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Name: Amani Geoffrey

God Parent: Morpheus

Mortal Parent: Diana Geoffrey

Species: Demigod

Curent Age: 15

Physical Appearance: (picture)

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Personality: Amani is a cheerful and happy person, and seriously loves daydreaming. Generous she also is and long-tempered and very friendly, which is why a lot of people likes her to be a friend of theirs. Though sometime she might be sad, though it doesn't last that long like the others, since she can easily move on in problems in her life.



Diana Geoffrey was an owner of a company that designs clothes and the like. One time, when she was out in some fashion stores for ideas of her own, she met someone unexpectedly. Diana was encircling a white mermaid gown when she accidentally bumped a man whose back was facing hers. They both turned to check who was it, and Diana was surprised when she saw the man's face. He was tall, brunette, and actually handsome.  She apologized, and so did the man. They went back to their business, and Diana left for the mall.Now, in the mall, she sat on the table in the food court where the man she had bumped minutes ago was sitting. Recognizing him, she accused him of stalkery, but the man said that he was also due for the mall. They talked and introduced each other, the man as Mark. They enjoyed their conversation, and decided to meet again.

Mark visits Diana in her office and they go out. This continued on for weeks, them taking a step higher in their relationship. Mark saw that Diana can take the real truth, and so he told Diana everything, that he was Morpheus, Greek god of dreams, and everything else in connection with it. Diana was surprised the first time, but then slowly calms and accepts everything, also the fact that she was pregnant after a while. She knew in advance that Mark would leave, since he told her days before he disappeared, leaving Diana a thick bronze bracelet that encircles the wrist and an explanation about what the weapon can do and that she should give it to their child afterwhile and bring her in Camp Half-Blood once the time is right, also explaining what it is and where to find it.

Early childhood

Diana then named her newborn child Amani, which meant wishes and aspirations in Arabic. She knows her daughter would be someone of great achievement someday, a demigod of honour. She raised Amani with parental love and care, something her own parents never gave her. Amani then grew up as a wealthy child of a fashion designer, kind, generous and soft-hearted. She went to schools of high standards and did excellent in every subject, which made her mother prouder. Though she has dyslexia, she reads and writes very well that her teachers made her their favourite. 

Diana also taught Amani business in her company and how to design dresses and other kinds of clothes, for male or for female, which lead to it being a hobby of the child. Diana gave everything to her only child, but careful not to spoil her. She wanted Amani to stay with her, but she was scared about Amani's future, that she should go to the Americas to be under safe haven. Diana decided to tell Amani sooner to not surprise her daughter, giving Amani the bronze bracelet to her as the first of her explanation.

When Amani turned 10, Diana already made up her mind that this would be the right time to tell her. But something happened. Diana was on job, and Amani at school. They were dismissed early, and her driver brought her to some illegal gang who sells children for money, which the driver is connected to, so that he'd get a lot of money for giving them such a wonderful child. Kidnapping Amani, they brought her to India, where she was sold as a slave to a rich Indian family, which the family themselves payed the illegal doers a high price, and promised to hide her from the government, which they succeeded in doing. This kind of life was new to her, and it hurt her to be away from her mother and her old life. At least, the family she was working to speaks a bit of English, which she understands. While back in France, Diana became so worried she almost killed herself in depression. She sent investigators on to find Amani, hoping to get her soon.

Life as a slave was hard. Doing all the chores wasn't her thing, but had success shouldering it all. At least, her boss wasn't that strict, and gave her a nice room and good food, though the children were bullies, and she wasn't allowed to go out. For two years, her entire life was like this, and her hope of going back home almost faded into background, and the government never even spotted her, while the family was so secretive of it. One time, a struggle between terrorists attacked in India, in the place where Amani lives. The government did everything to evacuate everyone. Amani was separated, and was shipped to Thailand for safety. The government never minded, since they were in a hurry, and they took no second notice since they also thought she lived in India, with her skin tanned and dirty.

Monster attacks

Upon arriving in Thailand, Amani didn't know where to go. But something in the back of her head tells her to go to the temples of the Buddhists. There she went, where she met the kind monks worshiping there. They made her come in and be comfortable, giving her some food and new clothes. Amani thanked them, with the monks happy to help. In her first week, she felt so comfortable than ever in the two years of struggles that she wanted to stay. The monks agreed, if she supports in their worship. Amani agreed and learned their ways, with English as their language to understand each other.

