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  • Name: Andrew "Drew" Rivera
  • Family: Akeso (Creator), Ethan Rivera (Adopted Father), Kendell Rivera (Adopted Sister)
  • Species: Healing Spirit
  • Appearance:
    Tumblr mkhbyhiJMF1rkqayvo1 1280
  • Weapon: Spear

Akeso, daughter of Asklerios and Epione and sister of Hygeia, Panakeia, and Iaso. Akeso worked along with her family on an island, hidden by the mist. After years of working with her father, she decided to created herself a spirit to help her with her work. So she created Ανδρέας, a healing spirit. Ανδρέας worked along her side, living on the island with plenty of other nymphs and spirits.

Many years after, Ανδρέας started becoming lonely and curious about the mortal world. One day, he went to Akeso and asked her if he could go into the mortal world and explore. She wasn’t sure at first but, after months of bargaining, she finally agreed and allowed Ανδρέας to live in the mortal world but, once she needed him, he had to return to the island, no questions asked.

Akeso arranged for Ανδρέας to be adopted by as mortal family and changed his name to Andrew Rivera. Andrew easily fit in with his adopted family and grew to love them like he loved his creator. His adopted father, Ethan, was a high time lawyer in London, England with his daughter, Kendell. Andrew adored Kendell and they grew very close growing up.

A bit after Kendell’s thirteen birthday, Akeso asked Andrew to return to the island to help her out again. Andrew didn’t want to leave Ethan or Kendell but, he had to return as it was part of their deal. After a year of working on the island again, Akeso send Andrew to camp half-blood to help out in the infirmary.

Andrew’s a sweet, caring guy though he’s super shy. He’s super protective of his friends and anyone close to him. He’s a great public speaker and is very brave. He’s also gentle, strong and careful when doing things. He has a kind heart and never likes to hurt anything or anyone. Though he doesn’t enjoy standing out.

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What does months of bargaining mean? Are you trying to state that he pleaded with her for months or that there was some sort of heavily negotiation regarding the terms of his departure? If it's an actual bargain exchange you could shorten the part about him returning to help her.

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