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Creator: Aphrodite

Appearance:see picture

Personality:Ambrosia is as sweet as her name and a mite more trusting then she should be.

History: Aphrodite felt the love from the former guardian of her rose garden and her demi god boyfriend and could not help but allow her to leave and start a life with him out in the old west. It was after she left that Aphrodite noticed just how sad her garden had become without a nymph to take care of it and maintain the different variety the it use to offer up. She couldn't look at the garden now without feeling the lose of the beauty it use to have all the time, so she made the decision to bring a new guardian to her rose garden.  

She was walking around her own godly home one nice morning thinking over her camp gardens needs when her eyes fell on the tiny blonde head of the tea rose nymph Ambrosia working in one of the goddess's own private rose gardens. with out to much thought she approached the tiny girl and offered her the position that was vacant in the camp wich Ambrosia gladly took. 

Weapons:None as of yet

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I see no wrong here soo

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