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Amanda Foster

Name: Amanda Foster

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aphrodite, Nike, Hecate.

Mortal Parent: George Foster

Appearance: Photo


Amanda is the typical 15-year-old. She never backs away from fun, but knows her limits. She technically has every boy she knows crushing on her. She doesn't think of herself as a "pretty girl". People could mistake her for an Athena Kid, for her smarts. Being a demigod, she is Dyslexic. If it wasn't for her looks, no one would think she was an Aphrodite kid. She doesn't wear designer clothes or Chanel perfume. She's pretty average with her T-shirts and jeans. Though when it comes to date, she is unrecognizable, in a good way. Her best school subject is French. As if she invented it.


It was a typical day when George Foster found the love of his life. He was a mortal, weak against the dangers of the world, with only the power to see through the Mist. On a lonely evening, he went to a restaurant, where a mystyrieuse woman took a seat next to him. Since he was drunk, it didin't bother him. They talked all night, and eventually fell in love. Later on, they went to his appartement and... You know what I mean. The next morning, she was gone and she left a note saying; "Dear George, I must leave you for my dutys. Its complicated, but I'm Aphrodite. The gods of Olympus exist and we are going to have a daughter. Take care of her for my sake. I'm not leaving you because I don't love you anymore. You will always have a place in my heart, for the centurys to come. Love always, Aphrodite." 9 months later, Amanda came. George kept her and took care of her.

Amanda was popular at school. She was smart, pretty and nice. Her best friend was a boy named Chase. Whenever she changed schools due to her Dyslexia, he suddenly transfores to the same school. She was having a great life, until she turned 14. She was walking home with Chase when she heard a noise. They went to investigate and Bam! You're attacked by a hellhound. Chase suddenly took his shoes off and kicked it with his... Hooves? Then took a sword out of his backpack and stabbed it. Anyway, the hellhound ran off, which left Amanda's eyes wide. Chase then took her home without explaining until they reached her dad. George then told her everything. From her mom to Camp Half-Blood. She took it easy, which was hard since her BFF was a satyr.

She stayed with her dad and Chase for another year, protected by a goat, and when she turned 15, she was ready to go to C-B. The journey was long, since they lived in Seattle. His dad dropped them off at the Chrysler Tower, since it was as far as he could go. They walked until H-B Hill and Amanda kissed Chase on the cheek for all his help. And she entered C-B, getting claimed by ____________. She got a Sword named Harpe.


She has a sword named Harpe. It originally belonged to Perseus. She has developed minor charmspeaking powers, that will be complete at the age of 16.


PJO girl 14:24, July 14, 2013 (UTC)


Just a reminder, you have 3 days to finish this. Also, kindly remember to sign your claim with four tildes (~).

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Assuming this is finished, and I don't think a hellhound would run away during an attack.

Cloudsies Riri ye ye ye 10,487Cloudsies

It's finished and it was kicked with a hoove, and got an instinct to run away. A dracanae would even do that, considering they're low level of difficulty.

PJO girl 03:37, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

How did she get her hands on a sword that once belonged to Perseus? And why did the Satyr have her wait around living with her dad for a year instead of taking her to camp half-blood since she was obviously at risk for more monster attacks? 

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They gave it to her at camp like said and she didin't want to leave her dad yet. The satyr protected her from danger.

Can you fix the fight with the hellhound? It wouldn't ran away just because a satyr decided to kick him

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