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Name: Ambrosine Ninis

Gender: Female

Age: 15

God Parent: Thanatos, Deimos, and Dionysus.

Mortal Parent: Ophelia Ninis

Family: Artemisia Ninis(Half-sister), Luna Ninis(Half-sister), Antonio Ninis(Half-brother), Andrew Ninis(adoptive dad)

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Personality: She's a nice person. Can be friendly, but is generally more aggressive and serious than most people her age. if she's really irritated she sit's in her room and thinks things threw, a trickster & prankster, she also is caring even to people she hates.



A girl with long blonde curls approach a coffee shop, she was wearing a black T-shirt that said 'Korn', with a back words K, and dark pants. She walked into the coffee shop knocking a man on to the floor. He had brown curly hair, and grayish blue eyes. She of course fell. The man was going to yell, but noticed that she was different from anyone he had met so far. He instead helped her up. "Sorry for bumping into you." he said this sincerely. She looked at him, and smiled. "It was my fault I should of been watching where I was going." She then walked passed him, and he turned around. "Do you mind if I join ya?" he asked nicely. She looked at him, and smiled "I don't mind." she then went up to the counter, and ordered a vanilla latte. She went, and sat down in the booth where he was sitting. the man looked at her intently. "I didn't catch your name what was it?" she looked at him. "Ya know it's rude to ask someone there name without introducing yourself first?" he looked at her. "It's Anthony." she giggled, and drank her latte, "Cool name." she said this a little nicely. 

After that they dated for a few months, and she became pregnant but Anthony was again never seen. 9 month's later she had Ambrosine. Ambrosine, however grew up with a father figure .

Early life:

(Family): Her mother married he college sweet heart a year after Ambrosine was born. When she was 1 Andrew adopted her, and always treated her as if she was his own child. When Ambrosine was 2 her mother gave birth to twin girls. Her mother named them Luna, and Artemisia. She was very happy to have someone to play with. when Ambrosine was 6 they had another child it was a boy this time. They named him Antonio Nini.


when she was 5, no one wanted to be around her. When she was in Kindergarten a kid called her ugly so she grabbed the kid, and the kid started to freak out as if He saw something super scary. When she was I the second grade no oe liked her, even the teacher tried to keep her distance from her. She once over heard her second grade teacher talking to someone about her. She called her a scary freak, and wanted her trasfered out of her class Immeditaly. She of course ran out to her mom crying. Whe she was in third grade she was forced to take  test because she could't read quite right. When the test came back they told her mother that she had  Dyslexia. When she was In 5th grade, she had to see a psychiatrist because she was having behavioral problems at school, they Diagonesed her with ADHD. she was labeled a freak until she meet her best friend Bradly collins.

When she was in 6th grade these two girls loved to stick thing's In Ambrosia's hair, but then s boy with Curly hair got them to stop. His name was brad, everyone at school loved him, and wanted to be friends with him. So saying he was also pretty popular with the girls. So he got them to stop doing it. They became good frieds. Brad of course was a little shunned for it but did't care. They soon become good friends. They had sleep over's, despite him being a boy. Her mom liked the idea of her having a friend, so always aloud it.

First Monster Attack(She's only 13):

Ambrosie was walkig to meet up with her friend brad. She was wearing Black skinny jeans, and a purple 'I love New Jersey' T-shirt.  She went up the street to an appartmet complex. She knocked on the door of the complex, and then got buzzed up. She went into the building, and up the stairs. She looked at each door trynig to appartemt #13. She stopped in front of an appartemnt, and knocked. "Brad hurry up I wanna go to the park." She then walked in using the key in the fower pot. Brad was getting ready to answer the door when she opened it up. "Alright Ammy." that was his little nickname for her. She smiled, and hugged him. "Let's get to the park."

They arrived at the lush green park. She walked over to the nearest Osk tree, and started to climb up the tree. She miled lightly as brad joined her in the tree climbing. He of course had a hard time climbing. She climbed out of the tree. "Sorry I kind of forgot you have a hard time with climbing." He glared at her. "It's fine. Wanna go to the ponds?" he asked this a little quickly.She looked over to see  women approach them. The women had brown hair. She looked at them rudely. "You two aren't supposed to be up there." She then looked at Ambrosine. "Are you Ambrosine Ninis?" she asked this rather nicely. She looked at the lady "uh, yea" upon hearing this she turned into a purple feathered bird lady. She looked at the lady in complete shock. Brad pulled something out of his bag. It tured out to be a bronze bladed Katana. "Ambrosine! Run hide somewhere go." She was in complete shock, her body couldn't move. she then screamed in terror as the monster attaked luged at her. Brad got in the middle of them, and took the blow. He got scratched a bit deeply. She ran and hid behind the tree. She was terrified. She watched as Brad fought the monster back, slashing at it, and blocking the blows. Until he finally stabbed it, and it disegrated into nothingness. She freaked out so much she fainted. 

A few hours later she woke up in her bed room. She then walked down stairs. to see her friend Brad sitting there. She ra up, ad hugged him. "I'm glad you're alright." He looked at Amrosine as if she where crazy. "What are you talking about?" She looked at him. "I saw you fight a feathered monster." they started laughing She dropped the subject, and never brought it up again.

