinking, and studying. She studied people. She seemed to like that. However, when a pencak silat class opened in her school (and she did join it in a heartbeat), she felt as if she’d regained an old friend, and once again became the star of her class.

The Child of Athena

Her second monster attack occurred at the age of twelve. A substitute teacher who was filling in for Thea’s science teacher during last period. She was an odd woman, the young demigod thought. And for some reason, she kept on imagining a bird. Squawking, baring its talons. And she saw blood. Blood, and blood. She ended up staring at the substitute in an entranced manner until the end of class. Until all the children left and went home. The substitute walked over to the door and locked in, and only until the ‘click’ was heard did Thea snap back to attention. But by then, the teacher had begun to transform. Talons, feathers, and wings. A harpy. But the girl was not as helpless as she looked. This creature was not smart. She was smarter. So she used the knowledge she had learned in school. She wasn’t strong enough to attack the creature, but she was fast enough. Discreetly she opened the storage unit of her pencil sharpener, and when the lamia charged, she threw the pencil shavings into its eyes. Everything moved in slow motion as it screeched and grabbed its eyes, Thea bolted to the laboratory, locked the door, and began working.

However, this caught the attention of a certain young boy using crutches.

As Thea dressed the skeleton in her shoes and jacket, threw a black rag over its head and closed all the curtains, the crippled boy with brown hair and blue eyes rushed outside to the laboratory window. The memory of her aunt’s death flashed through Thea's mind as she rummaged through the supply closet for the largest generator she could find. The lamia began pounding on the door. She connected the generator to the metal pole that kept the skeleton upright, and she knew what it was plaster. It should conduct electricity. Then, she threw water onto the floor from the sink before grabbing a bottle of powdered sulphur and doused it on herself. She switched off the lights. Thea hid under the desk just as the harpy broke the door down. It sniffed about, but the smell of sulphur was sharp and distracted it enough to spot the decoy in the corner. It slipped and rolled about in the soaked floor and when it grabbed the skeleton, it was shocked hard. In its paralyzed state, the boy broke a window open and drew the curtains back. His skin was fair and glowed with the sunlight. Thea was awed. "Take my hand!" He yelled, and Thea did just that.

She escaped through the window and ran with him to the street and onto a downhill road. As they crossed, the harpy regained control and surged after them with blind rage. And dearly forgot to notice the truck that became its cause of death. It hit the harpy and tried to break, but gravity kept pulling and the weight it carried caused it to fall over. It was crushed.

She asked him questions and he told her, "We're special, you and me. Beings like us, we gotta stick together." That day Thea learned of her godly heritage, but she made a friend. Collin was his name.

Entering the eighth grade, Thea had become the school’s star athlete, often working herself relentlessly to her coaches’ worries. She trained to drown her troubles, the memories of the monster attacks when she was young, and the voices inside her head when they grew too overwhelming. Aside from pencak silat, she especially also excelled in archery, fencing, and obstacle races. She was probably seen to be one of the most popular kids in school. All the girls acted like they were her friend, and all the boys looked at her with awestruck eyes. And she would smile in knowing that they would lie down on their stomachs without hesitation if she asked. This was when her manipulative trait developed, getting people to do what she wanted during group assignments, and set them an impossibly high standard. They’d whine and complain, but once it was done, they’d always get the highest marks.

And even with all the achievements and appreciation, Thea knew there was only one person who truly cared for her, and he was a new boy in crutches. The only one who knew what she truly was.

This all changed when she turned fourteen. Thea had gone to see her father at his class after archery practice with Collin. On their way there, they saw a black horse with a shining mane. It started to canter furiously toward them, and they realized, this was no normal horse. Everything once again moved in slow motion, and Thea moved in front of Collin and crossed her arms before her chest. There was a screech of an inferno, and she and Collin flew back to the lonely streets of Cambridge. She began to open her eyes, and what she saw shocked her. A giant spider web, out of nowhere, burning with fire that the horse exhaled. Thea kept doing this as she and Collin tried to escape it in order to slow it down, running into alleyways and crowded streets. Until they found a dead end. The fire-breathing horse managed to catch them and once again blew its flames. Thea could only improvise and weave another barrier. Collin then presented her with an arrow, its head made of Celestial Bronze, and told her it'd been a gift he was wanted to give her and that she needed to use it against the horse. "Only this will work." He told her, and she trusted him. As the spider webs burned down, Thea strung the arrow into her practice bow, and shot it through its heart.


But since that day, Thea began to suspect something. Richard should know about this too, right? Despite her usual contempt towards her father, her curiosity could take no more, and she finally confronted him. Through much convincing, yelling, counters, and unpleasant memories, Richard finally cracked and told her everything of his experience with Athena, and the rule the gods had established in order to care for demigods. It was like a session of therapy for him, and he finally grew to accept reality as it is after fourteen years. Unfortunately, Thea saw this as an act of betrayal, but once again managed to lock her emotions away to let reason shine through. Their relationship had finally improved.

