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Name: Anastasiya Evans.

Gender: Female.

God Parent: Hermes, Ares, Eros.

Mortal Parent: Adriene Evans.

Age: 17


Personality: Anastasiya Evans is a very determined girl. She's always focused on her stuff and whenever she sets her mind on something, she makes sure its accomplished. Anna is also very stubborn, making it difficult for other people to chsnge her mind when its already set. Besides that, Anna is pretty laid-back and nice. Whenever around Anastasiya, you'll feel the same aura of confidence her mother has. Anastasiya, like almost every other child of Hermes, is very athletic. She enjoys running and playing sports. Volleyball? She loves it. Soccer? She loves it. Basketball? She likes playing it. Football? She could certainly try.. Cheerleading? Nah. Unlike a lot of girls her age, Anastasiya isn't that obsessed with her looks. She doesn't mind sweating or breaking a nail, unlike many, many other girls.

Anna does have a side of her where she wants to be loved and wants to love back. Sure she has her friends, but its not the same as to knowing that someone is out there, waiting for you to be back. Wanting to show you how much they love you and want you in their lives... Anyways, Anastasiya enjoys building stuff, too. Whenever she's bored (which is practically almosy never), Anastasiya likes going down to the Hephaestus Cabin and helping around.

(It still has a bit to be added, but this is like the base of it. It could be claimed with just this.. I hope.)

History: Anastasiya Evans is the product of Emelie Evans and Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods.

Emelie had caught Hermes's eye during one of his rare breaks from his duties in Olympus. They were both in a bar in Manhattan, New York. Unfortunately, Emelie left before Hermes could make a move on her. Weeks passed before Hermes caught another glimpse of her. She was ready to board her plan from New York, where she had been in vacation with a friend, back to her home in Berlin, Germany. Knowing where she'd be heading, Hermes waited a few weeks, before flashing off to Berlin. Why would Hermes go through all of this trouble? Well, he simply found her beautiful. Sure he'd seen women hotter than her, but Emelie gave an aura of confidence greater than he had ever seen any other woman hold.

Hermes 'accidentally' bumped into Emelie, and well, things just happened. After a few weeks, they'd begun to date. A few more weeks passed before they had sex for the first and last time. Deciding to go back to his Godly duties, Hermes left. Emelie was had a mix of anger, sadness, and suspicion.That one time she had sex with Hermes, who had been undercover as Theo, she'd gotten pregnant. Why did he leave before she gave birth? Her suspicions were denied nine months later. Emelie had give birth to a beautiful little girl, much to Hermes's delight. The only thing running through his mind when he found out was that he had another beautiful little girl that would cause great mischief and trouble.

Anyways, Emelie was quite happy with the daughter she had. Why wouldn't she be? Her family supported her (although they were a little mad at first) and she had the money and job to provide her child with what she needed. Once Anastasiya and Emilie got to their home, Emilie discovered a necklace and a bracelet with a beautiful charm There was a note as well. It explained who 'Theo' really was, what Anastasiya was, the camp in Long Island, and the dangers Anastasiya would be in, as well as that Anastasiya would know what to do with the jewelry when the time came. Emelie did have to tive Anastasiya her stuff by the time she was 13, though. Emelie took it quite well. She actually thought Theo was a married man, but hey, a having sex with a God and having a demigod is better than an affair with a child as the product, right?

Growing up, Anastasiya was always causing trouble. She was never quiet and was very energetic. Then came the trouble two's. That was probably the worst year out of them all, due to the many things she did. She would play with the toilet paper until it was all around the floor. She'd grab everything in her resch and just throw it. This continued until she started pre-school. There, here mother realized that her daughter had dyslexia because of the things her daughter told her. Concerned, she took her daughter to a psycologist, whom diagnosed Anastasiya with ADHD and Dyslexia. As a result, Emelie took matters into her own hands.

She hired a private tutor using the money she earned as a fashion designer. Anastasiya was home-school until she was 13. As she grew, Anna (Anastasiya) was taught English, Math, History, Science, German, and Greek Mythology. Anastasiya always admired Lady Athena and Lord Apollo. Her reasons were always kept to herself.

On Anastasiya's 13th birthday, her mother gave her the necklace and bracelet that Hermes had left her once she explained to Anna about her father, which Anna had always been curious about. She always wondered if her father was alive and always asked her mum, but she wouldn't budge.. Now she knew. When Anna found out about it all (except who her dad was), she took it shockingly well. Sure she was shocked, but she wasn't really mad. Since she had leanred about Greek Mythology, she understood that her father had to leave, considering it was an Ancient Law. Plus it explained why she could read and speak in Greek fluently when she had never even made the effort to learn said language.

The next day, when Anna went out to her friend's house, she was attacked by a hellhound. After that, it was practically a blur to Anastasiya. She was dodging the hellhound's attacks, but she had to attack soon or she'd get hurt. At some point, her necklace and bracelet got burning hot. She wanted to take it off. She pulled on it and nearly screamed when it turned into a beautiful celestial bronze sword with Ονειροπαγίδα engraved on it. Dream Catcher. She pulled on her bracelet's charm, the bracelet quickly turning into a shield, which was already placed on her wrist. The shock subsided and was replaced by an aura of confidence. She lunged at the hellhound, but failed to hurt it. After a few lunges and dodges, she finally swung her sword across one of its legs. She lunged again and swung the sword across its neck, making the hellhound turn into golden dust.

