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Name: Anastasia Nonna

Gender: Female

God Parent: Apollo, Dinoynus, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Camille


Personality: Anastasia is calm, quiet, and likes to be talked too, she's most at peace when she can be alone or with a few friends. She enjoys the company of others only leaving their company when she sleeps. She's easy going and kind hearted, she loves to make people laugh and loves it when people make her laugh as well. She sometimes forgets what she's going to say, only to remember a little while later with more funk and flare than she would first come across as having. Many people relate to her well, she does enjoy people, and is level headed enough to warm up to a person before she does anything brash.

History: The Director ran his pen through his fingers, with his notepad in front of him he sat, listening to the orchestra practice before the final dress rehearsal started, he couldn’t believe that his Apollo would finally be seen for the first time by a live audience. He started to daydream he supposed that listening to an orchestra did that to you and he started to think about how he had first gotten the idea, it was back in December of last year he hadn’t directed since January of that year because they were looking for fresh new ideas at the Bolshoi Ballet and his rendition of The Nutcracker weren’t cutting it anymore, so dismayed one night after being asked by his landlord when he was going to get his check for this months rent he had a dream. The dream was filled with vivid colors and beautiful dancers, dancing in unison and no one was behind, like you see sometimes in shows. The Director didn’t want to leave the dream it was almost like a paradise, it showed this beautiful world with this royal man sitting on a throne, in the dream he looked almost heavenly, very bright features and he sat cross-legged playing a lyre and from the director’s knowledge of Greek Mythology he thought this man resembled the greek god, Apollo, so the director identified him as Apollo in his dream. In the rest of the dream and throughout this ballet that took place in the director’s mind Apollo descends to Earth and meets a strange but beautiful woman in the streets of St. Petersburg, the dream was so vivid that it felt like it had transported him to St. Petersburg. Apollo becomes interested in her dancing and that is how they meet through the steps of a song at a party and they have a very beautiful night together, ending it with a dance at her apartment and then them falling asleep together and Apollo stalking away, knowing that he had given her a precious gift, a baby. In the second act of the performance it focuses more on the child growing up in a family, raised by a mother that didn’t give birth to her, because her mother hoped to be with Apollo in an afterlife. The story tells the life of her and her troubling life as a demigod and when she can be safe.

The Director dreaded waking up the next morning because the dream was so beautiful he didn’t want it to end and as he waited for the orchestra to be ready he remembered what he had done after the dream, after he had sat down at his computer and wrote down everything in the dream so vividly it was like the dream was coming alive from his fingertips and once he was done, by the end of December he sent in the script to the Bolshoi Ballet, having good relations with them and hoping that they would like it and a few weeks later he was making phone calls to hire his crew, he only hired the best crew guys he knew because he knew that this had to make the people either cry or be completely silent at the end of the show, so he had to have the best crew on this show. Luckily, he knew the best guys for the job and they came and worked with him after reading the script, they were blown away by it. Next, he hired the choreographer, this was a bit tougher and probably the most money he has ever spent on a choreographer because he paid to get Yuri Grigorovich, well known as one of the best Russian choreographers. Yes, The Director was determined to make this the best show he could that is why when it came to the actors and actresses of the ballet and the ballerinas they had to look like they were exactly from his dream or they would not be casted, so casting took the second longest, the first being the actual preparation. Rehearsals were long and hard, the director was one of those directors that would have them run it again until it was how he pictured it, but he was still a nice guy joking with them at notes and soon they were getting closer to the release date and the PlayBill came out a week before the show and the director thought it was fabulous. The picture of the actor Apollo was gorgeous just like how he had pictured him in the dream all those months ago, he couldn’t believe that he would be opening a year since his dream. He looked at his lead girl, Camille, the lover to Apollo and got a smile on his face just looking at how perfect she was for the role and then there was Camille’s daughter sweet Anastasia who was the director’s favorite to be with off stage because she was kind and sweet and loving and not a bad bone in her that could deteriorate her beautiful soul, that is why the director picked her for the part because Anastasia in his dream Anastasia was innocent and was just trying to do as she was told and please those around her. The Orchestra stopped, the lights died down to darkness and the talking from the critics and photographers grew to nothing. This pushed the director out of his daydream and he crossed his legs and got ready for the show to begin, clicking his pen and ready to write down any notes he might have.