At the age of sixteen, two weeks before turning seventeen, she went with Richard to New York, America so that he may attend a conference. She was left alone at the hotel in Long Island that night, when she heard the sound of a scuff happening outside. The young demigod peeked out through her room curtains just in time to see a certain boy stumble out of an alley. But he didn't have crutches. Instead, he had the legs of a goat. In hot pursuit behind him; a pack of hellhounds. Without hesitation, Thea rushed out and pursued them, bringing only her cell phone and a keris from her pencak silat training.

She managed to run ahead of Collin eventually and managed to yank him into an unlocked shed. They shared a long embrace, but before she could ask questions, he yanked her back outside and hailed a cab (not before putting on his pants and crutches of course). This was when the interrogation once again occured. He explained that he needed to take her to a safe haven for demigods, and that he'd always been looking after her. They stopped at the forest like and ran into it, where the hellhound pack finally caught up to them. They could move faster now, since Collin didn't need to use his crutches, and began to lead her to the camp. A few meters away from the barrier, a hellhound sprung from a bush and tackled Thea down. Collin bashed its head in with his crutch, which was in fact made of Celestial Bronze. However, this ignited the other pack members to attack him. The young demigod watched in horror as her dearest friend was torn apart, and he told her to run. She didn't move, watching Collin be devoured alive sparked an emotion in her; anger. So instead of retreating, Thea ran back for him, grabbed one of his crutches and hit one away. This turned all eyes on her. The days she spent training silat with Collin flashed through her head, and suddenly she could see bright spots appear on the hellhounds' bodies. Pressure points. They all charged at once and Thea fought back with the crutch, getting them disoriented with a bash or whack and then striking a pressure point with her middle and forefinger.

This went on until all the hellhounds were wining in pain on the ground, and Thea took this chance to drag her bloodied friend into the safe parameters of the barrier. She held him in her arms through his last dying breaths, and he left her with a smile.

Thea felt grief, pain, and guilt. So strong and gripping, yet... She didn’t know why, but it all began to fade away just as quickly, leaving her hollow yet again. She looked back at the flicker of torches in the dark and felt things slowly click into place. Richard never brought her there to accompany him for a conference. It'd always been to bring her here. So Thea pulled out her phone and dialled Richard’s number. He didn’t answer, but that was to be expected, so she left him a voicemail;

“Dad? I wanted to tell you I found the camp. I’m sure you know what I mean. And I just want to say... Thank you. For everything. I finally understand now. You’ve kept me away, because you were always afraid of this day. Of losing me too. But just know that I’ll come back one day, I promise. I love you, dad.” I love you too, Collin. And she kissed her friend's forehead in farewell.


  • Keris: With Indonesia being a big part of her early childhood, and considering it is the weapon she arrived in Camp Half-Blood with. A simple weapon. After her arrival in Camp Half-Blood, the keris was then coated with Celestial Bronze and charmed to be able to lengthen to the size of a sword.
  • Customized Machiara: An ancient Greek weapon that resembles a machete. It was the first Greek weapon she’d been interested in upon arrival at Camp Half-Blood. It reminded her of a badik, which is another Indonesian blade she was familiarized with in her previous silat classes. Thus she requested one to be crafted by the Hephaestus cabin to be able to change shape into other traditional Indonesian weapons she is familiar with. It has a switch below its sheath with certain settings that allow it to change according to her needs. In return, she gave them a new forge design.
  • Silver Teardrop: A necklace gifted to her by a silversmith while traveling to Jogjakarta. A locket of pure silver with her name carved into it. In Camp Half-Blood, it was reconstructed into a bow and arrow, and then disguised by mist to retain the form of a locket. However, she did keep the Celestial Bronze tipped arrow Collin gave her, and it makes up the bronze decorations on the locket.

Colors-of-Fire (talk) 17:29, March 6, 2015 (UTC)


Hi. Really good start so far, but here are a few points you may want to consider: 

  • Personality and Appearance are fine, but they may want to be scaled back a bit. It may be a little hard to fit on coded pages, but that's your choice :) 
  • Gods tend not to date mortals for extended periods of time, especially for a year. Additionally Athena is a virgin goddess, this means that her children are born from her head. She would not need to wait six months to deliver Thea, rather she could instantaneously present her to her mortal parent. 
  • Six is a little early for a monster attack (especially in a remote Indonesian village) and a gorgon isn't an accepted monster for a non-trained demigod. Please change it to an easy monster in our monster encyclopedia.
  • Please can you state the age of her first attack by the Lamia?- ages for a major cabin god range from about 10-13 on average, younger if they're big three (Zeus, Hades, Poseidon.) Also, an untrained demigod would require help. Perhaps an older demigod could assist in her martial arts lessons?
  • For the second monster attack, a manticore counts as a difficult monster. It would take around 3-5 trained demigods to kill it. Please change this if possible. (However, in a small town like Cambridge, you could probably have a couple of monster attacks roughly every 2-3 years.) 
  • The third monster attack in America is also a manticore, please change this. Also, please can you make a note of how she knew that she was near CHB. As it is located on Long Island, and New York is a giant place, I doubt she would stumble upon it without the guidance of a satyr. Also, how does she get CB weapons? 


