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Name: Andrea Labonair 

Gender: Female 

God Parent: Daughter of Palaemon, Poseidon, and Eros

Mortal Parent: Francesca Labonair

Current Age: 15

Appearance: (See Photo)

Personality:  Andrea is described as tough as nails and also very protective. She can be somewhat of a tomboy, in that she doesn't buy into the usual expectations held for teenage girls; she scoffs at high school pretenses, doesn't seem to get on well with other girls, and holds her own against her male counterparts. Andrea is impulsive and tends to speak before she thinks, which can get her into trouble. She is a highly skilled manipulator with extremely questionable morals, she has proven she is willing to do anything to get what she wants and protect the people she loves, even at the expense of others' lives. Still, she does seem to value the ties of friendship, though highly selectively.


  • Reynard Labonair (half-brother) – 24
  • Gabriel Labonair (half-brother) – 24
  • Marcel Labonair (half-brother) – 19
  • Serge Labonair (half-brother) – 17
  • Emmett Labonair (half-brother) – 16

History: Francesca Labonair was a model at the time of her prime youth who was located in Beverly Hills, California. She eventually got married to a Hollywood actor at a very young age after she conceived a set of twins. Francesca instantly became the topic of gossip in Hollywood, as she was teenage mother and wife of her two children named Reynard and Gabriel. Francesca's marriage began to slope towards a deep end and eventually filed for divorce after discovering that her husband was sleeping with other women. 

In addition to modeling, Francesca pursued acting and accepted various television roles mainly as a recruiting characters. Ultimately, she found it difficult to juggle between her career and her role as a mother. Francesca moved back to her hometown of Santa Barbra, California and settled down to take on domestic duties.

Francesca remarried and had a child who she named Serge. She eventually divorced after she found out that he secretly hired prostitutes while he was away on business ventures out of the country. She was heartbroken and started to do crack and weed to relieve her pain. Her parents found out about her situation and sent her to a rehabilitation center and took care of her children. Francesca's recovery was quick, but after being released, she realized that she wouldn't have enough money to support her children (she had spent most of it on drugs). She was determined to get a job, but no one would willingly hire her after they did a background check. Most employers deemed her unstable and unfit to work in a working environment. After several tries, Francesca moved in with her parents.

One day while she took her kids out to play on the beach, she met a man named Erin (Palaemon) who she found attractive. The two formed a relationship and rented a condo on the West Coast to move into. Francesca soon became pregnant with Erin's child. She was relieved to find out that it was a daughter and was glad to finally have a girl in the house amongst all the boys. However, soon, she realized that Erin became more distant towards Francesca. He soon abandoned her after stating that he was too nervous to father the child or marry her.

Nine months later, Andrea was born on October 26. Although Francesca was elated and happy that she had finally had a daughter, she ultimately gave up Andrea and the rest of her children to her parents while she tried to find work in a different city. 

Andrea grew up in a house full of boys and quickly adapted to her environment, thought it wasn't an easy transition. She wrestled with her older brothers and learned to swear when she was five. Because of this, Andrea never really understood most of the prissy girls at her school and was an outcast. Andrea grew up being a reckless tomboy who was accepted and respected by nearly every guy she went to school with. This turned out to be problematic when the boys and girls in her grade started dating each other. An incident occurred when Andrea turned seven. One of the girls from her school constantly gave Andrea hell because she thought Andrea had a crush on her boyfriend (the two tended to hang out a lot). One day, Andrea got into a physical altercation with her and ended up in the principal's office for misbehaving.  

When Andrea turned ten, her grandmother noticed that she didn't seem to get along with the other girls that attended her school. She worried that Andrea was to blunt hung around the guys to often to learn proper social etiquette, so she enrolled Andrea in a junior cotillion class. Andrea loathed every second of it. Her grandmother made her wear dresses that the other girls scuffed at. Once, she got in a fight with a girl who ridiculed and mocked her saying that she looked as big of a slut her mother was. After the incident, most of the boys applauded her while the girls stood in silence and turned the other cheek towards Andrea. However, there was one exception. A girl named Fleur commended Andrea for standing up the girl who viciously taunted her. The two became close friends after the incident.