The stage is given a single light as from stage left comes to dancers together in a wheel of sorts made out of their bodies and they spin to the center of the stage and behind them is a second set of the same spinning out and a third, through this scene soft peaceful music is playing and they join hands together, showing that they are unified as one and they back up to show the peace of this place, the music changes to simulate a waterfall but the stage is still dark to simulate darkness before a sunrise, the background showing a temple that is to resemble Mount Olympus and the dancers, with their hands still together circled around something and the audience doesn’t get to see it until the dancers break apart some of them on the left and some on the right of this, what the audience sees then is two dancers dressed as a lion and swan sleeping peacefully together, while the audience is immerse in this scene of relaxing peacefulness the music changes to simulate the sound of something rising and as this music plays a sun is seen starting to be lifted up into the sky to flood over Mount Olympus, as the sun comes up the lion and swan decide that they should start their day and leave the stage together, but the dancers stay, you see them taking in the sunlight and using their hands to almost beckon the sunlight towards them but then as it gets brighter and as it seems like it is coming closer to them, they start to cower trying to hide themselves from the and the music changes to more dramatic and builds up towards the arrival of someone. As this music plays two men run in ahead of the light and do cartwheels and almost do moves like break dancing and then they bow as a chariot, carried by other men come in after them. In the chariot sits the producer of the light, it dies down as the music dies down and is replaced by the soft caressing of a lyre as we see for the first time the face of the lead, Apollo. The man is very godly in his looks that frame him even more as Apollo. As the lyre becomes more prominent as the only sound he has his men help him descend from the chariot and as soon as he did a dancer appeared dressed as a ram, a sacred animal of Hermes and with a message of its back, it was a picture of the girl Apollo had fell in love with and he says as much by hugging the picture and at the bottom was where she lived, so Apollo sends the ram on its way as his men take of his white robe to reveal common street clothes, something that any man would wear everyday and then he descended down a trapdoor, giving the impression he was descending from Mount Olympus and to show love is in the air each dancer dances off with one of the men romantically and the lights go off symbolizing the end of scene 1.

The second scene opens on a set that looks like a dance studio, with a mirror in the background and much open space to dance and these suspicions are confirmed when women dance in from both sides of the stage, finishing their dance number from the ballet they were practicing for, the music playing in the background of this scene is very typical ballet music and much light is given to this room and at the end the dancers surround our lead, Camille but Camille has a look of sad on her face because in the ballet she is practicing for she wants to find the man that she is destined to be with, so she practices the scene she has when she first meets the guy she is suppose to fall in love with at first it is a shy solo dance and right when the man is supposed to come in a man does come in, but not the man in the ballet they are practicing for, no this is Apollo and of course he knew the ballet being the god of music and danced with Camille through the song, but the audience is convinced that it is suppose to happen that the man was just waiting for them to finish. You only get subtle hints from Camille’s face that she doesn’t know who this man is but by the end of the dance with him she wasn’t acting like she was in love with him, the music in the background of this scene is quiet and innocent showing the love they have for each other in an innocent way.  Apollo had wooed her and only when Apollo looks at the other girls clapping do you realize that it is him and when Camille grabs him by the arm and kisses him, not part of the script the girls snicker and leave. Leaving, Apollo and Camille together and they sit down and just stare at each other mouthing words and by the scenery, the audience can tell that time has past and it is dark soon, to give the idea that they had no idea time had past so quickly. The music is classical music to set the mood for them talking and to relax the two of them into telling each other everything, well Apollo’s made up story. Camille giggles when she realizes that they had talked all day and runs away clearly excited to go somewhere with him and then run off stage together with excited music playing in the background, making the stage go dark once again ending scene 2.