  • The weapons look fine. But please can you note that they are made of Celestial Bronze. Please can you also state whether the Keris is enchanted to extend to a sword, that part is a little confusing. 
  • The Silver Teardrop necklace is pretty overpowered, as it can supress emotions (we have emotional powersets on the wiki), and increase stamina and focus. Please can you rewrite this amulet so it's merely symbolic, or it could perhaps transform into a bow and arrows when activated (if it was a mist form weapon like Riptide.)

Good luck with the claim and let me know if I can help! Sorry for all the points here.  --CherryBlossomBranch Embrace tears. They're the cheapest way to accessorise. FateScalesOfFate 06:02, March 7, 2015 (UTC)

Comment Response

All comments noted and amended into the claim. ^^

hi there I'll be your claimer today and may I say your claim is very unique and its rare for me to see some asian claims (considering thats where I'm from) anyhow I'm sorry to say this claim is a bit closer to being claimed yet you have to fix a few things

  • I'm sorry but you need to take monster here the monster that are not listed there should be taken out (sorry)
  • is melati a demigod? cause monster dont attack mortals and remember the mist thing? please keep all of this in mind ok?

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 00:24, March 9, 2015 (UTC)


The lamia part was amended, but for the stymphalian bird attack, it was never after Melati. She was pinned in the car and told Thea to escape through the backseat door because she thought the car would blow. However, this caused the bird to also come in but be trapped in the car WITH Melati when it exploded. I hope this clears it up a bit..

Also, yayyy Asian sisters :D Thanks so much Meloney and Scales for your feedback ^^ I'll keep polishing this baby until it's acceptable.

Colors-of-Fire (talk) 02:47, March 9, 2015 (UTC)

  • Athena wouldn't send the baby to him from a golden cradle, she would have to be with him in order to "join minds" and create their child
  • You have a misconseption of what a stymphalian bird is, they are birds abour the size of... a seagull? and sworm people in flocks (it wouldn't not a single large bird)
  • None of the villagers would be able to "see" the bird, (unless clear-sighted with is rare) the Mist would hide it's true appearance and replace it with something more natural.
  • She would not be able to predict future outcomes of people's lives "mathematically" people don't work logically, so neither would predictions. She cannot predict the future, only make just an educated guess. With that in mind, she wouldn't be able to predict anything about people she doesn't know, simply judge by appearance.

Well, I couldn't fully check over this, I have to go to class, so please don't mind if I continue checking with more comments before you are able to fix these so far o.o sowwy you have a nice looking claim and all :3

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All inputs amended into claim, and also, thanks so much Hidden! :D

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hi again I'll be your checker and I have to say its close to be claimed but I have a few question

  • during the beginning there was no mention of athena 'telling' richard? sooo how did he knew about it??
  • if collin (i'm suspecting thats the name of the satyr) found althea at the age of 14 why didnt he bring her to camp?
  • what happen when she was 15??

thats all the problem I see good luck fellow asian

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions… 09:30, March 11, 2015 (UTC)

Re: Re

Hello again Meloney, firstly might I say how glad I am to know that this might be claimed soon. Now, as for your questions

  • "After a month of dating, Athena finally revealed herself to him," By revealing herself to him, I meant that she finally told him she was a goddess. "and convinced him to join minds with her." Which meant she convinced him to mentally link with each other to create a child, which Richard didn't realize then and was heartbroken to find she left him so soon.
  • Yes, Collin is the name of the satyr, and he didn't have the permission to bring Thea to camp from her father. He may not show it, but he did love her, and didn't want to lose her either, and Collin acts more like a guardian and trainer to Thea until Richard can finally find it in him to let her go.
  • Nothing happened when she was 15. Since she lives in a small town like Cambridge, as Scales said, monster attacks occur every 2-3 years.

Aaand I hope that answers your questions ^^

Colors-of-Fire (talk) 09:59, March 11, 2015 (UTC)

Hey ill be your claim checker for today and would like to say this claim is very good but there is one thing u should fix

1) 7 is way to early for a first monster attack. for demigods that aren't born to the big three usually have their first monster attack at the ages of 10-13. not really sure why no one has pointed that out but you should change the age of the attack.

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Re: Re: Re

Alright, your input has been amended into the claim, Musician ^^

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