Her friend then appeared out of nowhere, looking pale. Lucy, Anna's friend, hadn't expected for Anna to get attacked so soon. Anna was shocked, considering Lucy had a problem when she walked. Then, it hit her.

"You're a satyr."

"About damn time you realized it."

After a few minutes of arguing, Lucy gave in. Anna didn't want to go to America and Germany, where her family was. Where her home was. On the other hand, Lucy wanted to take Anna to Camp Half-Blood. She didn't want her friend to die. Anna won, but she stayed with the condition that a well-trained demigod friend of Lucy's trained Anna. Anastasiya enthusiastically agreed and quickly went back to her house with Lucy, before explaining everything to her mum. Emelie agreed with Lucy. Anna was to be trained by another demigod.

Around two weeks later, a guy named Engel appeared in Emelie's front door. After a quick introduction, Emelie led the Son of Iris to the woods behind her house. A hourse had been built for the demigod that would train Anna. It took Engel about a week to settle into his new home. He'd agreed to this because Lucy was his old protector and he felt like he owed her one. Plus, he had no family to stay alive for, so training another demigod wouldn't be bad. And he was in a place where he'd always wanted to be -- Germany.

It took Anastasiya a whole year to learn how to use a sword and shield correctly. During that year, she got attacked twice, but the son of Iris took care of the problem. Once the year passed, Engel did something crazy. Well, two. He asked Anna's mum out and then when she said yes, he took Anna out monster-hunting. It didn't take long. A harpy had attacked Anna. Engel summoned his bow and quiver and threw it to Anna. Archery was something she loved and had perfected through the year as well, so it was easier. Anna dodged the attacks and notched arrows, firing them rather rapidly at the harpy, who managed to evade them all. It took Anna 6 arrows before she finally damaged one of its wings. Anna then shot another arrow and completeky broke it's wings. She quickly pulled on her necklace and lunged at the harpy, swinging the sword across the harpy's neck, turning it into golden dust. Engel and Anastasiya called it a day and went back to their house. As a reward for her killing her first monster after training, Engel got a close friend of his, a Daughter of Hephaestus, to add another charm to Anna's bracelet. When she pulled on it, a bow appeared. Whenever she pulled the string back, an arrow would appear notched.

After another year with surprisingly just three monster attacks (which Wngel took care of), Engel and Emelie got engaged. A few days later, Anna was out on a walk, when she got attacked by a fire-breathing horse. She dodged every time it tried to burn her, or she managed to protect herself with the shield. With more experience, Anna made some soace between her and the horse, before summoning her bow. She pulled on the string and released, letting the arrows fly at the horse. After a few more dodges and lost arrows, she hit the horse in one of its legs. Aiming at the same spot, she shot several more. When the horse could barely moved, she lunged with her sword and swung it across its neck, turning it into golden dust.

Another year passed with only three more attacks. The now 16 and a half year old girl was alone in Germany while Emelie and Engel spent their honeymoon in Paris. That week, she got attacked by a harpy. She was already great in archery and with her sword and shield, she was also great. She convinced Engel to give her a dagger, which she eventually mastered. This monster was easy for her. Anastasiya dodged the attacks the harpy made and rapidly shot arrows at the harpy, who managed to evade most of them. She used her dagger as a throwing knife and aimed for its wings, before throwing it. Anna then shot another arrow and completeky broke it's wings. She quickly pulled on her necklace and lunged at the harpy, swinging the sword across the harpy's neck, making it turn into golden dust.

After six months of complete boredom (and the ocasional monster), Anna finally decided to go to Camp Half-Blood. Her parents understood and let her fly alone, praying to the gods that she wouldn't get attacked. To them, it worked. She didn't get attacked during her flight and ride to Camp. By the time she got to the borders, she was ambushed by two dracaenae, but she simply smirked and waved, stepping into Camp. After a quick explanation to a camper, she was placed in the Cabin where all unclaimed kids went to. That night, she was claimed by her father, Hermes.

Weapons: She has a necklace that, if pulled, turns into a celestial bronze sword. She has a bracelet with two charms. One of them is a dream catcher and if pulled, it turns into a shield. Both items are a gift of her father, Hermes. The other charm, if pulled, turns into a bow. Whenever the string is pulled, a notched arrow appears. It was a gift from a Son of Iris, who is also her step-father. She also has a dagger, which she also received from the son of Iris.



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  • It actualy is stated. It was the day after her thirteenth birthday. :P
  • Anna didn't want to go to camp just yet. She wanted to spend as much time as possible with her mum. Lucy respected that and let her stay, but with the condition that she kept training. So technically, Anastasiya never stopped training except maybe six months before going to camp? Even then, she thought she was trained well enough to defend herself in case of any attack. She just didn't wanna leave Germany.
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