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Name: Amelia Hunter

Gender: Female

Current Age: 15 1/2

God Parent: Thanatos, Eros or Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Delilah Hunter


Personality: Amelia is a bubbly girl. She's sweet, mischievous and loving. She loves messing with her friends and family. Amelia has the heart of a girl and the mind of a true warrior. She may be a bit bitchy if you mess with her family or somehow betray her. Like her mother, Amelia is quite athletic. You may find her playing football (soccer) or basketball. If Amelia hears a sexist or racist comment, she'll snap your legs in half gladly. Somehow, she isn't as flirty and slutty as her half-siblings, but random like an Apollo Camper.

History: Amelia's mom, Delilah, was a Daughter of Apollo and great-great-granddaughter of Hermes, giving her a really bubbly, happy and outgoing. Amelia's Father, who went by the name Louis (Lou-ee), caught her eye and she caught his during a Halloween Party. Something of his cold and badass attitude lured her to him. They got to know each other for the rest of the party, but before the party ended, they had sex. From that night, Amelia was created.

What Delilah felt for Louis was merely an interest, not love. The next morning, when Delilah woke up in her friend's apartment (The party took place there), naked and sweaty, the first thing she saw was a note, bracelet, ring and two daggers, instead of Louis. She immediately grabbed the note and read it. It basically said who Louis truly was, that she was probably pregnant, how the weapons worked and what to do. Delilah already knew what to do if she was pregnant, as she was a demigoddess herself.

Delilah went through the pregnancy alone, as her mother was dead, her family cut all ties with her and her father couldn't help. Her closest friends visited her all the time, though. On one of those visits, her water broke. Panicky, Skylar, the friend that was visiting her, had to call her mom, who was a doctor.

Skylar's mom indeed came and helped Delilah give birth, as she cared for the young woman like a daughter. Anyways, after a few hours of cussing, pain, laughter and fainting (From Skylar), Baby Amelia was born.

Amelia's childhood was a happy one. Delilah found a job as a model, so after signing a contract, she began gaining lots of money. Rapidly. Delilah's model friends visited whenever they could, showering Amelia with lots of gifts. Amelia always took an interest in dancing and sports. Especially soccer and ice-skating. You could always find her in the ice-skating rink with her mom, in the nearby soccer field or in the dancing studio, where she took dancing classes.

When Amelia turned 7, Delilah was diagnosed with cancer. Amelia understood what was going on, but didn't fear. She knew death would always be there. The only thing Amelia feared was that her mom would die in a painful way. Two years later, Thanatos was busy with some mortal when he received a prayer. It was from Delilah, a woman he had done nine years before, she was in her death bed in a hospital. Thanatos then sent a death nymph of his to collect his daughter and take her to one if his priests.

The fates had cut Delilah's string by the time the nymph arrived.

The death nymph found a grieving Amelia. The nymph introduced herself as Lily and used the excuse that she was visiting a sick friend and helped Amelia through her grief, trying to convince her that Delilah was in a better place. She then explained that there was a man, her friend's uncle was lonely and needed company.

Amelia agreed to stay with him, though nobody could replace her mom. A few days later, she was with her new guardian. He had already been informed by Thanatos of her situation and he'd make sure she was fully trained before she got attacked. That's basically how she lived until she turned 12. She then found out who she really was.

When she came back from school at 4, she was greeted by Oliver & Lily (who had stayed to watch over her) they explained that Greek Gods were real, who they really were, about Camp, how her weapons worked, and well... everything except who her father was. They then told her a demigod would be coming three times a week to help her train until she went to camp.

For the following six months, she trained for 10 hours, 3 days a week. By the time six months passed, she was pretty damn good with a sword. While she walked in the woods, she was attacked by a hellhound. Frowning, she pressed her ring, sword appearing. The hound lunged and she dodged. She then swung her sword across it's neck and stomach, turning it into dust.

After a year of more training, she was attacked by a fire-breathing horse. Summoning her shield and sword, she began dodging, avoiding becoming a human torch. Every time the horse tried to burn her, she used her shield. When there was an opening, she lunged and swung her sword across it's legs and neck, slicing it's head off and turning it into dust. Training then continued.

Six Months later, she was attacked by a harpy in her backyard. Throwing her daggers at the thing's wings (thanks to the training she underwent), she injured them badly, probably prohibiting it from flying. She then lunged and swung her sword across it's chest, legs and arms, tuning it into dust. After this, the trainer thought she was a very well trained demigod, so training no longer continued. She did get a training session once a month, though.

