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  • Ambrosine Jackson
  1. Female
  2. Nortus, Apollo or Hermes
  3. 13
  4. Idylla Jackson
  5. Appearance:
  6. Personality: she likes her own company over the company of others. she hates fighting un less she needs to and would rather see herself harmed than others. if someone even raises their voice she can start to cry
  7. History: her mother Idylla met her father while she was working in a flower shop. he walked in and wanted to buy some roses. of course Idylla had no idea that he was a god but fell instantly in love with the mysitious man. when their eyes met they fell instantly in love with one another. the man asked her to dinner and she happily said yes. they started seeing each other and when Idylla found out she was pregnant she told Ambrosine's father. he disappeared for a few weeks but came back before Ambrosine was born. he told her mother that he was a god and the child was going to be a demi god, then left Idylla with a sword for the unborn child. he stayed with her until she was close to giving birth, then he left her.

while Ambrosine was growing up she had no idea of the gods existence but when ever she brought up the matter of her father Idylla would not talk of him. fine, Ambrosine thought, if she wanted to tell me of him she would. she had quite a happy childhood, except for having ADHD but she lernt to live with it.

when Ambrosine turned 13, things started to happen. odd men kept on looking at her while she was walking with her mother. it scared her. she had always been timid and secluded but she didn't like this at all. one day she came home from school and saw her mother crying. Ambrosine tired to calm her but Idylla told her to go to the basement and take the sword from there and get out of her house. Ambrosine was terrified and did what her mother said, leaving with the clothes on her back and the sword strapped to her side. only later did she know why her mum sent her away. her mum sent her away so she didn't get hurt. she was walking through the woods one day when a boy ran straight into her. "get up!" he told her, grabbing her arm, "run!" she didn't budge. she studied the boy. he was around her age with cropped ginger hair and dark green eyes. he had a pleading look in his eyes that was only matched by the scream she heard. when she turned she saw a cyclops holding the mangled body of a dead girl. her hands shook, her fear consuming her but she did something even she didn't suspect, she drew her sword. it felt right in her hands and her instincts took over and she started to slash randomly at the cyclopes body. it took her a few minets to notice the boy was helping her with a dagger. he was odviously trained with it. together they took the beast down and it turned to dust. Ambrosine sheathed her sword and saw the boy was looking at her with his mouth open. "you.... you're a demi god...." he told her. she asked him what it was after they buired the dead girls body, the girl had been very pretty with caramel coloured curls that fell to her waist and emerald green eyes. he told her that a demi god was a half god half human. for some reason she believed him and he told her he would take her to camp half blood. she agrred and he explained everything that had happened to him. his sister had run away from camp with no weapon and he had tracked her here but he was too late. the boy tried to shake it off but there was a sadness in his voice that would probably never disappear. a few nights from then they were camping out. the boy, who had introduced himself as Callion (meaning handsome) told her that camp was only a mile from where they were, if you headed directly east. she fell asleep to be only woken by Callion's screaming. "RUN!" he yelled at her, "GET TO CAMP, LEAVE ME, GET OUT OF HERE!" she hated yelling so she ran in the direction Callion told her to and found camp in half an hour. she never saw Callion again. but she had reached camp at 13.

  1. Possessions/Weapons: sword
  2. Signing Your Claim: if you stab someone in the back, no matter how small the blade, it will always hurt (talk) 11:46, March 6, 2013 (UTC)


What age was she when she reached camp? and I can see a few spelling mistakes and punctuation here and there, don't mind fixing them?

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It needs a bit more history. What happened in her childhood? How did she survive up to 15 without a monster attack? Why did Idylla tell Ambrosine to get out of the house when she knew of the dangers of a being a demigod?

Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

fixed! and sorry about spelling mistakes... if you stab someone in the back, no matter how small the blade, it will always hurt (talk) 17:17, March 7, 2013 (UTC)

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