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Name: Amber Wolf

Gender: Female

Godly Parent: Hades

Mortal Parent: Lana Wolf (pronunciation, Lawn-uh. Not Layn-uh)

Appearance: She has black, straight hair with blonde tips. Her piercing blue eyes never seem to focus on one thing. She's slightly muscular, from working out to defend herself. She has several different surface piercings on face (Canine bites, two piercings on top lip, two on bottom, a septum, hoop through the center of the nose, an eyebrow piercing, and a tear piercing, a piercing at the corner of the eye, where a tear would fall). And also quite a few cartilage piercings on ear.

Personality: She has no friends since her best friend died before her. She's intelligent, despite her ADHD confusing her. She hates asking for help. 

History: Hades and her mother (Lana Wolf) meet at bar where she tends. They talk leading them to draw to the conclusion that they like each other. She buys him a drink and the rest is history. They continue dating for a short while. He gets her pregnant, and abandons her shortly after.

Amber's childhood was not a favorable one. Her (Amber, being 9) and her best friend ('best friend' at time was 12) were on their way home on the path through the woods when she was attacked by a hellhound. Her best friend had no clue what was happeneing but had an idea on how to save the girl she thought of as a younger sister. In an effort to save Amber, she threw herself in front of her. Amber threw a dagger (same dagger as below) it and almost missed, after her reflexes kicked in. Her mother had wanted her to carry it, just in case.

Amber Wolf finds herself in a hospital for the mentally ill, claiming she saw monsters. She had wounds that had been written off as an animal attack. From there, she moves in and out of the facility. When she's not in the facility, she suffers Survivor's Guilt. She lets her scars tell her a story, one she doesn't like.

She had scars from several different monster attacks.

A month after she turned 10, she was attacked by another hellhound, almost becoming an amputee.

For about a month after that, she attended school much more often.

She was surprised to figure out that a lot of people still remembered her.

She became friends with a girl, about 14, who turned out to be a demigod (which she found out later).

It went well.... for about a week.

But then, people started thinking about the 'animal attack' and decided that they had grounds to start bullying her.

Murdererkillerweakling, they'd call her. All becasue she couldn't defend her friend. They knew that she'd never tell, considering, she thought they were right.

She became depressed and was admitted a couple of weeks after that.

Little did she know that that friend would save her life time and time again, without her knowing it.

When she was 11 she was attacked by fire breathing horses, not knowing how to kill or maim them, she ran at her top speed. She shadow-traveled away, leaving the horses in the dust. Not knowing what she had done (at all) the facility decided that she'd escaped.

When she was 12, the whole year was just something she wouldn't want to remember. She wouldn't even know how to describe the monster that attacked her.

When she was 13 she did the same thing as when she was 11 (same monster, the horses, same result).

That's when her friend visited her in the mental facility with a book on Greek mythology.

Now I'm really insane, she thought after reading it.

Everday she'd read it over and over again.

Each year, around her birthday, something new would attack her and she'd read about it, thinking how weird it was.

She's released (Officially. She'd be taken out from time to time by her mother) at the age of 14.

She had no clue whatsoever regarding the monster that had attacked her when she was 15.

When her mother finds a husband (16 at the time), she discovers that her step-father is a mean drunk who likes to use her as a punching bag.

Her nights are long and dreamless most of the time. One night, however, she dreamt and was told to go to Long Island Sound.

She took a plane.

When she got there she was greeted by some guy with furry legs. He told her that he was a satyr. Later, he told her she was a demigod and explained monsters to her.

He was surprised by the fact that she know a lot of them.

When they were almost to Camp, they got attacked by a moster. She fends it off with a Celestial Bronze dagger her mother had given her. Bloodied, she staggered toward the entrance to Camp with the satyr.

When she dreams of a place that has none of the things her current life does, she finds the location and tries to adjust to being told she's a demigod, the daughter of Hades.

Weapons: Stygian Iron throwing knives (A set of seven. She was told they were left by her biological father through her mother, presented to Amber on her 14th birthday), Celestial Bronze (acquired at Camp), and a small Celestial Bronze dagger.

  • Amber Wolf is currently 16 and has been at Camp for a week*

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Hello there! I'll be you claim checker for today!

  • A whole claim consists of a good 3-4 paragraphs which contains:
    • Meeting of parents
    • Early childhood
    • First Monster attack (with citation of what kind of monster)
    • Arrival At Camp
  • Please have the Personality in 2-3 good sentences; just lone words isn't quite enough. Also, we don't apply anymore having 3 god choices. You can have the one god of your choice.
  • Celestial bronze weapons are the best weapons of choice. You will need a primary weapon (something like a sword or bow and arrow) since knives are of secondary use. But please state how he got it, too.
  • Please state how old he is during his first monster attack (ave. age is 11-13; children of Big Three are often attacked during 8-10 years old) and during his arrival at Camp
  • Please sign your claim with 4 tildes (~) to know who owns the claim.

