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Name:Ambrosia Hartford Gender:Female

God Parent:Harmonia, Aglaea, Ariadne

Mortal Parent: Jeremy Hartford Appearance:see picture


Personality:Ambrosia is as sweet as her name and a mite more trusting then she shoud be.

History:Jeremy Hartford was you normal all American guy from Brownsville, Texas. He grew up the son of a wealthy Shipping family and went into the business himself as soon as he left collage. It was one night when he had decided to go to an art opening with one of his sisters that he saw her. she was a vision of loveliness to him and he just had to get to know her better. They got to talking and he began the courting wich soon lead to a night of passion the likes of which he had never known. The next morning he woke to an empty bed and a dear John letter on his pillow. He was sadden by the lose of a woman he thought to be his soulmate, but when a tiny basket showed up on his front step with a leter explaining who she was and that they had a child together he was beyond happy naming her Ambrosia after the food of the gods. He told as he grew into a beautiful and duitiful daughter of how he could never love another as much as her mother, and how she was like his own food of the gods. 

Ambrosia was a delightful and loving child who made friends eaisly and was loved by her extended family, friends, and teacher as she grew. She was lucky to not have any serious brushes with monsters until just before her 15th birthday. She had seen a hellhound or two but just brushed them off as strange dogs and the weird homeless guy who use to wander around town always seemed to be taking them somewhere when he found them. She found out later that bum was in fact a saytr who had been killing the monsters who kept coiming to town for her and a few other demigod children. It wasn't until her father decided it was time for his little girl to be with children like her and told her he was going to take her to a camp her mother had told him about that she saw one up close and personal. Oh the way there they stopped for diner at a small diner called Larry's. Ambrosia was a wee bit nervous as one of the waitresses appeared to be walking funny.She pointed her out to her father who was instantly smitten with the beauty of the Empousai, and drawn to her like a moth to a flame. before she could do a thing or call for help the demonic waitress grabbed poor Jeremy and drank him dry as the diner patrons ran screaming from the place. As soon as he had been drained of his last drop she turned on his helpless daughter reaching out to grab her, but before she could get a hold of her she was impailed from behind by a sword that was being held by a small music nymph who had just happened to be eating there as well.  As soon as the moster had turned to a pile of dust the Music Nymph turned to the frightened girl and introduced herself as Philomela and told her she could take her to the camp her father had told her about. they traveled for awhile stopping here and there as need to make money for there trip and picking up two more demigods on the way. they arrived at camp a month after Ambrosia turned 16 and she was claimed as soon as she stepped foot over the boarder by her mother. Weapons:None as of yet

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How did she get to nearly 15 without any prior monster attacks?

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