The third scene takes the audience to a quiet street with various buildings in the background with one of the buildings looking like an actual building, three-dimensional and stairs going up to it on an abandoned sidewalk with a lamp post, it starts to rain but the two don’t care they are dancing with each other as they come onto the stage just dancing and in the background someone is singing the song, Great Day by Kent Moran but not as happy as the original is this one is more sad and not so upbeat, the orchestra follows this tone as well, the singer is not seen on stage but his voice is heard almost foreshadowing the impending demise of their love, after the song is over the two run away from the rain up the steps and into the apartment where shadows of the two show up with a bed in the room the shadow shows Camille straddling Apollo and then pulling his shirt off and then the apartment goes dark and an ominous music plays in the back as the dancers come out with the men dancing and they dance all romantically, the men picking up the women and throwing them into the air and catching them, the dancers keep their arms up and wait for the men to catch them and as their dancing comes to a close each man gives the dancer a kiss on the head and the man walks out the other way leaving the woman alone and the music changes to tearful music as the dancers dance by themselves mourning the loss of their men and then twirl off stage, when the dancers were off stage the light comes back on in the apartment where Apollo is over Camille’s body and softly kisses her head and then runs out of the apartment and goes down to the street and with his lyre he plays a triumphant melody, much like the one that was played in the first scene to introduce his men and himself, but this time it was to call them and as they appeared the orchestra started to clash with Apollo’s lyre as the men come in with his chariot and help him back on to the chariot and the clash with the lyre and sad music play the mighty Apollo out and then the sun comes up again and the shadow on the apartment is gone instead it is replaced with glass that you can see inside the apartment and you see Camille wake up look for Apollo, but can not find him before she throws up onto the apartment floor, symbolizes to the audience that Apollo had gotten her pregnant. The lights go out and there is a quick scene change where Camille changes into scrubs and the doctor and baby come in with a medical chair, the background now is a room for a hospital and Camille is in the chair holding her new baby and crying and the only dialogue in the story shows up at this point, the doctor speaks to her:

“You know Camille you can still change your mind you don’t have to give her up.”

Camille shakes her head and the doctor takes the baby away from her and Camille cries and the scene changes back to the apartment and street set up. It is only Camille on the street, she can feel the sun on herself and climbs the stairs to tie the rope close to the top of the lamp post, to make sure that it didn’t fall down with her and as she puts the noose around her neck and gets ready to jump from the stairs, the stage goes black and the sound effect of an ambulance is heard.

Silence. Right as it went dark no applauding just silence throughout the crowd and the few seconds that it took for them to clap was minutes passing. It was good that there was silence that means that that they were thinking instead of enjoying it they were immersed in the show that it made them think. He talked to a few people during intermission but mostly he was left with his thoughts. The Director seeing this show that he put on in honor of Apollo, he knew that it was Apollo because he was a son of Apollo. He had gone to Camp Half Blood at a young age, 12 he thinks it was, it was so many years ago he is beginning to forget, but the camp still lived in his mind all the cabins, the lake and the forest all the smells came rushing back to him and he remembered his friends. Some of the most important ones were with him today like, Andeyaledia who was working as the head of his crew and he remembered Yuri from past leaders of the Apollo cabin, that is why he so willingly took the job as choreographer and finally his two favorite friends, Claire and Sam they were the head of the makeup department and Claire and Sam had been friends since they started at Camp Half Blood. I hope you like the rest of the show father. The Director thinks in his head almost in a prayer and he thinks to himself that at the end of this show he would have told these people a true story about a girl going to Camp Half Blood through a ballet and they would never be any wiser than it was a magnificent show. The Director took pleasure in that and it put a smile on his face, the lights must have gone out outside because the critics and photographers were all making their way back in for the final act. The Director looked down at his notes he hadn’t written a single note against them, it is what his dream had been so when the lights went down again he smiled and crossed his legs and watched the final act of his dream.