All that first! Come message me if you need any help! :)

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Hello, it's me again!

  • Okay, minor, but after the 'she buys him a drink', what happens that they got to make out? Maybe just site a sentence which could connect  to that happening.
  • Is Amber's best friend a mortal? If she is, she probably won't be attacked or killed by a monster (they don't have business w/ mortals) unless they're in the way of the attack (of course she must have the Sight to know what's going on). And what did she throw in the sentence "She threw it with accuracy"?
  • Maybe have her monster attack earlier, since she's a child of one of the Big Three, and they're usually attacked 8-10 years old average.  Sooner attacks would need a reason why.
  • After an attack, her scent is stronger and more monsters come in. Usually, a monster attack happens for mostly each year. You can have the monster attacks generalized, except for the first.
  • How come she found the location of the Camp? I mean, it's hidden in the forest. And how did she know that she was a demigod?
  • Minor comment, but when did Hades leave the set of knives? It should be through her mom or anyone, as long as not the god parent itself, for it is considered direct interference.

See you!

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

Hi, thanks for your first claim but there are a few things you can change! :D

  • Please add a little more to her appearance and personality, this is usually 3-5 lines of description each. Just so I can get a better idea of the character you're trying to play. 
  • Her childhood was not a favourable one. Elaborate on this. Was she raised in an abusive household, or a poor one. Why was her friend murdered? From the sound of it, it sounds like Amber's friend is a demigod who gets attacked by monsters, but you need to elaborate heavily on this. 
  • Why would a 12 year old kid have a dagger on her? How would she be able to throw it with perfect accuracy? (are her reflexes/ADHD kicking in, or has she been trained in knife combat by someone?)
  • Why was Amber put in a secure unit? Wouldn't it just be easier and kinder for her to stay with her mother and occasionally see a child psychologist? If her mother was abusive, then why not a foster family? I think that the state would probably avoid putting a child into the system, if possible.
  • How did she survive the monster attacks? If she's in a locked facility, then surely she can't outrun a fire-breathing horse or get away, unless she does something like Shadow Travel to get away.
  • Why does she completely lose a year?
  • When is she released?
  • Why is she returned back to her parents?
  • How does she find out that she's a demigod?
  • How does she get to camp? 

OOC: I'd advise tightening the history up a little bit, because it seems to be centered around the wangst of your character. I recommend scaling it back, so that these actions can have a proper impact on your character, and be fleshed out events. 

LipstickYou know you love me, XOXO gossip girl  ~Alex CrownA

  • When was her first monster attack then?
  • Can you organize it chronologically please? I'm having a hard time comprehending many of the things going on because of the way it's set up.
  • Also, please use comma's. Normally I don't ask for grammatical things, but if I can't understand your claim, then how am I supposed to check it.

Mamamoo1  is coming back for you~ 17:55, May 10, 2016 (UTC)

First of let me ask for forgiveness cause we have put off your amazing claim for so long, someone should have taken a look at it and for that I'm sorry for the long wait. Still reading this I can tell it came a long way yet may I ask for a few more changes? one of which is to how she got to camp? did hades helped her? if so thats a no, cause god parents aren't suppose to intervene remember? (but here's a suggestion satyr! they're magical enough to look like an old man right?) Also on that note monsters dont let go of they're prey that easily so I doubt the hellhound would leave her amputee (unless someone saved her but then again this is your story)

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Question, how did she go to Long Island? Did she fly? or did she run away? if she did ran away then you have to take note demigods are expossed to danger in the open...

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

  • Please add more to her early childhood. more around the age of when she was first born to grow up. Small things like when she started school, how her life as a child was, if she was bullied, things like that
  • was she attack at 15? Because you seem to skip from 14 to 16.
  • I highly suggest having maybe an older demigod live around Amber or maybe a saytr that the mother hired to help her with all these monsters. I suggest this because many of these monsters have great speed and Amber wouldn't just be able to outrun them all, especially at the young age she was at when these monsters attacked.
  • continuing my point above, an example would be the fire breathing hourses. they are just as fast as real horses and last time i checked, even a grown person couldn't outrun a normal horse. this doesn't mean she couldn't out smart the monsters though. (If any claim checkers would like to correct me, feel free to as this is mostly my personal opinion and i may be wrong)
  • for clarification, can you state her exact age either at the top or bottom of the claim
  • silver is not a metal that can hurt monsters. Only celestial bronze can so kindly change all weapons to celestial bronze

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