A day after her thirteenth birthday, she went out in the temple's garden, which stretched out to the forest. She played with her bracelet, throwing it in the air and catching it. Unexpectedly, a harpy had sensed her, and attacked as soon as it spotted her. Amani saw the monster and screamed, running away. The harpy got hold of her shirt in its claws, and Amani lashed out, the bracelet also lashing out into a long Celestial bronze whip that slashed the harpy on its stomach. The slash weakened it, but Amani kept whipping and slashing util in burst into golden dust. Amani didn't mind anymore and ran away.

She didn't tell anyone about it, and nothing more different happened. She learned to be calmer and have peace in mind, as the monks told her. She tried practicing using her whip without the monks knowing, and she got it alright. But the same thing happened the next year, when Amani was fourteen, and it was a smaller hellhound this time. Amani saw it when it was farther way, when she was holding a bow and an arrow nocked. She hit it, but nothing happned, except for the monster seeing her. She shot more, but nothing harm came to it. Panicking as the monster came running towards her, she lashed her whip out, trying to be confident for it. Once it was near, she slashed it with the whip again and again until the small hellhound got enough and burst into golden dust.

One of the monks saw this, and talked to Amani in private. The monk knew about those things, since he was a clear-sighted mortal and before had a friend who was a son of Athena and the same thing happened to his friend. He explained the thing Amani's mother should've told her, and Amani understood. The monk told her about Camp Half-Blood, and they planned on bringing her there. That time, the investigators hired by Diana had arrived on Thailand with guidance of the clues they've got—the driver, what he did, investigation on the gang which was jailed, the family until getting to Thailand. They found Amani, and told her to come with them back to France. Amani was overjoyed, and promised to the monk that she will arrive at Camp safely. In exchange, the monk gave to Amani a Celestial bronze sword from his demigod friend, since he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Amani thanked him, and left for France.

Return to France and arrival to Camp Half-Blood

A great reunion it is for Diana and Amani. Amani then told Diana about the attacks and her weapons after a week of adjustment. Diana understood and was relieved when she heard about this and the monk. Amani stayed with her mom in France until she was fifteen, after five months of returning. Then, Diana booked both of them to New York. Diana, who noted the directions Morpheus gave her to Camp, brought Amani there, and talked to her daughter for the last time. They hugged tightly and kissed each other good bye as Amani walked in the border of the Camp.

Weapons: A Celestial bronze whip shrinking into a bracelet as its mundane form and a Celestial bronze sword given to her by a clear- sighted mortal friend of a demigod.

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.My studio!


  • Please check the claim. There are a couple of typos and problems with tenses. If you're struggling, I am here to help you correct them. I just didn't want to edit without your permission.
  • I recommend that you simplify the parent's meeting. It's okay, but it does seem a little bit inconcise and fractured. I'd just quickly lead it up to Diana getting pregnant and Morpheus disappearing after he sired the child. 
  • Why did the driver sell Amani to a gang? Please add a little more detail. In particular, what did Diana send to try and save Amani, as I don't understand the word 'milotars.' 
  • Wouldn't the government recognise Amani as a foreign citizen and try to send her back home? As she's white, and speaks French, I assume the government would probably figure out that she was trafficked and try to send her home. Either that or her captors would hide her from the government. 
  • How would Amani be able to communicate with the monks? 
  • A whip, even a CB one would not slice an enemy in half. 
  • How have the monsters not killed her? Extensive training is often needed to use a whip correctly and not hit yourself with it. 
  • How would the investigators manage to find her? 
  • Why did she head straight to camp, after being separated from her mother for so long? 

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Sorry 'bout the typos and everything. Tried to fix it. SO, I cut a part of the parents part. About the driver and gang, well, the driver was fishy and wanted money, which the gang promised if he brought someone like Amani. The government didn't find her, since the family was so good in hiding her. And Amani communicates using English, which the monks knew how to use. The investigators got clues, starting with the driver whom they were right to accuse. And Diana, of course, wants Amani safe, so after five months together, she decided to bring her to Camp, since she doesn't want her daughter in danger.

If I haven't explained some of the others, it probably might be in the claim already. Thanks, anyway.

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.My studio!

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