Later on, when Andrea reached the age of thirteen, she went on a boat trip with her brothers and a group of her close friends. On the trip, her she was attacked by a band Harpies who lived in a cave along the coast. They smelled Andrea's blood and flew towards the boat. Fleur, who was a satyr, detected them, she warned Andrea to stay inside below deck in her room after giving her two swords. Fleur fought off a majority of the Harpies, but was overwhelmed and knocked unconscious and fatally wounded. As the Harpies invaded terrorized the boat looking for Andrea, Andrea managed to muster up courage and fight against the last two Harpies using the swords Fleur gave her. After Andrea defeated the rest of the Harpies single handedly, her brother drove the group back to the harbor to take them to the hospital.

When Fleur woke up from her anesthesia, she noticed Andrea sitting by her side. After a series of questions, Fleur told Andrea that she was the daughter of a Greek god or goddess and needed to go to a place called Camp Half-Blood that would ensure her safety and protection against monsters. Fleur broke out of the hospital during the night and stole a vehicle out of the parking lot. That night, she later picked up Andrea from her house and the two drove off. Andrea left a note explaining what had happened and where she was going. She also told them that she would be back and told her family that she would keep in contact with them.

Along the way, the two encountered many monsters and fought them off. However, there was one incident, the two encountered a pack of Lycanthropes when their car broke down in Mystic Falls, Virginia. The two attempted to fight them off, but ultimately ran in the forest. By some miracle of luck, they ran into a house that housed a retired demigod who was a child of Hecate. He destroyed the monsters with his potent magical abilities in a matter of seconds. 

After the event, the demigod introduced himself as Lafayette and insisted that the two stay, but Fleur said that they should leave. However, Andrea gave it consideration and stayed for the summer and Fleur left, saying that she was needed to help other demigods. She told Andrea if she ever wanted to go to Camp Half-blood, all she had to do was send her an Iris message. After the two developed a relation, Andrea stayed for two years while fighting off monsters with the help of Lafayette (he was in his early twenties :-P). However, after Lafayette was murdered by an Empousa during the night in his sleep, Andrea managed to fight off the monster and slay it after throwing her dagger at it's throat.

Andrea was heartbroken and ran to the sea. She eventually contacted Fleur by sending an Iris message. The satyr sent a pegasus to get Andrea on the beach the next morning and she rode off to Camp Half-blood at the age of fifteen. In the end, Andrea flied and reached Camp-Halfblood.

Weapons: Dual Swords 

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Before anything else, I'd like to apologize for the long wait. Second, if the comments given by claim checkers appear lengthy, please do not panic or think that your claim sucks or anything along that train of thought. :) The comments are there to help further improve on the chances of your claim getting approved. Anyway, moving on.

  • Kindly have 3 godparent choices (preferably all of the same gender).
  • In the first paragraph, you mentioned that Francesca had twins, but in the next line, you mentioned 3 names. Did you, perhaps, mean triplets instead?
  • Kindly also add more to Andrea's early childhood, particularly when she was at the age of 5 up to when she was 10. I'd recommend mentioning her ADHD and dyslexia in those years.
  • Kindly also add more to when she was 11 to 13, since that's usually the time when demigods begin to manifest their powers.
  • Although harpies are considered as easy monsters, it would still be difficult for an untrained demigod to fight and defeat a band of harpies.
  • What did Andrea say to her brothers and grandparents about her leaving? I highly doubt her family wouldn't search for her, and I don't quite believe Andrea's the type of person to just get up and leave her family without a single note or word.
  • If Lafayette knew that Andrea was a demigod, why didn't he help bring her to Camp, where she would much safer and receive better training?
  • Lastly, kindly mention that Andrea reached Camp. Anything can happen while a demigod is on her/his way to Camp, you see, and it is highly possible that she never actually got there.

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