Six months after that, she was attacked by a flock of stymphalian birds on her way home. Luckily, she was on a train station, so she simply boarded it and was soon on her way back home.

Six months after that attack, a hound attacks her. Using her shield, she dodges every attack and makes her own with her sword. She swings the sword across the thing's neck and stomach, turning it into dust.

Six months later, 15 1/2 year old Amelia had decided to finally go to camp. She told Oliver and Oliver agreed to take her. After saying their good-bye's in front of Camp Borders, being given a present by her nymph friend (the bow and quiver of CB arrows) and Oliver and Lily left, two hounds appeared. Amelia simply laughed and stepped into Camp, walking to the Camp Leader. While she talked with him, she was claimed by her father, Thanatos.

Weapons: Amelia has a silver ring with a black gem in the middle, which if pressed, a Celestial Bronze Sword named "Θάνατος Κομιστής" appears in her hand. She also has a Pandora Bracelet with many charms, but the most beautiful is the middle one. It's a letter A surrounded by an infinity sign and a heart in the middle. That charm, is pressed, turns into a beautiful shield with the following words engraved in it: "Ο θάνατος είναι αναπόφευκτος, ούτε δίκαιη ούτε και είναι η ζωή." She also has a bow and quiver full of arrows in case she doesn't want to use her sword and shield, and for long distance fights.


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  • First off, if gods were prohibited from visiting their children, I highly doubt they'd bother visiting very distant relatives, such as the relation between Amelia and Hermes.
  • That said, Hermes and Artemis wouldn't be so anticipated to take care of her/visit at the slightest. It would be more realistic is say, when the mother died, Thanatos would send a nymph to take Amelia to one of his priests instead.
  • It doesn't take six hours to give labour, that's absurd.
  • If Amelia already knew all about camp, why didn't she go to be safer?
  • Please elaborate a little more about Amelia's childhood, such as her interests and the likes.

Hug the shore; let others try the deep ~ WoWWowSiggy

She didn't go sooner because she wouldn't be able to see Lily anymore. WE'RE Jsig2 VALID.

  • Once again, Hermes and Artemis wouldn't have interfered into the affairs of a mortal, especially not when they are only distantly to Delilah and Amelia.
  • Please restrain yourself from using in appropriate language in claims without censoring.
  • Since Lily was sent by Thanatos to protect Amelia, wouldn't it have been her job to convince the demigod that no matter how she would miss her that it would be best to go to camp to spare the danger of monsters?

Hug the shore; let others try the deep ~ WoWWowSiggy

Lily did try and convince her. Multiple times, actually. Every single time Amelia denied. WE'RE Jsig2 VALID.

Who is Oliver? He was mentioned but not much stated. Also,how come her friend's uncle was immediately willing to let her stay?Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

Oliver is the priest of Thanatos. The one who was going to be Amelia's guardian actually. And he was immediately willing because Thanatos had contacted him previously. Oliver knew about Greek Mythology being real, as he was clear-sighted, so he really wasn't fazed. WE'RE Jsig2 VALID.

  • "Amelia's mom, Delilah, was a Daughter of Apollo and great-great-granddaughter of Hermes, making her really bubbly, happy and outgoing." Being a child of Apollo doesn't necessarily mean that it would make her have those traits.
  • When Delilah's water broke, why did Skylar call her mom instead of bringing Delilah directly to the hospital? I would assume that Delilah was not in the hospital, giving birth at a hospital would be much safer than giving birth at home.
  • Kindly specify what type of nymph Lily was as Thanatos' domain and scope does not give him control over many nymph types.
  • If a demigod was training Amelia three times a week for until Amelia went to camp, their scents combined during the times of training should attract more monsters since they are both aware of their demigod heritage. Amelia should encounter two monsters during the year(s) that she was being trained by the demigod.
    • I know that it says that the demigod will train Amelia for three days each week until she went to camp, but after: "After a year of more training, she was attacked by a fire-breathing horse", then there's no more mention afterward of Amelia being trained, so did the demigod return back to camp?
  • Harpies are capable of quick flight, I doubt that the harpy would not be able to fly away from the dagger that was thrown at its wings.
  • For our reference, please provide Amelia's current age.

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Kindly go back to my previous comment and make any changes necessary for the un-fixed points that I have bolded.

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  • Lily was a death nymph.
  • Check!
  • Well, Amelia trained really hard with throwing daggers, so her accuracy and speed, she'd be able to injure the wings.
  • Skylar called her mom because of the panic and her mom was a doctor, so she knew what to do. And besides, in the past, women gave birth at their homes, not hospital.


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