Getting to Camp(3 months later):

Ambrosine was walking to school when a girl came past her, and stopped her. "Ambrosine I thought Mom told you to wait for me...You're not aloud to leave with out us you're only 14." She looked at her. "Sorry, but I was going to be late if I didn't leave soon. Remeber you're only 12." She looked at her. "Where's the other twin at?" she said this as a girl that looked exactly like the first one ran up from behind her. "There you are Artemisia, and now we can go now." she had a bit of a pissed off expression as she said this. "Now Luna I hate you. so let's hurry up, and get to school." she ran the rest of the way to school. Getting there right before the bell rang. She walked into her ancient world history class, and sat down in the back. the teacher, Mrs. Kallia, looked at her with a scowl on her face. "Late again?" she said this with a little bit of a yell to it. "Sorry, my sisters had to get here too ya know....And I had to walk them here." she looked at her with a pissed off expression. "Well you'll be staying after school today, and we'll have a talk ."

A few classes later, and it was the end of the school day. Ambrosine looked at the wall outside of Mrs. Kallia's class room. But a few seconds later a Huge dog ran into the school building. She stared at it until it came bounding after her. She ran as fast as she could. She looked at the hallway, and turned to see her friend Brad holding a twig woven bow, and fired it twice at the hell hound as it turned the corner. The hell hound disintegrated into nothing. She looked at Brad. "Ho-how did you do that?" she looked a little bit pale, but then gathered back her composure as he jumped up to reveal little goat like hooves. "You're not brad, who are you?" She backed away from him, and into a corner to think it threw. He came towards her. "Well this might be hard to believe, but you're a demigod, and I'm brad A satyr." She looked at him. "What the hell is a demigod, and what's a 'Satyr'?" she looked a him and made air quotes around the word Satyr. Brad looked at her, and then grabbed her wrist. "Well we should go back to your house, and talk to your mother about this."

They walked for about 10 minutes. Making it back to her Mother's house. "Uh how is this gonna make a difference?" She asked meanly. Brad looked at her. "Well your mom might know something about this." She looked at him, and gave him a little bit of a pissed off glance. She grabbed the key out of her pocket, and opened the door. She walked into the house, and smiled. "Mom, I need to talk to you." Her mom came down the stair's, smiling, but turning it into a frown. "Oh, no, what happened this time?" She asked quickly. She then motioned for them to come up to her study.

They walked into her study, and she smiled. "Okay what's going on?" she said this lightly. Ambrosine looked at her mom. "Uh well I was attacked by a rather large dog, but then Brad shot an arrow, and it disappeared." She looked at brad. "Well actually it was a Hell hound, and the Incident at the park actually happened, you wheren't dreaming either,." She looked at him. "So It wasn't a lie and what's a hell hound?" she asked this a little nicely. "Yea well let's not talk about it right now okay."  She nodded, and sighed. "Well a hell hounds a monster from Greek mythology." Ambrosine, and her mom laughed. "Oh, gosh Greek mythology isn't real." She said this rather rudely. "Well then how do I have hooves, and half bodies a Goat, and you're a Demigod?" They stopped laughing. and looked at each other. "So Anthony wasn't lying about it then...He was telling the truth that's why he left, and didn't come back." Ambrosine looked at her mother. "Well that would explain why he never came to visit me." She said this with a pissed off look. Brad then cut in. "Well there's only one safe place for you to go to,and that Camp half blood in New york." Her mom looked at him, and laughed. "Well you're not going there ever, and Brad you're gonna have to leave." Before Brad could leave he had a light smile on his face. "It's not a choice. If you want Ambrosine to live then she goes to camp, if you want her to die then she can stay her, and get attacked by whatever monster catches her scent. Which could get worse. It could put you all in danger." He looked at her, and she started to cry. "Well if she get's to live I'll get two plain ticket's to New York for tonight." She rummaged around for her cell phone in her purse. She found it, and made a call to a booking agent for a flight to New York.

A few hours later she was in the airport parkinglot. she got out of the car and stepped into the parking lot. When she got out of the car fully a little surprise was waiting for her. Another hell hound."Ambrosine get down now!" As he said this he pulled out a bronze gleaming sword, and slashed at the monster with it.Brad slashed at the monster again as the people started to run, but then was flinged at tree. He looked at Ambrosine as the sword fell out of his hand. She then ran over to him, and grabbed the sword Stabbing it into the monster as hard as she could. The monster Disintegrated into nothingness. She grabbed Brad and looked around, and then ran inside the Airport, and calmly got threw airport security. She climbed on to the plain, and it took off 30 minutes later.

They arrived in New York a few hours later. Brad woke, up of course when they where on the plain. They walked out of the Airport, and into the Streets of New York. They rented out a motel room for the night. The next day Ambrosine turned 14. "Happy Birthday Ambrosine." He said this happily, and gave her a preset. Inside of it was a Ruby necklace. She smiled lightly, and hugged him. "Thank you."

They then started heading to Camp half blood. They arrived at camp later that day. She's been at camp for a year now waiting to be claimed in the Herems' Cabin.

Weapons: A blue hilted katana, a blue bow with celestial bronze tipped arrows, and a Bladed war fan.

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Bad news, that model is already in use, so you can't use her, sorry

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The god parent couldn't have stayed till the child was 1 month. They actually leave right after they do the thing with the mortals.

How old was she when she had her first monster attack and when she got to camp?

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I kind of forget, but thank you for telling me. :D

She's 13 when the first monster attack happen's. :D

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Congratulations ^^

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