The darkness consumed the whole stage once more and this time little Anastasia, a girl of merely twelve makes her debut on the stage with ballerina steps by herself and soon the other six girls spin in as well, making the room seem like a practice room as delicate ballet music lays in the background of their dancing and as they finish the lights come on stage to reveal a dance room similar to the one before but this time this was has a chalkboard and a teacher, Mrs. Bukin, she had taken Anastasia, Camille’s daughter in as her own once the doctor gave Anastasia to her in request of the mother Camille. All the girls were orphans and all had dance talent, so they were given to Mrs. Bulkin to take care of. This particular day Mrs. Bulkin stepped out of the classroom to get something from her room and Anastasia went over to talk with her friend Sam but one of the other girls, Kibby pushed at her, causing the violins to go crazy in the background and Anastasia's friend, Sam stands up to defend her and pushes at kibby back causing the violins to go crazy again, Kibby gets ready to attack Sam but Anastasia gets up and gets in the way of both of them and then try to hit each other and Anastasia keeps them apart then Mrs. Bukin comes back and the sound that mimics military stomping follows her through a trombone. Mrs. Bulkin points to the door to symbolize for them to go to bed and Anastasia and Sam start walking to their room and the scene goes black to change for their bedroom.

Illuminating the stage is a candlelight, since the house they lived in was too old to have electricity put in and Mrs. Bukin in dire straights in the first place, the room has two beds, next to each other and two dressers and a window that makes the illusion that they are on a second floor. The two girls, Anastasia and Sam sit by the candlelight and a violin plays softly for their low whispers as they speak. Sam telling Anastasia that she will always protect her and then stands up and reveals to Anastasia that she is a satyress, taking off her pants to reveal her half goat side. Sam also explains that she is trying to find Anastasia a way to New York but that right now all of their modes of transportation were out of reach and not necessary unless a monster attacked her. Sam blows out the candle as the two go to bed, Anastasia excited about this life she has found out about from her friend but scared all the same.

The scene opens with the girls again practicing alone without Mrs. Bukin, they have aged since the last scene they are now around 15 and Sam has had some close calls with Anastasia but none have been that troubling, but this time as the lights come up it seems that it is to become a repeat of when they were 12, Kibby pushed Anastasia and Sam stood up to fight for Anastasia again, the music being the same. But this time instead of them going at each other the other girls, excluding Sam and Anastasia and including Kibby are harnessed into the air to act as Stymphalian Birds, they swoop down for the kill for Sam and Anastasia missing, but luckily Sam knows how to get rid of the flock she found something hard and threw it at the mirror in the dance room, shattering it and stunning  them and she grabbed Anastasia and ran out of the house and ran for Sam’s exit plan for her, they were on their way and to symbolize what they did the dancers came out and did the unified circle again, to symbolize taking a taxi and then the dancers came out with fabrics and spinned them in the air to symbolize the wind, doing a ballet for the wind and then leaving as the stage turns dark getting ready for the last scene.

When the light comes back on the music is frantic as the final scene shows up there is an orchard of trees and a golden gate blocking the way to what looks like an outdoor summer camp, the music is frantic as Sam and Anastasia run with a big monster with one eye follows behind them they run and Anastasia runs through the gate safely in Camp Half Blood, but watches as Sam distracts the cyclops with a rock having it think she went that way and runs into the safety, but she isn’t quick enough and is hit by a finger of the cyclops and that breaks her arm, Anastasia can’t take it and drags Sam in and makes the journey to get her to the hospital wing.  The lights go out symbolizing the end of the show.

That’s All Folks The Director thinks and smiles to himself.

Weapons: Dagger

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